Falling Deeper

Vanessa (Nessa) and Makenzie (Mak) have been friends since pre-school. They are on summer vacation from college and are going out to get coffee like they do every morning and to their surprise they see 5 guys that look very familure to them but cant put names with the faces. What happens when they meet in a coffee shop will fate fine love or will hearts get broken?


1. school free

Vanessa P.O.V.

Its finally our last day of the first year of college. Today we take our FINIAL exams then we leave the shit hole for the summer. "GET UP ITS THE LAST DAY! We have to take 2 exams today then we go to summer!" Mak said trying to wake me up. "uggh I know but cant we take the exams in our beds?" I said yawning. " haha. I wish. I would never get out of my best during school them." haha she was always my funniest friend I had always had.


So we just finished our exams and we are moving back into our house that our parents bought us for when we finished college but we decided to move into it during our breaks. we get almost all of our stuff into our house when I heard Mak's stomach growl, "Im hungry." "Mak, your always hungry. just like Niall, funny like Louis, curly hair like Harry....." she cut me off there " oh Jesus you tell me this every time  I say Im hungry." " cause you eat 24/7" we both laughed for a minute. " well can we at least go get some coffee?" she asked with the puppy dog eyes she always did when she wanted something. " Yeah Im in a coffee mood. Especially with the cool weather." so we decided to just walk to Starbucks instead of driving cause it wasn't that far from where our house was at. As we were walking all we talked about was the world famous boy band One Direction. We weren't obsessed like a lot of the directioners. we get to Starbucks and order our coffee and sit inn the corner. we sat by this table with 5 guys in it but we couldn't see who they were. Most of their accents were very strong. I was trying to think of where I had heard those voices before when Mak cut me out of my thoughts " Why do those voices and accents sound like I have heard them before?" "I don't know." I responded I started thinking again when once again Mak broke me out of my thoughts "I need to whaz." she got up I just chuckled and took a sip of my coffee and went on Twitter. I of course being a directioner that I am I follow all of the boys of One Direction, I see Harry post "Its nice to be with all of the boys again. we out for some coffee now @LouisTomlinson @NiallHoran @LiamPayne @ZaynMalik." as I was done reading that I saw Mak come back sliding into the seat and she was jumping up and down in her seat "Holy motherf****r shit!!!!! you will never guess who I bumped and fell onto the floor with?!" she said and she looked like she wanted to scream her head off. "Well seeing how excited you are must be someone that you love." she just nodded and said, " It was Louis fucking Tomlimson!" she yelled quietly. my mouth just dropped open. I didn't know what to say I had no words that came out.

Makenzie P.O.V.

I got up from my seat to go to the bathroom I walked in the restroom. When I was done I was walking out looking at my phone not paying attention to where I was going when I suddenly felt someone's big and strong arms wrap around me catching me as I fell. I looked up to see who had caught me and I found myself looking into some of the most beautiful eyes that I have ever seen. They were a light blue with a hint of green in them. We both just kind of stared at each other for a while in silence, until he broke the silence by saying "Im so sorry Love. I wasn't paying attention to where I was going. I was looking at my phone. Im so sorry are you okay?" he had a look of worry on his face like I had just been hit by a car or something. "Yeah im fine. its okay I was busy on my phone too.haha. im sorry I should have been paying attention." I said not knowing what else to say. "Its okay Love, neither of us were paying attention. Whats you name Love?" in my head I freaking out that THE Louis Tomlinson had just asked me my name. so I quickly said "Makenzie but everyone calls me Mak." He just stared at me and smiled. Again it was an awkard silence. so I broke it by saying "Umm, can I get up now? My friend is waiting on my." I said with an awkard chuckle. "Oh right sorry." We both get up onto our feet and he said " Umm, do you want to maybe hang out sometime later today?" He said scratching the back of his neck. I guess I didn't answer fast enough so he said " If you don't it fine. I was just wondering." his smile faded. "No I would love to. But umm, is it okay if my friend Vanessa comes to cause we kind of love together?" I said looking at the ground. "Oh yeah of course. Want to come to my flat later today? All of the boys will be there." "yeah sure sound great. We will see you then." I gave him a goodbye smile and turned to walk away but he caught my arm before I could walk away. " Hey can I have your number?" he said while scratching the back of his neck. "You know so I cant text you where I live." he added with a smile. "Oh yeah sure. Here." I said handing him my phone. he put his number and i heard his phone beep. He had texted himself so he had my number. " How about around 5. then we can all get pizza or something?" He said and I nodded. I walked over to where Nessa was sitting and he went into the bathroom.


I told her the whole story on our way back to the flat. she looked at her phone and gasped. "What?" "Its 4:00 pm now. How long did it take us to walk back?" she said with a worried look on her face. "Well lets hurry up." We both ran up the stairs to get ready. At about 4:30 Louis texted me the address of his house.


Hey.. Make sure you bring your swim suits. We might go swimming. The boys are dying to meet you two.


haha nice name. And Vanessa is excited to meet the rest of the boys to. Do we need to bring anything else besides out swim suits?


No we have everything else. How old are you two?


We are both 19. Why do you ask?


Youll see when you get here and see you then:)


We get to Louis' house and walked up to the door and knocked. " Hey. Come on in." Louis said and opened the door for us " Do you want to swim now or after pizza gets here?" Louis asked. Me and Nessa just kind of looked at each other and said " We can swim now if you like?" he just smiled and nodded. He motioned us to follow him into what we thought was the living room. we said the other 4 boys sitting there talking to each other. Harry had a beer in his hand zany was looking into a mirror fixing his hair Liam was on his phone and Niall of course was eating. "Oh hey mate, are these the girls you were talking about?" Harry said with his thick deep accent. I looked over at Louis and saw that he was blushing a little bit. " Uhh yeah. This is Mak and this Vanessa." Louis said looking at us. We just waved and smiled a little bit. " Are we swimming now or after pizza?" Niall said with a mouth full of food. "Now.Umm if you like I could show you to my room so you girls can change." we just nodded. He then motioned us to follow him up the stairs. We got to the end of the hall and he opened a door that led us to his room. Surprisingly it was clean. From what I have heard his rooms are usually messy. Me and Vanessa got changed into our swim suits. My swim suit was white with colorful polka dots on it. Nessa's was a blue top with black bottoms. I wraped myself in my towel before I walked out of his room. Nessa just walked out into the living room in only her bathing suit. She was very comfortable with her body, me on the other hand was not. We all walked out onto the deck of Louis' pool. They were all already in their swim trunks. Once we got outside they all took off their shirts. I think Louis saw me staring at him. "Like what you see Love?" Louis said with a chuckle. I just smiled and looked at the ground blushing. Then he walked closer to me and grabbed my hand and lifted my head up to look at him in the eyes. " There is nothing to be blushing about, Love." We both just kind of smiled and chucked for a minute when I felt Louis grab my towel and pull it off of me. When he threw the towel on the chair next to him he picked me up bridal style and started walking to the pool. "You wouldn't dare." I said smiling and looking into his beautiful eyes. " Oh but Love..." just as he said that I felt a cold rush of water hit my body then when we came back up he finished what he was saying "I would." After he said that I splashed water in his face. He had a look of shock on his face "Oh its on now." He went underwater and swam over to me and of course he turned the pool lights off and it was dark outside so I couldn't see where he was then I felt him go under my legs and he came up out of the water with me on his shoulders. I screamed and laughed at his actions. That's when I noticed everyone else in the pool having a good time. Liam and Harry still had beers in their hands zany and Nessa were on the steps talking to each other and Niall was a floatie still eating food. I could tell by the way she was looking at Zayn that she liked him.


Nessa P.O.V.

Mak was giving me that look. Almost like she knew I liked Zayn. But I couldn't tell if he liked me too. Or if he just liked me as a friend and always will be friends. He was hard to read. But Mak and Louis look like they both like each other. They stayed separated from everyone else. They stayed in the deep end and everyone else was in the shallow end. They looked like they were in a deep conversation. "Hey Im going to go get pizza. Do you want to come with me?" Zayn asked me blocking me from my thoughts. " Umm, sure why not." We both got up and told everyone where we were going. Then we got in his red mustang. "Can I tell you something?" Zayn asked me breaking the awkard silence. " Sure. You can tell me anything." i gave him a warm smile. " I like you. A lot." I think he saw me blush and reached his hand across the car and put his hand on my knee. "I like you too, but we just meet. And don't know each other that well." I said looking at his hand on my knee. "But we can change that."



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