Falling Deeper

Vanessa (Nessa) and Makenzie (Mak) have been friends since pre-school. They are on summer vacation from college and are going out to get coffee like they do every morning and to their surprise they see 5 guys that look very familure to them but cant put names with the faces. What happens when they meet in a coffee shop will fate fine love or will hearts get broken?


11. The Premiere

Liam P.O.V.

" What if she doesn't like it?" I asked worried. "Trust me Li. She has loved it since we were like 4 years old. You people need to start trusting me more often." Mak said while fixing my hair and collar. I just nodded. " Okay. Well its almost 2. You should go up and get her. She is in her room, just knock on the door." She said giving me a little push up the stairs. I get up to her room and I can feel my heart pounding against my chest. I take a deep breath in and knock on the door. " Who is it?" "Liam." "Oh come in." I smiled at the thought of seeing her beautiful self.

Nessa's outfit

 I thought she absolutely beautiful. Well she always does, but it was different. " What are you staring at?" She asked shaking me out of my thoughts, " Oh... ermm... nothing. You just beautiful." I could see her start to blush but it quickly went away. " Thanks. You ready to go then?" She asked walking over to the door. " Yeah. umm... Lets go." I turned to follow her out of the room, when my foot was tangled in a thing of string. When I picked my foot up to walk I tripped and fell. 'real smooth Liam. In front of the girl you like.' I thought to myself. She wasn't laughing, "Oh my god Liam, are you okay?" She asked with worry in her voice. " Yeah the damn string got wrapped around my foot that all." She let out a sigh of relief THEN she started laughing. " Can we just go?" I said with a little chuckle while standing up. "Yeah. Sorry for laughing." She said "Oh its okay. Because if I were you, I would have laughed before asking." She just let out a small chuckle. Then we headed down stairs. I heard a very recognizable laugh. About half way down the stairs I yelled "TOMMO!" I knew it was Louis. I heard him yell back "PAYNO!" We ran to each other giving BRO hugs. " Its only been 1 day since you have seen each other." Mak said. " Yes but for brothers 1 day is 1 year." Louis said. "Okay well were off to our day out. We will be back around 4 or 5 or... sometime before the movie premier. Would you girls like to go?" They both nodded. Then we both waved goodbye and went to my car. I opened the door for Nessa like a gentleman. Then I jumped into the driver seat and we went to the place that Mak told me Nessa like to do the most. We get to the special place and I could just see the excitement on her face. "How did you know I like ice cream?" I just chuckled and got out and opened her door. She got out we both walked up to the ice cream parlor together, not holding hands or anything. But we walked next to each other. We tried to get through the big crowd of paparazzi's ignoring all of their questions 'Liam is this a new girl?' 'What happened to Danielle?'. We got inside and thank god there was nobody but older people there. Or else we would have been mauled by fans. We ordered our ice cream and talked about random things. "Oh we better be going if we want to make the premier." I said "Wait if me and Mak are going, dont we need dresses?" She asked. " Oh yeah we forgot to tell you we called Lou last week if she could get you girls dresses. She will be coming over later to do your hair and makeup." She nodded her head. She had a big smile on her face. We got to the car and we headed back home.

Mak P.O.V.

It just crossed my mind that me and Nessa dont have dresses for the premier tonight. "Umm. Hey Lou?" " Yeah babe." He asked coming out of the bathroom. " Me and Nessa dont have dresses." He gave me a big smile and said, " I called Lou and she is bringing some." " Awwe this is why I love you." I love you to." He came over to me and kissed me slowly at first then slowly started getting more and more faster. We heard the front door open and heard Liam and Nessa laughing. " Their back." He said. I just groaned, but I was happy that they at least had a good time. About 15 minutes after they got home Lou knocked on out door. "Hey boys." she said. "Hey Lou." They said together. " Awe. You boys didn't tell me they were this beautiful. They talk about you all the time." I could see them both blush bright red. "Okay okay. Dont tell them." Liam said while blushing brighter now. "Its okay Louis you look cute when you blush." He blushed even brighter when he noticed I saw him blushing. Lou pulled the most beautiful dresses out of her bags.

this is Nessa's dress

this is Mak's dress

Lou had just finished both of us and she was taking pictures of us to put on her twitter. " You know Louis is not going to be able to resist himself." I just smiled. " Okay ill go down first and then you girls can come down whenever your ready." We nodded and she gave us hugs and left the room. " I hope were not going to be in a crowd. Because you know I get claustrophobic." I said to Nessa. " Haha just like Niall." " Its not funny." " I know but were going to have fun then were going to go to the after party and have a good time okay?" I nodded my head. " Out of the blue, you dont happen to like to Liam do you?" I asked her. " As friends yes but that's all why?" "Oh just asking. Lets go." We walked downstairs and we could see Liam and Louis staring at us. Louis' mouth was hung wide open. " Wow." I heard Louis say. "Well, I think my work here is done. Have fun." They didn't even hear her say bye. " So... umm... How are we getting there?" I asked them. " Oh.. The limo will be here in about 5 minutes. It had to pick the other boys up first." I just nodded. Just as we finished that conversation there was a knock at the door. Liam opened it up and it was Niall. He was in his tux. I could see Nessa blush slightly. Are yo..." He stopped and his mouth dropped open like Louis' did. " Hello? Niall back to Earth." Liam said waving his hand in front of Niall's face "Oh right... Are you ready to go?" We all nodded and we headed out the door. " You look absolutely stunning tonight." Louis whispered in my ear while we were walking to the limo. " Thanks you look okay yourself I guess. I mean I have seen better." I could see his smile fade away. " Im just kidding. You are the hottest person I have ever seen." His smile reappeared and he leant down and kissed me on the cheek. In the limo, the order was Harry, Zayn, Niall, Nessa, Liam, me and Louis. We got to the premier and I could see fans and other celebrities and lots of  paparazzi. There were flashes going off everywhere. There were big crowds that we had to go through to get to the red carpet. I looked at Nessa and she mouthed the words 'im sorry'. I looked over to Niall he had the same look on his face that I did. We got out and I took deep breaths, and immediately entwined me and Louis' fingers together. " Are you okay? You have like a death grip on my hand." He just looked at me and his smile faded. " Oh my god. Your claustrophobic like Niall." My breathing started getting faster and faster. " LIAM! HARRY! Come here quickly!" He yelled and they came running over to us. " Help get her through to an open space. She's claustrophobic. Im going to get everyone else. We will find you soon. And get her some water please." They grabbed my hands and we walked past everyone and got me to a wide open space where there was no one there. About 3 minutes later Louis came back with everyone. " Im sorry I should have asked and told you. I ..." I cut him off from talking. " Lou. Calm down its fine you didn't know. And Im fine I just needed out of the big crowd." He grabbed both of my hands and pulled me up and he pulled me into a big hug. And then he kissed my cheek. I could see a bunch of flashes going off I pulled out of our hug and saw that a lot of paparazzi were surrounding us. " Want to go inside now?" Lou asked me, I just nodded my head. About an hour and a half later the movie was over and we were heading down to the after party now.

Liam P.O.V.

Were at the after party and I see a girl who looks a lot like Morgan. But it can be she moved to America a few years back. Me and Morgan use to be best friends, then she moved. Im sitting at a table by myself while Harry went to the restroom. "Liam?" I look up from my phone and I see that the girl that I thought was Morgan, was her. " Morgan? I thought you moved to America?" I stood up giving her a hug. " I did but I moved back. I decided that I missed my friends to much. Especially you. I miss when we had our sleepovers and just hanging out together. How have you been? How is being in the world famous boy band One Direction?" She was bombing me with questions. " Umm... I have been good. And the band is good. I spend almost everyday with the other boys almost everyday. They are really fun to hang around. I feel like I have known them for my whole life." She stared at my the whole time I was talking about the band. " Can I ask you something Li?" " Sure anything." " Have you ever though about getting back together?" I figured she would ask me this. A few years before  she left for America we dated for about 1 year. After that we thought we were to close of friends and it was getting awkward. So we decided to be like friends with benefits. " Um... Sometimes I think about you and what it would be like if we re still together. You?" I asked her. " All the time." " Oh well do you maybe want to try it again? Like starting now." She thought for a few moments, and finally said, " I would love to Li Li."  I just smiled. " D you want to go dance?" I asked her while standing up " Sure." We both went to the dance floor and danced together for a while.

Nessa P.O.V.

" Are you alone to?" Niall asked me while sitting next to me at the table. " Yeah Liam found one of his old friends Mak with Lou, Harry is in the bathroom, Zayn is with some other chick, not Perrie, and your here. So what's new?" I chuckled at the last part. " Oh nothing much. But hey can I ask you something?" " You know you can ask me anything anytime." " Yeah I know. Umm... How can you tell if a girl likes you?" His question caught me off guard. "Oh umm... She will laugh at anything you say that should be funny, will stare at you sometimes, and is sometimes your closest girl friend." He just nodded his head a little bit. I was watching all of the people dance when I suddenly felt something warm and smooth on my cheek. I look over with my eyes and saw Niall kissing my cheek. I wanted to turn my head and just make out with him. But I didn't have the nerve to. He pulled back. In the dark lighting I could tell he was blushing. " Im sorry I dont know why... I shouldn't have done that..." He stopped talking when I kissed his cheek back. " Can I ask you something else?" "Of course." " We have become really close friends now and I feel like I have known you for my whole life. And I was wanting to know if you would like to be my girlfriend?" I didn't respond I just planted my lips right one his. I could feel him smiling under my lips and he kiss me back. He put his hand on my cheek and held my face there. " Okay love birds lets go. Were leaving." Harry said and we got up and he entwined out fingers and we walked out to the limo and got in. On out way out to the limo I could see all of the flashes from the paparazzi taking pictures of me and Niall holding hands.

Louis P.O.V.

When me and Mak were dropped off at my house by the limo, we went up to my room. " Hey do you just want to stay the night here, considering its already 1 in the morning?" She nodded. " But I need clothes." I went to my drawers and got out some sweatpants and a big black t-shirt and gave them to her to wear. She went to the bathroom to change and I changed into my sweatpants and no shirt. She came back into the room and got in bed. I crouched down to where she was laying on the bed and said " Happy Birthday Babe." I then kissed her passionately. When I pulled back she said " Thank you Boo." I walked over to the other side of the bed and got under the covers and cuddled up next to her. I put my arm around her waist and she turned around to where we were face to face. Well we weren't face to face because her head was tucked into the crook of my neck and my chin was the top of her head. I played with her hair while she fell asleep. " By the way you look good in my clothes." I could feel her chuckle a little. When I knew she was sleep I decided to take a picture of us in bed together to put on Twitter. In the picture Im kissing the top of her head and she is asleep.  For the caption I put 'Sleepy time for my Babe. I love you.' I tagged her in the picture, so when she checked her phone in the morning she would see it. I looked at the time and it said 2:30 am. So I decided to go to sleep.


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