Falling Deeper

Vanessa (Nessa) and Makenzie (Mak) have been friends since pre-school. They are on summer vacation from college and are going out to get coffee like they do every morning and to their surprise they see 5 guys that look very familure to them but cant put names with the faces. What happens when they meet in a coffee shop will fate fine love or will hearts get broken?


10. I'm so sorry.

Louis P.O.V.

I left the house and went straight to the gym to find Mak. That's the first place that she ever goes when she's mad. I get to the gym and I saw Jett her trainer. " Hey Louis its good your here. You need go and try to calm her down. She has never been this mad about anything. Whens she first came in she was crying, but then she put her headphones in and went straight to the bags." I nodded and walked over to where she was about to kill the bag. I tapped her on the shoulder " WHAT!?" She looked pissed until she saw it was me. "Im sorry I just needed to get out of the house and get some anger out before I took it out on Zayn." She had a mix of emotions on her face. It was a mix of anger, confusion, hurt, and sadness. " What did Zayn do?" She started tearing up and she swallowed hard and her tears slowly went away and anger filled her face again. She went back to punching the bag, but I put my hand on her shoulder not stopping her but she slowly stopped. She spun around and started crying, so I wrapped her in my arms and let her cry on my shoulder. She cried for about 3-4 minutes straight. I started to sing her favorite song, but its also my favorite song as well ' hey there Delilah'. I sang it like I couldn't sing, so it sounded bad. But I knew it would cheer her up. I was about half way through the song and I could feel her chuckle against my chest. " You suck Tommo." She said chuckling. " Only if you say so." I cupped her face with my hands and wiped her tears away with my thumbs. " Now. What did Zayn do?" She looked me straight in the eye and simply said " He's cheating." "With who?" " I dont know some girl named Perrie. He said he loved her but he also loved Nessa." I shook my head in disbelief. I know Zayn, and I never would have thought he would do that to someone especially a girl. If anyone would have done it I would have thought it would be Harry. Not hatting on him but that's just what I think. " Have you told her yet?" I asked her now sitting on the ground. " No but I dont want her getting hurt." She said leaning her head on my shoulder. " I know I dont either. Why dont we go back to the house and we can all plan a camping trip or something." She nodded and we got up and went back to the house.

Mak P.O.V.

Uggghhh Im so pissed at him. We get back to the house everyone was in the living room watching Toy Story, which Im guessing Liam picked. The only other spot was either next to Zayn or in Nessa's lap, which was next to Zayn. I decided to just sit next to Zayn. " Hey. Are you okay?" He whispered to me. I just ignored him and went on instagram. He sighed and got up and left the room. Louis was watching us as Zayn left, he got up and walked over to me. He motioned me to stand up and sit on his lap, so I did and I laid my head on his shoulder. " Do you want me to go talk to him for you?" He whispered in my ear. I nodded my head. He patted my bum, which told me to stand up. I did and he walked away to wherever Zayn left to. I just sighed and lied my head back on the back of the couch. I suddenly felt the spot next to me. I looked over to see Liam sitting next to me. He looked like he knew something. " Liam. What do you know that I dont?" He took a deep breath in and said, " I know where the two are going. Tonight." I looked at him confused. " Who is going where?" He took another deep breath.  "Zayn and Perrie." " Really? I have a plan to get Nessa to find out that he is cheating on her. But if I try to tell her she would just say he wasn't like that and would get mad me for saying something like that and would say Im lying and all that." "okay so what's the plan?" he said. "We tell Nessa to go to wherever they are having their date at. Then she will see them and then come back and then you can take her out to try and get her mind off of him. Then you two should be together. So in a way it helps you too." He just smiled and nodded.

Nessa P.O.V.

" Wait why cant you get your own coffee again?" I asked Mak. " Because I dont feel very well and dont feel like going out." She said. " Okay fine. Does anyone want anything else?" They all shook their heads and I walked out to my car and left for Duncan Donuts. When I got there I saw what  I thought was Zayn's car but I said ' No he is out with his mom'. I put that thought aside and went to get me and Mak's coffee. I order my coffee and I wait for not even 2 minutes. After about 2 minutes my coffee is ready. "Here you go ma'am." They gentleman who make my coffee said to me. " Thank y..." I started saying but was distracted by something in the corner of my eye." Umm... Are you okay ma'am?" The gentleman said. I looked over to my right ignoring the mans question. When I looked over I saw Zayn sitting with some other girl holding her hand. "Umm.. Yeah sorry. Im fine. Thanks for asking." My eyes were filling with tears by now. I quickly walked back to my car and drove home. I got to the house and ran inside. I was balling my eyes out now. I put the coffee on the table and ran up to my room and slammed my door shut. I jumped face first onto my bed and just cried my eyes out. After about a minute of crying I heard a knock on my door. " Nessa can I come in?" It was Mak. I didn't say anything but she came in anyway. " Are you okay?" I sat up and put my back in the head board of my bed. She came over and sat next to me and put her arms around me. I put my head on her shoulder. " Hey. It always gets better." She was now playing with my hair. "Hey. Do you remember when we use to make IMs about One Direction?" I just laughed and wiped some tears away. "'FPWOD' Do you remember what that means?" She asked me and I just chuckled again and said, "Fuck party with One Direction." We both just laughed. Then we heard a knock at the door and the door opening. "I hear laughing. Someone must be doing some what better." We both just nodded our heads. "Well I'll leave you two to talk." Mak said getting up and leaving the room. " What does she mean 'talk'?" I asked Liam. " Oh I was wanting to know if you wanted to have a me and you day to get your mind off things. Want to do it tomorrow?" He asked making a puppy dog face. "Awwe well how can I resist that face." He just smiled and nodded. Then he walked away. Then Niall came in. Ever since me and Zayn started going out me and Niall have been really close friends. Like we told each other everything, like out secrets and what our past has included. He came over and sat next to me like Mak did and like I did to her, I laid my head on his shoulder and he wrapped his arms around me. It was weird because whenever Zayn did this to me I didn't feel anything special, but when Niall ever did it it sent chills down my spine. It was really weird because I couldn't have feelings for him. I mean were best friends.

You cant have feelings for your best friends. Or can you? Im confused.

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