Falling Deeper

Vanessa (Nessa) and Makenzie (Mak) have been friends since pre-school. They are on summer vacation from college and are going out to get coffee like they do every morning and to their surprise they see 5 guys that look very familure to them but cant put names with the faces. What happens when they meet in a coffee shop will fate fine love or will hearts get broken?


12. Party It Up!

Lou P.O.V.

I woke up before Mak did. Which is good because the boys and their 'girls' are coming over to help me decorate the house for Mak's birthday. We have the whole night planned out. There are going to be 12 people here me, Niall, Liam, Harry, Zayn, Mak, Morgan, Nessa, Katie, Electra, and Aleisha.

 A/N      The pairs are:

Louis and Mak

Liam and Morgan

Niall and Nessa

Zayn and Katie

Harry and Electra

Josh and Aleisha (Lisha)


We are all going to get shit faced. Doing body shots and drinking games and watching movies and swimming and pizza. Pretty much just hanging out and drinking. At about 10:00 am. everyone started showing up. We started decorating ass soon as they got here. We were almost done when we heard the bedroom door open. " Everyone hide everything and hide!" I yelled whispered. We all got hidden and when we saw Mak we all jumped up and yelled surprise. She screamed as we scared her. Then she started laughing. " That's not fair you know I get scared easily." She protested. " Is all of this for my birthday?" We all nodded. Then she started getting tears in her eyes. Then Nessa walked up to her and gave her a big hug. When Nessa let her go I walked up to her and asked her, " Whats wrong?" Its your birthday. You cant be sad." She looked me straight in the eyes and said, " Im not sad. These are happy tears. Nobody has ever done this for me." I gave her a big hug. Then Harry said " Well expect it every year." She just chuckled and looked right at the other boy's girl friends." Morgan? Katie? Electra? Aleisha? Is that you?" " Mak?" They all said together. Then they noticed Nessa and all said "Nessa? Is it really you two?" They all got in a big girly group hug. " Im assuming you all know each other." I asked Mak. " We were all best friends until we all moved away Katie and Morgan moved across the Untied States and Electra moved to Tennessee and then me and Nessa moved here that was the last time the 3 of us saw each other. But I guess we all moved here. So who are you girls here with?" "Im with Liam" Morgan said. " Im with Zayn." Katie said "Im with Harry." Electra said. " And Im with Josh." Lisha said. "How did you and Josh meet?" Nessa asked Lisha. " I was walking down the street on my way home with coffee on my phone, of course, and I bumped into someone and spilled coffee on myself. And he felt so bad that he insisted to take me shopping for a new outfit. And yeah. We hung out ever since." "Awwee. That is so cute." Nessa and Mak said together. "Morgan. Is Liam the kid that you were best friends with before you moved?" "Yeah. I saw him last night at the after party." She said wrapping her arm around Liam's waist. "What about Katie and Zayn?" I asked curious It was at one of your concerts and I went to one of the meet and greets and then we started talking and now were dating." Katie explained to all of us. " "And now that only leaves Harry and Electra." Niall said. " We meet last night at the after party." Harry said. *stomach growling loudly* "For once someone is hungry and its not me." Niall said proudly. " Lets go to breakfast or lunch whatever it is." Nessa said. We all went in our bed clothes, we didn't care if anyone saw us.

Mak P.O.V.

It is now almost 8 pm. " Im ready to drink. Whos with me?" Harry said. We all raised our hands. We first started off all doing 5 shots, then after that you had to get drunk but at your own pace. "BODY SHOTS!!" Louis yelled. He would be the one to yell that. " Okay fine birthday girl goes first. Either take your shirt off of pull it up" Josh said. By this time everyone was shit faced with the exceptions of me and Liam. They were all shit faced so they wouldn't remember what happened, so I just took my shirt off, and laid down on the dinner table. Harry poured a lit of liquor on the crease of my abs and stomach, he even put a little in between my boobs. " Okay Lou she's your girlfriend. Go for it." Niall said. The Louis got on the table and straddled my hip and bent down and started licking my stomach to get the liquid off of it. It tickled so much. Once he got it all off my stomach harry said, " Dont forget the boobs, mate." We all just laughed. He bend down once again licking the top of my boobs to get the liquid off. With him being completely gone in the world of liquor he was respectful enough not to in between them. " Whos next?" Louis asked. " You are." I said pulling his shirt off. " He laid down on the table and Harry poured a lot on his stomach and his abs. I got on the table and laid down on top of him to where my face was above his stomach. I started licking his stomach. I could feel him getting a little excited under me. So I decided to torture him and lick up to his neck and kiss below his ear and on his neck. Leaving one love bit after another on both sides of his neck. By this time he was hard as a rock. I made my way up to his lips and lightly brushed my lips against his teasing him. "Its not nice to tease me babe." He said. I just laughed and Niall yelled "POOL TIME!" We all cheered. Me and the other girls went into my room to change into our swim suits.



FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: MAK             MORGAN             ALESHIA


We walked downstairs and all of the boys were already in their bottoms. When we were coming down the stairs all the boys were staring at us. I walked up to Louis and she whispered in my ear, " Im loving what I see right now. My girlfriend in a swim suit." I just laughed at him. then he picked me up over my shoulder and ran to the pool and jumped in with me still on his shoulder. I screamed but then started laughing. Then everyone else jumped in making a huge splash. When I wasn't paying attention someone came up behind me and pulled my strings to my top and it popped off. I quickly went underwater so nobody could see. We didn't have the pool lights on so it was dark. Then I heard the other girls scream. The boys were undoing all of our tops. " It would be better if the top was off." Louis said quietly in my ear. " Lou, your drunk." I said to him.  He shook his head. " I have been drinking water. I didn't even drink the shots I had water in them too. The only liquor I had was when you did the body shots." " You little shit. You told the boys you were going to drink tonight." I was sitting on the edge of the pool with my feet in the water and Louis was in between my legs." I know I did but I wanted to remember my girlfriends birthday." I leaned down a kissed him. It started off slow then gradually got more intense. I felt his tongue graze my bottom lip, obviously asking for entrance. I allowed him. Our tongues explored each others mouths for a few minutes, then he pulled away. " I love you." He said " I love you to." I pecked him on the lips. " Looks like everyone is having a good time." We both looked at everyone else in the pool and saw that they were all making out. " Want to go take a shower then eat some pizza?" He asked me. I nodded and stood up. He climbed out of the pool and we grabbed a towel and dried off as much as we could, and went inside and went straight into the shower. We got in with our swimming clothes on and just took a shower that way. But when we were done I went into Louis room and grabbed my bra and pantie and put them on and went downstairs. Louis was already down there heating the pizza back up. About the time we finished our first piece of pizza,  everyone came in and got changed into about the same thing me and Louis were in. Everyone was almost sober from being in the pool. " We should watch the movie Grease." Louis said. "  Okay go put it in." I said and he got up and we all followed him into the living room and we all cuddled up with our guy and watched the movie. We all ended up falling asleep, I decided to get Louis back for putting that picture of me sleeping on Twitter. So I got a video of him snoring slightly, and put in on Instagram and Twitter and for the caption I said ' Sounds like someone had a rough day.' and I tagged all of the boys and the girls to it. Then I went back to sleep. Today was the best birthday I have ever had. I spent it with my favorite people in the who world. I was reunited with my old friends, was with my amazing boyfriend, and had fun with it. What more could I ask for.

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