Falling Deeper

Vanessa (Nessa) and Makenzie (Mak) have been friends since pre-school. They are on summer vacation from college and are going out to get coffee like they do every morning and to their surprise they see 5 guys that look very familure to them but cant put names with the faces. What happens when they meet in a coffee shop will fate fine love or will hearts get broken?


17. Leave or Stay?

Mak P.O.V.

 "WAKE UP FAT ASS!" I heard being yelled at me while i was getting shoved around. " Leave me the fuck alone." I said grumply back. " No get up its almost 1 pm. We are all going to go to the mall. Zayn and Katie invited us to us to a friend of Katie's party." She said while jumping on my bed. " If you dont stop jumping on my bed im going to kill you." She just laughed and keept jumping. i stood up like i was going to jump with her, but instead i just tackled her and we both fell off the bed laughing at each other. I guess we made a loud noise when we hit the ground, cause all of the boys came running in. " What happened? Are you okay?" Harry said. We were laughing to hard to say anything. Louis helped me up and Niall helped Nessa up. " Okay since we now know that your both okay, can we know what happened?" Liam said. " This fat heffer wouldnt wake up so i jumped on her bed until she woke up. Then she tackled me." Nessa said. " Well, i told you to get down or i was going to kill you." We all laughed a little bit. " Okay well im glad your both okay. But we need to go get you girls dresses for the party." Louis said while laying down on my bed. So Nessa wasnt kidding about the party. " What kind of party?" i asked while brushing my long black hair. " A fun one. Like last year when Louis was drunk and then he..." Harry satarted to say until Louis got up and pushed him out of the room and slammed the door shut. " What did you do?" I asked while looking at Nessa. " I rather not talk about it.' He said. We all just nodded. " Im hungry." Both me and Niall said at the same time. We just looked at each other and laughed. " Are you guys sure your not related? Cause your both blonde." Liam said. " ARE NOT. WERE BRUNETTE!" We yelled together again. We all just laughed and went downstairs to get Harry. " Lets go to IHop." Liam said. Me and Niall just cheered all the way to the van. We took the van so we could all be thogther.


The whole time we were at ihop, Nessa didnt say very much. Occasionally she would say a few words but thats it. I could tell something was wrong. So i decided to text her, but not make it obious that we were texting each other. m:me n:nessa

m- whats wrong?

n- nothing

m- no something is wrong you barely said anything the whole morning.

n- okay fine. we have to go back to college

m- what! why?

n- because we applied for 4 years remember and this is our last and finall year.

m- oh yeah. well when and how are we going to tell the boys?


m- me either

"Hey you okay?" Louis whispered in my ear. i looked over to Nessa and Niall and saw that they were talking very quietly. "Yeah why wouldnt i be?" i said looking at Louis. " Well neither you or Nessa were talking very much. You were just texting each other." How did he know we were texting each other? " Every time you put your phone down she picked her up and then opposite and it keept going. That how i know" Its alomost like he read my mind. " I'll tell you when were alone. Okay?" He nodded and then placed his hand on my knee and kissed me gently and lightly on the cheek. I guess they boys saw it because they started 'ooohhh'-ing and yelling things like " Oh get some!" I could feel my cheeks burn up like lava and turn a dark shade of red. I looked at Lou and his were red too, but not as red as mine. " Oh shut up." Louis said to them then we all laughed and paid the bill. Me and Nessa tried to pay for our own food but they didnt let us. Like Nessa handed Niall money, but he took it and put it in her shirt. We all laughed and left to go to the mall. The boys put on sunglasses and put on their hoods on their jackets.

 We get to the mall and we all go to a store that i can pronounce the name to, but it looks to be very fancy. The first dress that Louis picked out for mr was absolutly gerorgeous.

." Try this one." He said handing me the dress. i nodded and walked with the other girls. All of the boys picked out the first dresses that we tried on.

                                              louis pick for mak

                                                  Niall pick for nessa

                                                    zayns pick for katie

                                                          josh pick for aleisha

                                                        Harrys pick for Electra

                                                  Liam pick for Morgan

We all walked out of the dressing room at the same time, and all of the boys were talking to each other laughing and having fun until we came out. They all staired at us without saying anything. All of us girls looked at each other until Katie sopke up, " You know its not polite to stare." Us girls just kid of chuckled. It looked like they all came out of their thoughts cause they shook their head a little bit and blinked a lot and scratched the back of their necks. " You all look stunning." Harry said. " Thanks. I dont think we need to look around anymore. I think we all satisfied with what we have." I said speaking for all of us. The boys look relieved that they werent going to be here all day shopping for dresses and shoes. " Good. Lets go pay. Then get some food." Niall said. i nodded my head in agreement. " Im going to laugh when you both get fat." Zayn said. With that being said we all headed back to the dressing rooms and changed back into our original clothes. I walked out of the dressing rooms to see Louis talking to the man at the register. I handed the man my dress and went to grab my card to pay for it when Louis took both of my hands and held them with one of his. I was getting mad that he wouldnt let me pay for my OWN dress. He turned to me and said " Your so cute when your mad." Then he kissed the tip my my nose. " Here you go sir. Have a nice day." The man said to Louis.We nodded and walked out of the store to see everyone else out there laughing and having fun. All of the boys were carring the dresses. " Awwe you all look so manly carrying dresses." I said. " Its because were sexy like that." Zayn said. We all laughed. " Now about the food." I said while holding my stomach. Louis was not holding me from behind with his hands holding around my stomch and my back against his chest. " Were do you put it all?" Electra asked me as a joke. " I dont know ask my stomach." Just as i said that my stomach growled. We all laughed and then walked back out to the van to put our dresses in. Then we walked to Olive Garden. We were all holding hands. (not everyon togther but like the couples were) And once again, it has been a perfect day. I got to spend it with my wonderful boyfriend and my best friends.



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