Falling Deeper

Vanessa (Nessa) and Makenzie (Mak) have been friends since pre-school. They are on summer vacation from college and are going out to get coffee like they do every morning and to their surprise they see 5 guys that look very familure to them but cant put names with the faces. What happens when they meet in a coffee shop will fate fine love or will hearts get broken?


24. please?

Louis pov

I don't know how much longer I can stay away from her. I want to touch her. Feel her warm lips against mine. I want to hear her soft voice speak to me. I just want it to go back to normal. But she won't want to see me. I really fucked up this time. I'll at least have someone call Zayn to see how she is. " hey Morgan. Could you maybe do me a favor. " she looked at me with a small smile " could you call Zayn to see how she is for me please. " she nodded her head and went to the kitchen. I could hear her but couldn't make out what she was saying. She came back walking into the room and sat down in the same spot she left. " we'll?" I asked " he said she's doing fine. They went out for ice cream today to get her mind off of things. They laughed had fun. And now they were watching some movie. " she said. I nodded my head and thanked her for it before I left. I opened the door and stopped when I heard Harry call for me. " where you going mate?" He asked. " I don't know yet. I'll be back later. " I said and just left. I went down to the beach and just sat on the sand. I couldn't help but remember all of the fun times we had here. How we laughed and played together. I got up from the sand and started walking down by the water. There weren't many people here since all of the kids were still in school and the grown ups were still at work. I found two pieces of shells that looked like two halves if a heart. I picked them up and put them in my pocket and headed for the nearest jewelry shop. I walked inside and was immediately greeted by the nice lady behind the counter. " hello sir. What can we help you with?" Her voice was bubbly and cheerful. " Uhh yeah hi. I found these shells at the beach a few minutes back and I was wondering if you could put chains in them for me. " she put her glasses on and examined the shells closely. " umm I'm not sure if they will break or not. But we could try. So why don't you look around for something special. Just in case they do break. " she wasn't rude about it at all. " okay yeah thanks. How long do you think it would be?" I asked. " maybe about 15-30 minutes. " I nodded my head and thanked her again. While she was in the back making the necklaces. I looked around and found 2 necklaces that you could put your own phrases on them. " um sir I'm sorry but the shells have cracked and were are unable to use them. " she said. " it's okay. I found these. Um on this one can you put ' my love for life. ' then on this one can you put ' Marry Me?'? " I asked and when I said the second one I could see her eyes light up. " awe that is going to be one lucky lady. " I could feel the heat in my cheeks rise and start to blush. " I'm also going to need a ring as we'll. let me call my friend and see what size she is. " she nodded her head and took the necklaces back in the back to do the engraving. " hey Nessa what size ring is Mak?" I could hear her gasp. " I think and 8. Why?" " no reason thanks. I need you to get her to Harry's house and tell her that you talked to me and he kissed me and I feel really bad about not talking to her. But don't tell her about the ring." She told me she would and I told her I would be home Aron's 6:30 considering it was already 6:00 pm. " can I see that ring please?" I asked one of the other consultants in the store. " I'll take it in a size 8 please" I said with a big smile on my face. And I could see the girls face light up as we'll. " will do sir. " she put it in a box and we just waited for the necklaces.

"Okay that will be £550. " it was cheaper than I thought it would be. I paid her the money then said my goodbyes and thank you and left the store and headed back I Harry's house.

Nessa pov

I don't want to go. What if Louis is there. He doesn't want to see me. " she said while trying to close the bathroom door on me. " he's not there he left a long time ago and said he most likely won't be back tonight. " I lied. I hate lying to her but I have to get her to Harry's house for him. I felt the door become light to my touch signaling that she let go. " only if he's not going to be there. " she said. We got her things together and we're about to head back. " Zayn are you coming?" I asked he nodded his head with a smile and walked out to his car. Me and Mak got in my car and drove back. We were singing to our favorite song. 'Half a heart ' by the boys when my phone started ringing. "Hello?" " hey Nessa are you in your way?" He said. " yes it was hard but yes we are. "" okay I'm going to be inside so go in behind her and don't let her leave. And can I ask you something very important since you know her the best?" He said. " yeah anything. " " um if I proposed to her when you get back, what do you think she would say?" He said in a low voice. " awe that is so cute. And I think yes. Maybe talk first in private then do it. Does anyone else know about this?" "Um no. But don't tell anyone please. " " I won't" " give me a little more time please cause I just got here " " okay we're going to stop at mcdonalds and get a little something to eat first so it works out. " he once again thanked me and we hung up. I called Zayn an told him we were going to stop and he said he was going to head in back to Harry's.

Mak pov

Ever since Nessa got that phone call in the car she has been acting weird. She hasn't stopped smiling. And to be honest it's kind of creeping me out. " can we just go to Harry's house now?" I asked getting impatient. She nodded and we threw our trash away and headed for Harry's house again. " why did you want me to come again?" I asked. " just to get you out. And I missed you so. " I just shrugged my shoulders and walked to the door. When I got inside I saw something I thought I wouldn't ever see again. Louis. He stood there with a dozen flowers and 2 small boxes. " can we talk in the kitchen please?" He asked and I nodded and went to the kitchen. Once we both got in he gave me the flowers. " why is there 1 fake flower?" I asked. "It means. 'I will love you until the last flower dies.'" He said while walking closer to me. I started to cry. " why are you crying?" He said while wiping my tears away with his thumb. " nothing it's just the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me. " I started crying more when he pulled me into a big hug. " wait does this mean you still hate me?" I asked looking into his eyes. " I never hated you I was just upset and shocked that you two fought and no one told me. But I put it all behind me now. And I have a few more things for you. " he gave me a little blue box and I opened it. It was half a heart that said 'marry me?' On it. I looked up from the box to see him on one knee holding a black box with a beautiful ring in it. " Mackenzie Payge Gore. Will you marry me?" I asked. "Ye-" she started saying before the kitchen door burst open reveling an angry Zayn. " no! You can't marry him!" He yelled " and why is that?" She asks politely. " because I love you. "

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