Falling Deeper

Vanessa (Nessa) and Makenzie (Mak) have been friends since pre-school. They are on summer vacation from college and are going out to get coffee like they do every morning and to their surprise they see 5 guys that look very familure to them but cant put names with the faces. What happens when they meet in a coffee shop will fate fine love or will hearts get broken?


5. Fight Time!

Makenzie P.O.V.

It was only 3 hours before me and Nessa had to be at the fight house. Jett told us both to get our heads and focus on our fights. So we put our headphones in and turned them up loud so we couldn't hear anything outside of our heads. We had told all of the boys about our headphones and stuff. " Hey when we get there just tell the guy at the front that you guys are here with us and they will lead you to your seats they are front row." I told them all while we were in the car. We got to the arena and it was 5:50 pm And we meet Jett and Jake in the middle of the octagon to warm up and do stretches. Jett had me on the bag again and Jake had Nessa throwing punches at him. We were both pumped and ready to do this. It was time for Nessa to do her first fight. When she got out there, her opponent was a class under her so for her it should be easy. in the matter of minutes her lip was bleeding her nose was bleeding and she broke her nose. so she won the fight. Now it was my turn. I walked into the ring and saw this chick in it. She was fu****g huge. She could pass as a man if she wanted to. Im going to be honest I was terrified but with everyone watching I couldn't show my fear. we walked into the middle of the ring and bumped hands and began the fight. We were both dogging each others punches until I got her pinned up in the corner. Of course my clumsy self slipped and she took lead and flipped us so I was pinned. She got about 3 punches to my face, but then I saw a person I never wanted to see ever again in my entire life. My biological father. I had so much anger build up in my body. Im pretty sure Louis could tell I was pissed cause she yelled "USE IT ALL!" Its almost like he read my mind. With all of my anger I took one last punch from the beast then I ducked the last one and just went whacko on her ass. I spun her around took her head and bent it down for it to meet my knee. She was knocked out. I was proud of myself. That's when I noticed the pain I was having in my nose. It was gushing out blood and they congratulated me for winning the fight and I ran backstage for the paramedics to stop my nose from bleeding. " It looks like it broken. Would you like to do your last fight now or call it a night?" Jett asked me. " Im not a quitter Jett. Now I'll let you answer that for yourself." I told him a little harsher than it was suppose to come out. I think he could tell I was still pissed and scared. He bent down in front of where I was sitting. " Mak? What's wrong you won against the bitch that everyone thought was going to beat your ass. You should be proud." He said staring right into my eyes. "Nessa was right there is red in your eyes. There is a ring around your eye. Are you okay? Mak you know you can tell me anything. What is it?" I just looked him dead in the eye and said "He's here." I could tell he was pissed just as much as I was. It was not about 10 pm and I had just won my last fight. Nessa won her last one as well. I still remain the champion for 3 years now. We got back in the car and Liam was sitting in front of me and asked me " How the hell did you get that much energy to just turn around and take 5 seconds to knock that bitch out? I mean you were rapidly taking hits from her to the face then all of a sudden you get pissed. How?" Now everyone was looking at me waiting for my answer. I simply just said " I saw him there." I could tell everyone was confused except Nessa and Louis.


Louis P.O.V.

That bitch really has the nerve to come around after what he had done to her. If I ever saw him I think I would kill him. My thoughts were interrupted by a beautiful girl voice saying "How do you know?" I looked at her confused "Know about what?" I asked taking a step closer to her "About my dad. And why I got so angry when I saw him."  "Jett told me when we went with you girls the first time. I asked him why you didn't talk much and he told me about that and also told me about your fight when you were 14." I said and then grabbed her and pulling her closer to me. "oh." Was all she said and looked at the ground. I lifted her chin to make her look at me in the eyes. Her eyes were so confusing. They looked sad, happy, and mad. She was  difficult to read. So I just leaned into her and gently put my lips on hers. I could feel her kiss me back which made me only want to deepen the kiss more and more. Then I grazed my tongue  across her bottom lip. I could feel her mouth open a little telling me that it was okay to enter so I took my opportunity, and I played with her tongue and teasing it. I slowly walked her over to the bed not separating our lips. And I lied her down and I was now hovering over her. She had her fingers running and pulling at my hair. Which to me was a complete turn on. She suddenly with no warning flipped us over so she was now straddling my waist. she started running her hand down my stomach to the end of my shirt. She slid her hands under my shirt slowly pulling it up once it got to my chest she stopped moving my shirt and started kissing down my jaw line. When she got to the spot right under my ear I couldn't stop the soft moan that came out of my mouth. She has been the only person in the whole world to find my sweet spot. When I let out my moan I could feel her chuckle on my neck. We were once again interrupted my someone knocking on the door. " Hey, I need to talk to Mak for a few minutes." It was Nessa. I got up and left the room leaving them alone to talk.

Nessa P.O.V.

" How did he fine you?" I asked her. she just shrugged her shoulders. " What if he comes after me for running away from them?" She asked with a lot of worry in her voice and a worried look. "He wont and if he does you have me and 5 boys who love you some more than others. and I will protect my sister with everything that I've got and I know Louis will protect you no matter what happens."

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