Daddy's Little Girl

Harry Edward Styles and Maddi Monica Frost have a little girl named Emma Edward Styles. She is 11. She's been doing karate since she was 5. I was finished butt kicking in the Dojo so I was waiting for my dad to come and pick me up. It was 10:30. 'What's taking my dad so long' I thought. Soon I saw a figure coming toward me. I got kinda scared. I stiffened up and hoped it was my dad.... see what Emma, the little ,butt kicking , karate girl will do....


3. Chapter Two: Daddy's Concert

Emma P.O.V.

Today, my dad has the first concert of 1D's tour. My mom & dad said all of us are going. I'm gonna miss my best friends Kaylee, Mae, Megan, Zoe so much. "Daddy can Kaylee, Mae, Megan, and Zoe come on tour with us?" i sat on his lap

"Sure" he said smiling. I jumped off his lap and kept yelling 'yay' with my arms above my head. Which made my dad chuckle. I ran upstairs to text them that on my iPhone5s still yelling yay.


TO: Kaylee, Mae, Megan, and Zoe

Can y'all come on tour with One Direction and their families?


I waited for them them to text back. Did I mention that all of 1D got married? Well they did.

*Louis married Eleanor they had a boy named Austin and a girl named Gabriella. 

*Niall married a girl named Olivia they have a girl Mackenzie.

*Liam married Danielle and had 2 boys named Brandon and Adam.

*Zayn married Perrie and had 1 boy named Leo and 1 girl named Bree.


Ooh! I got a text!

FROM: Kaylee, Mae, Megan, and Zoe

Sure! My parents said ok! EPP! We'll start packing :D Xxx <3


TO: Kaylee, Mae, Megan, and Zoe

Ok and you better hurry we leave tomorrow morning! My mum is packing my things. And there is a concert lata today. byee g2g :D Xxx <3


FROM: Kaylee, Mae, Megan, and Zoe

Ok and we'll be there byeee


I jumped down to my dad and told him there coming.

"Sweetie it's time for the concert go get dressed" he said smiling like an idiot.

"ok"  I said and ran upstairs to get dressed. I got dressed in....

*White Butty shorts

*Red Suspenders

*Dark blue Short sleeve shirt

*Blue converse


I put my hair in a high ponytail and went downstairs. They were ready so we headed to the concert. Everyone met up backstage. I was with Kaylee, Mae, Megan, Zoe, Gabriella, Mackenzie, and Bree. Even through they are my uncles/daddy I LOVE thee music and so do the girls. We were dancing/jumping the whole concert. We also took pics and met fans.


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