I'll Take You There

Genesis Renner,18, leaves home after having a moment of clarity and being fed up with the life she's living.Feeling alone and misunderstood in a world where she feels like music is her only friend,she meets ,James "Jim,Jimmy" Ayling who's also 18.He shows her that she's not alone and that she has a friend in him.But what will happen between Genesis and James if they fall for eachother?

Find out in....I'll Take You There


5. Finally found a home

~Genesis' P.O.V~

I turned around to see a boy,with dark hair that was parted to the left,bright green eyes,and a smile of curiosity fully formed on his baby pink lips.


I smiled before finally opening my mouth to speak again.My answer was deferred due to me studying him diligently."I'm writing a song",I responded,a smile following afterwards."Cool..Can I read it?",he asked as he started to saunter over to me."Sure",I said as I watched him sit down next to me.I handed the book over to him.He took the book and carefully turned the pages.Reading every lyric that I've ever written up until now."You're songwriting skills....are amazing",he said as he gazed over at me.I felt my cheeks start to heat up as he said that."Thank you...",I said shyly."I'm James Ayling...But you can call me Jim or Jimmy",he said as he held his hand out to me."It's nice to meet you,Jimmy.I'm Genesis Renner.You can call me Gen or something like that",I said with a slight giggle as I shook James' hand.He has quite a grip but I don't mind a firm hand shake.He gazed at my bag before returning his attention to me."So,you going somewhere?",James asked."Well,I actually just left Northwick,New Jersey..",I responded."So what brought you here?",James asked."I wanted a new start...I wanted to start over somewhere different...The only problem is I'm here and I don't have anywhere to go",I said,looking down at my hands before I looked over at James,who was still gazing at me with his bright green eyes."Ah,I understand",James said with a nod."If you want you can live with me?",James added."No,I don't wanna be a bother to you",I said,still looking over at James."You won't be a bother at all.Plus,I live by myself.I'm tired of being bored and lonely",James said with a chuckle.I giggled and nodded."Okay",I said..


"Even if there's nowhere else to go.I'll take you there,I'll take you there."

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