Falling Deeper

Vanessa (Nessa) and Makenzie (Mak) have been friends since pre-school. They are on summer vacation from college and are going out to get coffee like they do every morning and to their surprise they see 5 guys that look very familure to them but cant put names with the faces. What happens when they meet in a coffee shop will fate fine love or will hearts get broken?


7. please hurry

Makenzie P.O.V.

I had been gone for what felt like days but was only a few hours. I was in a dark cabin in the middle of nowhere. I knew we were in my dads old shed that he had moved when I was still with him. He had all of his guns and things in it. They had removed the tape from my mouth. " Why did you run?" He calmly asked me but when I didn't answer he started yelling " GOD DAMN IT MAK TELL ME WHY YOU F*****G RAN FROM ME AND YOUR MOTHER!" I didn't answer him I just started to cry again. That's when I felt a big hand come across my cheek. He had hit me in the face. I finally got the never to yell back to him " THAT! THATS WHY I F*****G RAN FROM YOU. I DIDNT RUN FROM MOM I RAN FROM YOU! YOU F*****G D**K HOLE!" It felt so good to finally let that out.

Nessa P.O.V.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN SHES GONE?! WHO TOOK HER!?" I had an Idea on who took her but I wanted to know if Louis knew as well. "I know it was her dad. Who else would've taken her?" He asked with tears still coming down from his eyes.  " I was just making sure you knew who it was. I think I might know where we can find her. But your going to need to bring all of the boys and a car that you don't mind getting a little scratched up." He nodded his head and called all of the other boys to meet us at me and Mak's house. We finally get to my house and we walked to my room. I reached up under the bed and got out 4 small pistols. " Hey umm Zayn." " Yea mate." "Hey if you ever sleep in her bed with her never piss her off." Louis said. " Trust me I wont." I just chuckled. " Okay. Who can I trust more with a big boy gun?" They all looked at Liam." I'll use it. They would shoot a hole I the walls or something anyway." I nodded and left the room and they all followed. I went to the kitchen where I knew I had 2 big guns at and they were inside the door of the fridge. I busted the doors open and got the guns out. They just looked at me when I pulled the guns out. I handed the one to Liam. "Do you know how to use it?" He nodded. "Okay what car can we take Lou?" He grabbed the keys to his Ferrari. "I said a car that you don't mind getting scratched up." I directly said. " I'll do anything for her." And with that we all went and crammed into the car. We had to drive about 45 minutes to the middle of nowhere. Then I saw the little shed . I was driving so I turned the lights off. All of the boys started freaking out. "If they see the lights they will start shooting at us. And if you hadn't noticed this is a nice car and I would have to see little bullet holes in the sides of the car." I said kind of strict. " Im sorry for being so mean I just... I know what he could do and would love to do to her. And trust me Lou if I told you what he is able to do... You wouldn't like it at all." I said with tears forming in my eyes. We got a little closer to the shed when I heard a big bang. I slammed on the brakes. " Did anyone feel anything around the car?" I asked them all. They all jut shook their heads. I started to cry. I was so pissed, so I got out of the car and started running to the shed where we heard the gun shot coming from. I could hear the boys running after me. As I was running I was loading my gun ready to fire, all I had to do was lightly pull the trigger. I looked through a hole in the shed where the bullet had just gone through. and I followed the trail of where the bullet had hit the dusty ground, and saw that he had a shotgun. " Oh my god..." I said. The boys just looked at me with a worried look. "What?" Louis looked really worried. I couldn't speak, so I just pointed to a window with a deep red liquid splattered on it. I looked at Louis, he had his jaws clenched together and he was breathing deeply and heavily. He ran inside and slammed the door open. We all followed him inside to see Mak holding her chest under the window that we had seen the blood on. Louis ran over to her taking his shirt off and pushing down on her chest to help stop the bleeding. I could hear him talking lightly to her and saying things like " It's going to be ok babe. Just keep your eyes open and looking at me. Okay?" She just nodded her head. Me and the boys looked around the shed and of course the little bitch ran off. " Okay he's not here. Lets get her to the car and we'll get her to a hospital." I said to them all. They all had tears in their eyes. Then Louis picked her up and carried her to the car. He sat in the front seat with her in her lap while I drove the other 4 boys were squished in the back seat. We got her to the hospital and told then what had happened and then they took her off. About an hour later the doctor came out with a sad look on his face. " Is she going to be okay?" Louis ran over to the doctor. " Why don't you have a seat. Who is Miss Vanessa Carls?" I raised my hand. " Can I speak with you outside the room please?" I nodded and followed him outside the room. There was a window to where the boys could see me talking with the doctor but couldn't hear us. "So how is she? Is she going to be okay?" He just looked down at me with a very said look on his face "That's the thing. The bullet grazed her heart. She is in the OR getting an operation to try to repair her heart. If they can stop the bleeding in time and fix her heart she will live. But if they cant in time she could die. At this moment they are looking at a 20% chance of her living." I started to cry. " But that right now. If they can fix her in time she will be okay. I am very sorry to tell you this news." I just nodded my head. " Thank you doctor." He then walked away. I started to ball my eyes out now.

Louis P.O.V.

Nessa had been talking with the doctor for over 20 minutes now. I was starting to get worried now. Then Nessa came in. "What did the doctor say?" She didn't say anything she just shook her head and started to cry harder now. But after a few minutes of crying she finally said " She has a 20% chance of living." I couldn't believe what I was hearing. The girl I have been waiting for, was on the edge of dying. I couldn't lose her. She makes me so happy. I was now starting to cry.


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