Falling Deeper

Vanessa (Nessa) and Makenzie (Mak) have been friends since pre-school. They are on summer vacation from college and are going out to get coffee like they do every morning and to their surprise they see 5 guys that look very familure to them but cant put names with the faces. What happens when they meet in a coffee shop will fate fine love or will hearts get broken?


25. yes or no?

Mak pov

I started to say yes to Louis when Zayn barged in and said I couldn't marry Louis because he loved me. I looked to Louis and saw he had some tears in his eyes. I started to irk tears in my eyes as we'll but I didn't want anyone to see, so i ran to nessas car and went to the park where they had swings. I can't believe Zayn would do that. He knows how much I like Louis. I sat on the swing for about an hour when a guy around my age came and sat by me. " um excuse me miss?" I turned my head to look at him and while my tears. " are you okay. I noticed that you had been siting here crying. I just wants to know your okay." He said very nicely. " umm yeah. I'm fine." I said. But ten I thought for a few seconds then quickly replied. " no. No I'm not okay. " I said with tears falling from my eyes. He pulled me into a tight hug. This was very weird but at the moment I didn't care. At least he wasn't some huge creeper. I pulled back and looked t his short and saw that I had gotten it all wet from my tears. " I'm sorry about your shirt. " I said. He looked at it and shrugged his shoulders. " it's okay. It never really was my favorite shirt anyway. Do you mind me sitting here?" He asked. I shook my head and he sat down in the swing next to me. "So.... How ya doing?" He asked sarcastically. I laughed a little bit at his attempt to make me smile. " see the world isn't all so bad now is it. " he said. There is something about him that remind me of someone. But who? " do I know you from somewhere?" I asked looking at his face. " like do you have any siblings that I might know. Cause I have deffidently seen you before. " I have a brother. Maybe you know him. " " what's his name?" I asked quicker than expected. " Rian. " when he said his name I just froze. I didn't know what to do. Rian scared me. I never got to know his brother but people have told me that they were exactly the same. " oh hey we'll thanks for cheering me up a little. But I really have to be going now. It's getting a little late. " he looked a little angry when I said that but then he relaxed. We told each other bye. Once I knew I was out of his sight I ran to the only place that i knew was around here. I knocked on the front door nod waited for not even a minute. " hey babe what's wrong. " she asked. " I don't know. Perrie. I don't know. " she opened up her arms to hug me and I didn't reject it. We strode like that for what felt like forever. We walked inside and sat on the couch and had some tea. " so. What's going in why are you crying?" She asked. By this time I had stopped crying and my eyes weren't as red as they were. " we'll you know how me and Louis had that fight thing. We'll Nessa made me go back to Harry's house and he was there. He said he wanted to talk to me in the kitchen. He told me it was wrong if his to be mad at me and not talk to me. Then he proposed. " before I could finish what I was saying she screamed in excitement and gave me a huge hug. " so why is that so bad!!!??" She practically yelled. " we'll before I went to say yes. Zayn barged in and said I couldn't say yes to him. I asked him why and he said it was because he loved me. Now I know you and Zayn had a thing and I'm sorry to tell you this. But you were the only place that I knew was around here. " she nodded her head taking in all of the information. " it's okay. I'm over him I have a boyfriend anyway. And what are you going to do about it?" She asked. " we'll see I was kinda hoping you could help me with that. Like what do I tell Louis and Zayn?" She narrowed her eyebrows in concentration. " we'll first talk to Louis and tell him YES you want to marry him then talk to Zayn and tell him you said yes to Louis. But do you have feelings for Zayn?" " no I don't have feelings for Zayn. It's just while Louis hasn't been talking to me Zayn was there the whole time taking care of me. Taking me out to get out I the house. " she nodded her head. " we'll just do what your heart wants. I think and I'm not just saying this because I dated Zayn. But I would marry Louis. " she was right I love Louis and zayn was just a friend. I told her thank you an then we said our goodbyes.

I texted Nessa to see where Zayn had one and she said he went back to his flat. I started walking to it. Just thinking about what I'm going to say to him. I reached his front door and i knocked. I could hear him walking to the door shuffling his feet against the hard floor. Once he opened the door I was faced with the saddest thing I have ever seen. A crying Zayn. " hey. " I said. " what are you doing here?" He asked while sniffling. " um Zayn. I'm-" I was cut off by his lips crashing into mine. I stood there shocked. I was frozen I don't know what to do. When I came back around I pushed him with all my strength. " what the fuck Zayn?" I almost yelled. " I'm sorry. " he said with a Smile on his face. " you know what. I'm lad I'm going to marry Louis. Why would you do that. You know how much I love Louis and you go and do this! That's low even for you Zayn. " he looked like he was going to say something but didn't. " I just thought I would do that before you were taken forever. " he said looking down. " I'm sorry Mak. You should go back to Louis. He is worried about you. He thinks you were going to say no before you ran off. Just forget about me. I'm sorry. " he said while slowly closing the door. What the hell just happened?

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