Daddy's Little Girl

Harry Edward Styles and Maddi Monica Frost have a little girl named Emma Edward Styles. She is 11. She's been doing karate since she was 5. I was finished butt kicking in the Dojo so I was waiting for my dad to come and pick me up. It was 10:30. 'What's taking my dad so long' I thought. Soon I saw a figure coming toward me. I got kinda scared. I stiffened up and hoped it was my dad.... see what Emma, the little ,butt kicking , karate girl will do....


5. First Day Of Tour

Emma's P.O.V.

Today, is the first day of the tour I can't wait until I see Austin, Gabriella, Mackenzie, Brandon, Adam, Leo, and Bree! It's gonna be so cool to hang out with my friends and cousins. It's gonna be a long bus drive. We are going in a bus that is longer than a limo. So all of us can be in it. I woke up and wore this...

Curtsy Of Dad:

*Light Blue Skinny Jeans

*White Tank Top

*Styles Varsity Jacket: Black and white

*1D's Perfume Our Moment

*Beanie: Black

*One Direction iPhone Cover

*Black Converse

*8 way BFF necklace (It exists! It's in pizza form. It's with Gabriella, Makenzie, Bree, Kaylee, Mae, Megan, and Zoe. Ooh plus me so 8! )

*and a white infinity bracelet


I went down and my mom and dad are down there. My dad is getting the luggage in the car. We are gonna meet all of them down at Starbucks. The parents are getting coffee and a snack. The children are getting a snack and milkshakes. Then we get everything in the bus and get to the first concert. My mom was doing some last minute packing. I sat down at the island and I text  Kaylee, Mae, Megan, and Zoe. Just to check if they were there or on there way. I just want this trip to awesome. I got bored so I decided to go out to the paparazzi and let them take some pictures. They are always outside trying to take publicity shots. So I gave them what they want. I took some good photos until my dad came out and told me "we are leaving"


I said "ok lets get going" We left our house. Boy I'm gonna miss this place a lot. We went to Starbucks. "Hey guys" I said to my uncles, cousins, and friends. Ooh this might be a happy day!!!!


We were on the bus about to go to the first stop in this tour.  I was with the girls and talking and having fun!

"Hey guys I have a question" Megan said out of nowhere.

"Ya sure go" Mae said.

"Do you think uh.. never mind, Emma can I talk to you''

"Suurrreee?" I said awkwardly. We walked over to the beds and talked.

"Do you think Austin likes me?" Megan asked.

"I don't know why?"

"Cuz I like him. He's so CUTE and sweet!"

"Awe! Maybe we can find out with some of our magic" I said shimmying. Don't think wrong! Plan A: just gonna drown him with questions. B: use randomness

"Hahahaha ya but after we talk with the girls let's do it in private"

"Ok sure" we walked out and talked with them until our dads went to the concert once we got to the destination. The moms and dads went to the concert and they told the bus driver to watch us. So we got to do whatever we want he doesn't really pay attention.

"Hey Austin can we talk to you?" I said to him once they left.

"Ya sure Em"

"Ok Megan it's go time"


"Don't worry, Megan you first" We drowned him with questions but nothing. Time for plan B.

"Do you ever notice why Pineapples don't wear bath robes?" I said.


"Lollipop" Megan said.


"Cheese Cake" I said next.

"Your making me not like you anymore" He said and then put both of his hands over his mouth.

"Wait which one of us'' Megan said hurt and worry in her eyes.

"None of your business" he said getting up

"there is his dads sass" I said with my hand on my hip. I kinda got that sass too.


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