Falling Deeper

Vanessa (Nessa) and Makenzie (Mak) have been friends since pre-school. They are on summer vacation from college and are going out to get coffee like they do every morning and to their surprise they see 5 guys that look very familure to them but cant put names with the faces. What happens when they meet in a coffee shop will fate fine love or will hearts get broken?


29. she's pregnant

Liam pov

"Hey Liam?" Morgan yelled across from the house. I walked over to our room where she was sitting on the edge if the bed. " what's wrong ?" She looked up with me with an unreadable expression. " Liam I'm.... I'm..... I'm pregnant." She said with a few tears escaping from her eyes. "That's great. Then why are you crying?" " I don't think I'm ready to be a mother yet. I mean I'm only 19. " there was a few minutes of silence. I pulled her to where she was sitting in my lap. I wrapped my arms around her protectively. " You will be a great mother. I know you. Your sweet caring nice amazing and not to mention beautiful. " I could feel her slightly laugh. She looked down at her lap and fiddled with her fingers.'' Liam?'','' Hmm'', I answered.'' I understand if this is moving to fast and you want to lea-'', she said before I cut her off.'' Leave? Im never going to leave you not even with a baby that I am the father of. It takes two to tango babe, and you cant do it yourself.'', I said. She wrapped her arms around my neck pulled me down, and pressed our lips together. she brushed her tongue on the bottom of my lip for entrance, which I think I s really sexy. Our tongues roamed  each others mouths like it was our first kiss. I pushed her back down to the bed and slowly lifted her shirt up. She grabbed my wrist and pulled out from the kiss'' what's wrong/'', I asked.'' No funny business before I go to the doctors, I have a little person in me and there us combined.'', she said. I nodded to tell her I understand.'' We are going to the doctors first thing in the morning'', I said. She nodded and cuddled into me I played with her hair till she fell asleep.


Mak's pov

Louis and I have been a honeymoon state since he purposed to me, and we are not even married yet. We cuddled, kiss so many times I lost count, and every morning Louis made me breakfast or woke me up in a cute way and I really like Louis this way. I walked down stairs to see the guys watching foot ball and all the girls talking and drinking tea in the dinning room.'' Hey handsome.'', I said coming up behind Louis wrapping my arms around his neck and putting a kiss to his cheek.'' Hey sexy', He said back.I walked into the dinning room to the girls they all looked at me and Nessa said,'' Well come on lets see the ring.'' I placed out my hand and they did all there ooo's and ahhh's. Later the boys came in the room, probably because the game was over and they where bored. Louis propped himself up in the doorframe while the boys where scattered around the room.'' So we where wondering if all you girls where up for a paintball war?'', Louis asked. The girls and I looked at each other with the ''not feel like going getting up'' look, but I would have gone any other day. Niall went to Nessa with a puppy dog look'' Pleas bae it will be so much fun and all of us can bond.'', he said. Then all the other boys closed in on there girlfriends except for Zayn. The girls looked at me if we should go cause they know i'm lazy at times. I nodded my head getting up and placing a kiss to Louis nose'' Lets go!!'', I said. We all piled into Niall, and Liam's car and drove to the paintball stadium.'' Okay lets make teams, I call Nessa, Harry , Zany and Morgan.'', Niall said.'' No fair I want Nessa on my team'', Louis said.'' How about Girls against guys'', Nessa suggested.'' What bae, you girls cant beat us boys.'', Niall said While laughing with all the other boys. The girls and me looked at each other and Nessa gave Niall a death glare, which made him cower behind Liam and Zayn. Us girls walk to the front desk to be greeted by a hot brunet guy and he was checking out Nessa.'' Hey we have a group of eleven and we want to do a match.'', I said. He nodded and looked at his computer looking up a couple of times at Nessa. I walked to Nessa and whispered,'' He is totally checking you out, work the charm''.'' Yes and it is girls against boys and we would like the blue team'', Nessa said. He blushed and gave us our numbers, Nessa gave him a small smile and wave, and he waved back which Niall caught. He wrapped His arm around her waist to show what's his.'' So we are Blue team and y'all are red'', she said.'' That's not fair I love blue'', Niall complained. Nessa just kissed his cheek and told him to suck it up.


We are at the end of the game and the only two leftover is Nessa and Zayn. Nessa Came around the corner and did a sneaked attack on him and won the game.'' What!!! I thought girls can't beat boys, and obviously I won.'', She said in Niall's face. He made a face and wrapped his arms around her pulling her in his embrace.'' We will determine this tonight'', He said wiggling his brow. Nessa rolled her eyes and walked to the car shaking her hips, while Niall is staring at her.'' Hey Harry, Morgan can y'all ride back with Liam? Vanessa and me need's some alone time. We all did a sexual noise and he chuckled lightly to himself then left to the car.


Niall's pov


I walked to the car after I got sexual noises and got jumped by Vanessa coming out of know where demanding for a piggyback ride. I ran around the parking lot getting looks from old people. I set Vanessa on the hood of my care placing myself between her legs, pulling her close and connecting our lips. I placed my hands on her jawline while hers are in my hair at the back of my head. We broke the kiss while trying to catch our breath, I looked into her beautiful eyes filled with lust. She broke our stair as she looked away and removing herself from the hood of the car. I sighed, all we ever do is hold hands and kiss, but nothing intimate. It's like when we get in the mood she would pull away and feel uncomfortable like something is going to happen. I remember at the fight Mak keep yelling PJ, and it made Vanessa mad but we never got to who he was. I think I am going to ask her about him and see what has happened. I got into the drivers seat and seen Vanessa with her head against the window hiding her face from me. I started the car and headed headed to my flat. When I pull in the drive she gets out and waits by the door for me to unlock it, I unlocked the door and she headed to the living room as I followed.

''Babe we need to talk.'', I stated

She looked up at me and nodded.

'' Every time I think we are getting somewhere where we are comfortable with each other, you turn away and I feel like I don't know something and it is getting us nowhere. If we are going to keep going out you need to tell me things.'', I said.

'' Niall I don't want to go over this, I don't even like thinking about it. The last two boys I dated cheated on me with another girl or played me, and I don't know if I can do it again.'', she said.

'' Its like you don't fully trust me?'', I said

She looked down at her lap not saying anything.

'' you don't even trust me how can a relationship go on without trust? Fine if you don't trust me we are over get out.'', I yelled at her.

''Niall I didn't say I don't trust you, I just want...idk'', i said.

''Well when you figure it out give me a shout, ya? No get out.'', I said to her pushing her out of the house and slamming the door in her face. 


Nessa's pov


''Hello'', Mak said over the phone

''Mak i need you.'', I said close to tears.

'' Ok where are you and we can talk about what happened.'', she said.

'' Niall's front step'', I said.

The phone line went dead..


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