Falling Deeper

Vanessa (Nessa) and Makenzie (Mak) have been friends since pre-school. They are on summer vacation from college and are going out to get coffee like they do every morning and to their surprise they see 5 guys that look very familure to them but cant put names with the faces. What happens when they meet in a coffee shop will fate fine love or will hearts get broken?


16. Why do you do this to us?

Nessa P.O.V.

I was sitting backstage of the ring watching Mak with her fight. The chick was HUGE. When the bell rang the chick went right at Mak and grabbed her head and slammed it into the metal bars around the ring. She was knocked out cold, and the other girl won. Now for the final match was between me and the girl. "Okay the winner is BRITTANY PETERSON!" The announcer said and some of the crowed cheered and some booed. I saw the girl walk by me and I couldn't help but notice how big she was. I looked out in the ring and saw Mak just laying there. I looked over to where Louis and all them were sitting, and  I saw Louis hugging Harry crying. I couldn't help but think about how sweet that he cares enough to cry over her when she got hurt. I then looked back over to where Mak was laying in the ring, she was now on a gernie going to the hospital. When thywakede l by with her on it i couldnt help but notice how pale she was and the big gash that was on  her head. She almost looked dead. I went to go follow them when Jett stopped me, " You have to finish you fights here then you can go." He said pushing me back to the ring. " But shes my sister i have to go. She needs me." I was now crying. I guess he noticed i was cause he pulled me into a big hug. " I know but you have to fight her and you cant break your promise that you made with Mak when you were 15 now can you." I shook my head " Okay then get your bad ass self out there and win the title, for Mak's sake." He gave me a warm smile and i made my way over to the ring. I saw where Niall and everyone else was sitting and walked over to them. " They are taking her to the hospital. Shes going to be fine. Okay Lou?" He looked at me with red puffy eyes, then just went back to crying in Harrys chest. It was kinda cute but it was also very sad to see him like this. I couldnt stand seeing him like this. " Lou, come in here for a minute." I knew he heard me cause he got up and walked into the ring over to me.I gave him the biggest hug i could ever give someone. " Take Harry and go to the hospital for her. And if she wakes up you can be there for her." He shook his head and tried to protest against my suggestion but i stopped him. "No Lou! Go she needs you. I'll get you a police escort so you can get there faster and you can take the Camro if you want. Just go to her." He nodded his head and i told the cops that were there to escort him to the hospital. Then i heard that annoying bell that signialed me that i was about to kill someone. Im just kidding but i want to kill this chick for hurting my sister. " Hey! Do it for Mak!" I heard Electra say. I just chuckled at her statement. I saw her walk in and immediently got mad. "Okay tap gloves and we will start." I heard the reff say. We didnt do anything. " Okay then let the fight begin." *ding ding ding*. I immediently went stright for her face and made a clean hard hit. It threw her off balance. I threw a few more and slid my leg under hers and caused her to fall to the ground. I got on top of her and just threw hits left and right. I didnt even care if they did any damage or not. I just wanted her to feel pain and win the fight. I was still throwing punches when i felt the reff oull me off of her. Thats when i noticed that she was knocked out. Almost about how Mak looked. I just walked out of the ring and ran to Jett and jumped in his arms. " You did it! You have the title! congradulations." Jett said while putting me down. I then ran over to Niall and gave him a big  hug and he gave me a kiss on my cheek. " I am so proud of you." He said and put me down. I then went over to everyone else and they all told me good job. The reff then walked over to me and handed me the belt and the trophe. He then congradulated me on my win. " Can we go to the hospital now?" I asked Niall. He nodded and grabbed my and and intertwinned out fingers. I then looked over to the ring and saw her still laying there with paramedics all around her.

_____________skip car ride (it was all silence)_______________________________

We got to the hospital and i didnt even bother to change, so i was still in my spandex shorts and my sports bra. But i didnt care i just wanted Mak to be okay. " Hi can i get the room number for Makenzie Gore." i asked the nice lady at the front desk. " Umm. Yes she is in room 345. " i thanked her and ran down the hall to find her room. I finially saw it and opened the door and saw her laying on the bed hooked up to a bunch of monitors and needles all in her arms. She looked lifeless. I looked over to see Lou sitting in a chair next to her holding her hand, and from what i couls see very tightly. Harry was sitting next to him with his hand on his back. I walked in the room and Harry saw me and stood up and walked over to me. " hey i need to talk to you." I nodded and walked out of the room and shut the door. " Is she okay? What did the doctor say?" i asked him rather quickly. ' She's fine. the docot said she is going to be okay, but... he did say that she could have memory loss." He said looking at his feet. " Like from the past few hours memory or like all..." I asked him wanting to hear a few hours of loss. But not everyone's wishes come true. " All. But he did also say that if we took her to places that was important to her then she could possibly regain her memory." I couldnt hold it in anymore. I ran to the bathroom.

Morgan P.O.V.

We were all sitting in Mak's room talking quietly when Harry came in " Hey Morgan, can you go to the bathroom. I think Nessa is sick." I nodded my head and ran to the bathroom. Thank goodness we were the only ones in here. " Nessa are you okay? Can you let me in?" She didnt say anything but she did open the door. " What happened,Love? Your not pregnant are you?" She laughed and shook her head. " Just what Harry told me made me nervous and i guess its not what i wanted to hear at this moment." I looked at her funny and i guess she knew what i was saying just by my eyes. " Mak might have memory loss. The doctor said if she does have any then it will be all of her memory. But if we can redo anything that was important to her then i could possibly come back." Hearing those words made me shiver. Mak has always had the best memory out of me, Electra, Morgan, Katie, Aleisha and Mak, Mak has alwyas had the best. " I hope she doesnt. Cause what is she forgets about all of us and expeciaslly Louis. Because he really cares about her." She just nodded. " Are you feeling better? Can we go back to the room?" She nodded her head and we walked back to her room and saw everyone laughing quietly and Lou was still ghoding Mak's hand while talking to everyone.

Mak P.O.V.

I cant see anything. But i can hear and feel if something touches me. I can hear people talking quietly and the stupid annoying beeping noises. I can feel someone holding my hand, but i fdont know who it is, so i gently squeezed it just enough for the person to feel it. I then tried to open my eyes but i couldnt. I keep trying and finally i was able to open them adsbrign aw ht lights and dark shadows. "Hey! Her eyes are opening." I heard a voice that i knew but didnt know who it was. " Mak. Keep going your almost there. Keep opening your eyes." Someone said. But wait. Who is Mak? Oh well. I opened my eyes more to where they were fully opened. When i opened my eyes i saw about 10-11 people around the bed i was laying on. The one closest to me had the most beautiful blue/green eyes i have ever seen. He was also cute. He was the one that i could see the most i could see and tall guy standing next to him with curly hair and then about2 girls then another boy who looked like he had black hair then another boy with blonde hair with bright blue eyes, thenanother girl and boy then and a girl and a guy with a small quiff and a girl who looked very famailure to someone but i didnt know who. " Where am i?" I asked hoping they could tell me. " Your in the hospital. After your fight you got knocked out and they took you here." I was in a fight? i asked myself. " I got in a fight?!" " You dont remember? It was the Wrold Championships." The curly headed boy said. i shook my head. " Who are you? Where are my parents?" " Whats the last thing you remember?" The girl closest to me said. " Ummm... i met a guy named Rian." I saw the girl who asked me turn around and walk out oft he room crying. The blonde boy ran after her. " So... Who are you?" i asked them all. " Im Louis. And this is Harry,Electra,Kaite,Zayn,the boy who ran out was Niall,thats Aleisha,Josh,Morgan,Liam and the girl who ran out was Vanessa." The cute boy next to me said i just nodded my head. Just then a tall guy with a white coat on came in. " Oh good your awake. How do you feel?" He asked me. " Umm... Fine but i dont know anyone here." He nodded his head. " I was afraid of that. Well... ummm... You see from what they told me you were at your UFC fight and the girl slammed your head into the bars on the ring and you split your head open and have lost your memory." I was so confused. " Well, i still dont know who these people are. And why did that girl run out crying? Am i suppost to know them?"  He didnt answer me. He just turned to the guy that was closest to me and started talking to him. " I"ll tell you what. You can take her home and show her things that may or may not have been important to her and see if it can bring back some of her memory." "Okay Thank you Doctor." He said. " Let me go get the papers for you and then you may leave." The doctor said to me and i nodded my head. " So how do i know you, Louis?" He looked at me and gave a small smile. " Umm. Im your boyfriend actually. We meet in a Starbucks and we all went to my house an were all hanging out. And Vanessa is your bestfriend. Well more like sister." " So were you thhe one who was holding my hand when i woke up?" I said with a small smile. " Yeah i was really worried about you." Louis said. " Yeah he was balling his eyes out." The curly headed kid named Harry said. Louis then elbowed him in the ribs. i couldnt help but let out a small laugh. The doctor then brought in papers for me to sign. After about 2 minutes of signing papers i was finally able to go home. Louis drove me home. " Does this place remind you of anything?" He said. " Louis. Were in the woods. Why would this remind me of anything?" I said just looking around. " Okay. What about this?" He said pointing at a carving on a tree. It had a big heart that said 'LWT & MPG FOREVER' "What does it mean?" I said running my hand over it. " It means Louis William Tomlinson and Makenzie Payge Gore Forever. We did it on our first date." I just stood there staring at him thinking. " What are you looking at?" He said while taking a few steps closer to me. He was now about a foot in front of me. " Your name sounds so famailure. But i dont know where." He gave  me a small chuckle and took a half of a step closer. " Im in a band called One Direction. If that rings any bells." I shook my head slowly. " Well maybe this will help." Our bodies are now touching and to be honest, it feels right. Im not sure why but it does. Before i knew it he gently pressed his lips against mine. He then pulled back. Thats when i came ot me. The fight, me and Louis dating, Zayn cheating on Nessa, Nessa and Niall dating. Before i could say anything he put his lips on mine again and longer this time. In the middle of the sweet kiss i pulled back. " I remember. Zayn and Katie, Niall and Nessa, Liam and Morgan, Harry and Electra, Josh and Aleisha and..." I looked confused. " Andn what?" he said. " Me and you." He smiled and kissed me even more passionatly than i ever remember him doing. " You ready to go home then." i nodded my head and we went back to the car and we headed home. To be honest it felt good to be back and to be able to remember everything.

_______________skip car ride they sang the whole time.______________________________

" Hey Lou, what ever happened to Nessa and he figh?" He looked curious. " I dont know i left and went to the hospital with you." He said. " What Harry said in the hospital, about you balling oyur eyes out, was he serious?" He nodded his head, " You problbie think im a idiot for being a guy crying." I shook my head and kissed his cheek. " No. No i dont. I think that any guy who crys around other guys, is a true guy. The others are just wannabes." He smiled and leaned over and kissed me again. We walked up to Lou's house hand in hand and laughing about stupid things. When we got inside I saw everyone sitting in the living room watching Toy Story. Liam must have picked the movie. Before i knew it Nessa is running at me with her arms wide open and tackled me to the ground. " So are you okay? Are you the real Mak?" She was heavier than she looks. " I'll tell you what if you dont get off of me im going to eat you like a big mac from McDonalds." Everyone laughed " Yup shes back." Zayn said. " No but seriously, Im starving. Lets get a big mac." i said " WOOOO HOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Why are we all still standing here?" Niall yelled running out of the house to the car. We all just laughed and followed him out. Im going to be honest it feels really good to be back with 11 idiots who i love and are my bestfriends. I couldnt ask to be anywhere better than right here.

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