I'll Take You There

Genesis Renner,18, leaves home after having a moment of clarity and being fed up with the life she's living.Feeling alone and misunderstood in a world where she feels like music is her only friend,she meets ,James "Jim,Jimmy" Ayling who's also 18.He shows her that she's not alone and that she has a friend in him.But what will happen between Genesis and James if they fall for eachother?

Find out in....I'll Take You There


3. Welcome to Grand Rapids,Michigan

~Genesis' P.O.V~

I pulled out my phone and texted my friend Lena.



G (Genesis):Hey Lena

L (Lena):Hey Gen.What's up?

G:Nothing...I just left home

L:Oh my gosh!Gen!Do you wanna come live with me?

G:No...I don't wanna take up any space in your house...

L:C'mon Gen!You wouldn't take up any space at all in my house.

G:I know but I don't wanna be a bother to you.Well,I'll call you to let you know I'm alright..Once I actually get settled somewhere.


G:Bye Lena

L:Bye Gen

~End of conversation~


I put my phone away after I finished texting Lena..I really have no idea where I'm going....I swear,I sure do make right decisions at the wrong times...I sighed as I continued walking.I walked along a street until I came across a highway.I guess I can hitchhike some of the way.I stuck my thumb out,hoping to get a ride from a passing car.Cars kept passing by and I was going nowhere...at least that's what I thought...A car stopped right in front of me.The girl who was sitting in the car smiled and gestured for me to come over to the car.I walked over to the car and she opened the door for me,allowing me to slide into the passengers seat."So,where are you going on this fine day?",she asked me with a smile."To be honest,I don't really know..I just want a new life",I said as I smiled back at her.The girl had shoulder length brown hair and hazel eyes with fair skin and baby pink colored lips."Ah,I see..Well,I'm Lydia",she said with a smile."It's nice to meet you,Lydia.I'm Genesis",I said to her,followed by a smile."It's nice to meet you,Genesis",she said.Me and her talked for awhile..I smiled as I saw the sign that said "You're now leaving,Northwick,New Jersey".It's nice to know that I'm finally getting away from there and I'm gonna start my own life...I was getting a bit sleepy but I fought myself...Even though that didn't really work....I was awaken to hear someone saying "Genesis,wake up".My eyes fluttered open,I turned my head to see Lydia smiling."Where are we?",I asked."The great lake state",She replied ebulliently.I tilted my head slightly in confusion."Welcome to Grand Rapids Michigan",she said cheerfully...

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