Falling Deeper

Vanessa (Nessa) and Makenzie (Mak) have been friends since pre-school. They are on summer vacation from college and are going out to get coffee like they do every morning and to their surprise they see 5 guys that look very familure to them but cant put names with the faces. What happens when they meet in a coffee shop will fate fine love or will hearts get broken?


15. Make it or break it.

Mak P.O.V.

Today is now Saturday, which is the day of the fight for me and Nessa. I am extremely nervous. Im not sure if its because it World Championships or if its because I have a chance that I might have to fight my best friend. We are in the limo now on our way to the arena. Everyone is in it and by everyone I mean all 5 boys and all 5 girls. Me and Nessa, like always, have our headphones in listening to music to keep us focused. My leg was bouncing up and down causing me to become more nervous. Louis saw how nervous I was and put his hand on my leg to keep it from bouncing anymore. He then mouthed the words 'Your fine, just calm down'. I gave him a weak smile. About 5 minutes later we arrived at the arena, and I noticed that there is a bigger crowd than last time. My breathing got faster and faster. Louis then looked at me and gave me a warm smile. God why does he have to be so perfect? I thought to myself. My thought were interrupted by the door opening to let us all out. Once we got out we saw all of the paparazzi's flashes from their cameras going off like crazy. Louis could tell I was still nervous cause he grabbed my hand and intertwined out fingers and held my hand tighter then usual. My headphone were now out of my ears. I could hear all of the questions that were being yelled at all of us as we were walking through the large crowds. We got inside the arena and I let out a big sigh when I saw Jett and Jake coming towards us. " Okay we have reserved seats for all of you over there where nobody will bother you and you can enjoy the fights. Mak and Nessa go with Jake to get your hands wrapped and get warmed up. Everyone else you can follow my friend here who will take you through the back way to your seat so you dont get bombarded with fans." Me and Nessa followed Jake back into the back. As we were walking away we heard them all yell "GOOD LUCK!" I just chuckled to myself and continued to follow Jake.

Louis P.O.V.

Once the girls left we all yelled 'good luck' to them." Okay you can follow my friend here who will take you through the back way to your seat so you dont get bombarded with fans." We all nodded and started to follow Jett's friend to our seat. " Hey Louis can I talk to you a minute?" Jett asked me. " Yeah sure, what about?" " Well... I need to tell you something that nobody knows but me... Both Mak and Nessa have girls who are way out of their classes. Im sorry I didn't know until today about an hour ago." He said. "Its okay how far out of their class are they?" " Well for Mak she moved up 2 classes so they are in the same class, but for Nessa about 2. Mak only moved up because of the beast that she fought last time." I just nodded my head. I headed back to my seat. " Where were you at?" Morgan asked me. " Oh I was just talking with Jett about something." They nodded is understatement. Then we heard the announcer say something, I dont know cause of all the noise, but we saw Nessa go into the ring with Jett next to her talking to her. Then we saw this girl she was big but not to big. We all we yelling for her to get her pumped up. About 3 minutes in we see Mak on the side of the ring. We could hear her yelling over everyone else in the arena. " NESSA! IT'S JP! IT'S JP!" She yelled. None of us knew what she meant, but when she said that we all saw Nessa get even more aggressive then before Mak yelled. She took a right hook swing and the girl was knocked out with a busted head. When the bell rang she didn't even stay in the ring to get congratulated, she went straight over to Mak and they started yelling at each other.

Mak P.O.V.

"WHAT THE FUCK MAK?! YOU KNOW WHAT HE DID TO ME AND YET YOU KEEP BRINGING IT UP!" She yelled at me. " IM SORRY IF I KNEW THE GIRL WAS GOING TO HOOK YOU AND KNOCK YOU OUT TO WIN THE FIGHT! I KNEW THAT THE BITCH WAS GOING TO TRY AND TAKE YOUR PLACE IN THE FINALS!" I screamed back at her. She just shook her head and walked off. In a few more fights it would be my turn, so I just went to go find Jett and talk to him to keep my mind off of Nessa. " Hey killer. Your ready?" He asked rubbing my back. " Not really Nessa is mad at me for yelling JP at her to make her angry at the other girl. And now Im worried that she wont forgive me and now Im starting to worry about my fights. What if I loose the title?" He just held me by my shoulders and looked me in the eyes. " Your stronger that this. I know you can win against anyone, you just have to calm down and just concentrate." He said now hugging me. " Okay your right I just need to calm down." I said taking deep breaths. " Okay everyone take a 5 minute break and we will come back strong with our top classes starting with the killing machine Makenzie Gore! Fighting against Brittany Peterson!" They announcer guy called and I started freaking out. I then saw Lou coming over to me. " Hey good luck and what happened between you and Nessa?" He asked kissing my cheek. " Umm.. It's nothing I'll tell you later when we get home right now I have to go." I said kissing him lightly on the lips. " Okay. You go get them you killing machine." He chuckled and pecked me on the lips again. I walked with Jett to the ring and went to the middle to  meet my opponent staring me right in the eye. " Okay bump gloves and then we will begin." We bumped gloves and all I could think was  'oh shit Im going to die tonight'

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