Falling Deeper

Vanessa (Nessa) and Makenzie (Mak) have been friends since pre-school. They are on summer vacation from college and are going out to get coffee like they do every morning and to their surprise they see 5 guys that look very familure to them but cant put names with the faces. What happens when they meet in a coffee shop will fate fine love or will hearts get broken?


19. who is engaged?

Katie P.O.V.

"ZAYN! DONT! S-STOP!" I screamed while laughing. We have been playing like this all morning. Like earlier we were throwing flour at each other while making breakfast. " Apologize!" " For what!" " Flour starting the flour fight earlier!" He said while tickling me non stop. " Okay fine Im sorry! Now stop tickling me." He stopped and we were just string into each others eyes. He slowly leaned in and gently kissed me. It started out slow, but quickly got rougher. "Hey Mak told me that everyone is going to Liam's house to make a surprise birthday party for Morgan. She asked if we wanted to help and I told her we would." I told him after breaking the sweet kiss. "Sure what time do we need to go over?" He asked while kissing my neck. I checked the time on my phone and it said 12 pm. " Now." He nodded his head and stood up and held out his hand for me to take. "Oh and she said that they were going to have a huge party after. Louis is planning the party so you know its going to be fun." I said while walking up the stairs with Zayn following me. "He  does throw the best parties."

Mak P.O.V.

i was sitting on the couch looking on my phone, doing nothing. Like a loser i am. I was scrolling through instagram when i felt the seat beside me dip down as if someone was sitting next to me. i looked over to see a smilling Liam. " What are you so happy about?" i asked putting my phone away now looking a Liam. " Can we go outside to talk about this. Nobody else will know about this but me and you." i nodded and followed him outside. " So whats up?" I asked looking a him. He stayed silent for a minute as if he was in deep thought. " If you were Morgan, and i asked you to marry me, would you?" He asked with his hands in his pockets and looking at the ground. " Oh my god Li. Are you going to ask her to marry you?" i asked with excitement all over my face. " Ya, but im scared shes going to say no." He said with his smile completly gone now. " Damn it Li. She would have to be a dumb ass not to say yes. I mean look at you. Your smart, nice, sweet, cute, funny. She is going to say yes. Trust me." His smile returned but much bigger this time. " Thanks Mak." " Anytime. When are you going to do it?" I asked while hugging him. " Sometime tonight during the party." He said while pulling away from the hug. " Oh i have an idea. Why dont you guys perform a song from your new albulm and after it do it then." His smile got even bigger if that was even possible. " Yeah i think im going to do that. Thanks again. Now i think we should go back inside. Louis has a hammer." He said with a small chuckle. " Oh this should be good." I said in a sigh. He chuckled again and walked inside after me. " Louis. Do you really think its a good idea that you have a hammer?" I said to him as soon as we walked back into the room. " Harry. Why out of all of the people here why did you pick Louis to do the hammering?" Harry just shrugged his shoulders. " Fine but if he makes a hole in the wall im blamming you." i said an walked over to the fridge. i was bent over looking for food in the bottom of the fridge when i suddenly felt a stinging sensation in my butt. i turned around to see Louis laughing. " OWWW! Thats not funny. it hurt really badly." " Awe babe im sorry." Louis said while givin gme a hug. While we were hugging i decided to get him back by pinching his butt. " I told you only when were in the room." He said with a smirk. " Eww your so gross." i said while plaufully hitting his arm. " Im kidding. Calm down." He said while chuckling. " Wait. You left them in the room by themselves with a hammer?!" i half shouted. " I trust them no..." He was cut off my a loud yelling coming from the other room. " DAMN IT HARNOLD! JUST FIX THE DAMN THING!" it sounded like Katie. We both sighed. " I spoke to soon." Lou said while walking out of the kitchen. " Whats going on?" He asked. " Harry wont fix the banner." Katie said. " What's wrong with it" i said looking at the banner. " Exactly nothing is wrong with it." Harry said. " No its crooked." kaite said while folding her arms over her chest. " Just leave it like it is. We only have so much time." Liam said.

About an hour later we finished putting the decorations up. " I see her car everyone hide!" Liam shouted. We all went to our hiding spaces. When we heard the door close, we all jumped out and yelled 'SURPRISE!' I guess we scared her cause she dropped her bags and backed up to the door while holding her chest. " Damn it guys you just gave me a miny heart-attack." Morgan said while smiling. " Happy birthday babe." Liam said while walking over to her giving her a kiss and a big hug. When Liam let her go she waslked around the room giving all of us hugs and saying thank you. " Go to the room with the girls and get ready for the party. They picked an outfit for you to wear." Harry said.

The wole time were getting Morgan ready were laughing and singing to the loud music that is playing. With us all being Directioners, we were playing all of out One Direction songs. Singing as loud as we could, we didnt care if the guys heard us singing we were having fun. We finally got Morgan done and were now doing our make up and hair and got our dresses on. We all looked really beautiful. " Okay we need a picture of just us girls. Everyone in front of the mirror" Nessa said. She had a hug mirror so we could all fit and i took the pictures with my phone. Then we all headed down stairs to the boys. They were all wearing tux. They looked hot.  About that time everyone started showing up. We had music playing as loud as it would go and had not a lot of drinks but a lot of food. They all insited on having a lot of food because they said me and Niall would eat it all. Which was most likely true. Everyone had been here for almost 2- 2 and a half hours now just having fun, and it was now time for the boys to perform. They sang 'You and I', Which was Morgan's favorite song off their new albulm.

When they were done singing, all of the boys stood on the stage waiting for Liam to do his thing. " Morgan. Will you come up here please?" She started walking up and everyone started yelling and cheering. " First i wanted to start off by saying happy birthday. And i wanted to do this for a long time but i wanted to wait for the right time. But i just didnt know when until about 2 pm today. i was talking to Mak about it while we were putting up the decorations up before you came home."

Morgan P.O.V.

We were all listning to the boys sing 'You and I' until they finished and Liam called me up to the stage.  " First i wanted to start off by saying happy birthday. And i wanted to do this for a long time but i wanted to wait for the right time. But i just didnt know when until about 2 pm today. i was talking to Mak about it while we were putting up the decorations up before you came home." He started to get down on one knee. Oh shit. What the fuck is he doing? Is he doing what i think he is doing? " Morgan i love you with all my heart. Will you marry me?" I didnt have to take a second thought before i nodded my head. " Yes yes yes!" He put the ring on my ring finger and stood up and gave me a sweet passionate kiss. Everyone was cheering while we walked off stage. As we were passing people they were congratulating us and wanted to see my ring, which was absolutely beautiful.

We walked back over to where all of the girls and guys were standing, they all had hug grins on their faces. I couldn't help but smile. I walked straight over to the girls to let them see my ring.

"Holy shit Morgan. This is beautiful. You are so lucky." Electra said while icing me a huge hug. All of the girls said something like that and gave me a hug. "Babe. Wanna go dance?" I heard Liam ask while cooling his arms around my neck and resting his chin in my shoulder. I nodded and we walked to the dance floor and danced to a slow song.

Mak P.O.V

Morgan and Liam were in he middle of the dance floor dancing together. They truly looked happy together, plus they looks cute together. I was talking with Nessa when from behind her head I could see the she devil wall in. Eleanor. God just the look of her makes me angry. " I thought this was a birthday party not a strip club." She said while walking over to me. I could see the slight tint of black and blue around her nose. "And I thought this was a house not a zoo." I said proudly while resting my hand on my hip. " At least I have a real home." I couldn't take it anymore. She just knows how to piss me off. I started walking towards her and I could feel the heat in my body start to get hotter with my anger. I was about 5 inches away from my fist connecting with her face, when I felt arms wrap around mr stomach to hold me back from kicking her ass. "Mak. Don't. If you both really want to fight that badly then we can set something up in the ring but not here." Jett said. And he was right. "Okay. Monday. At the gym ring." "As ling as I can whoop your ass." She said with a smirk on her face. "It's going to be kinda hard to whoop my ass if yours is already whooped." Her smirk dropped and walked out like she owned this place. " you need to learn how to control your anger before you get into some serious trouble." Jett said. I nodded my head and jut went on with the party. Luckily Louis didn't see what happened between me an the skank. But other than that everyone had an amazing night. I finically feel like I belong here. And I'm not an outcast. And it's an amazing feeling.


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