Falling Deeper

Vanessa (Nessa) and Makenzie (Mak) have been friends since pre-school. They are on summer vacation from college and are going out to get coffee like they do every morning and to their surprise they see 5 guys that look very familure to them but cant put names with the faces. What happens when they meet in a coffee shop will fate fine love or will hearts get broken?


18. Dress fancy

Mak P.O.V.

" Omg we all look very pretty" Electra said. We all nodded. Us girls all got ready together. Doing each others hair and make-up. " Ready to knock them out?" Morgan said. We all laughed and walked down the stairs. When we got down them we walked over to the boys. They all just staired at us with mouths wide open. " You picked the dresses out remember?" I said to them. " Yeah but we just cant get use to them being on you." Niall said while blushing. " Awee thanks babe." Nessa said while kissing his cheek. " So are we ready to go?" I asked not being able to stand long. They mumbled 'yes' and we all headed to the limo. Oh yeah i forget to tell you that Zayn rented us all a limo for the party. How sweet of him.

___________________skip car ride______________________________________________

We get to the house where the party is and it is HUGE. You can hear the loud music from outside of the house. You could tell that there were a lot of people already inside. " You want a drink?" Lou asked me as soon as we got inside. i nodded and he led me to a room with A LOT of drinks. The first drink he gave me was like a purple-ish color. Which made me afraid to drink it. " Umm, Lou. What is this?" I asked him while looking at the drink. " I dont know but its good." He said. I took a sip of my drink and found out that it was very good. One of the best that i have ever had. In the matter of seconds i was finished with my first drink. I motioned Louis to hand me another and he did. I chugged that one down to. And im not sure if its because i chugged them both down or if its because i havnt drank in about 3 months, but whatever it is i was feeling it go through out my whole body. i went to go grab another when i heard Lou say something. " I think you should slow down on the drinks. This one is very strong." " Just one more please?" I begged him to let me have another. He let me have another. Thank God. Because these bitches are good. i chugged that one down too. When i finished it, i threw the cup on the table and gave Lou the biggest hug ever. Im not sure why but i think it was the alchaol talking. But i didnt really care. " Hey lets go dance." I whispered in his ear. BY this time Lous has had about 2 drinks. I didnt wait for an answer i just grabbed his hand and drug him to the 'dance floor' where everyone else was dancing. I drug him to the middle and started 'dirty dancing'. He had his hands on my hips and was swaying  with my movements. I looked around to see who all was dancing and i saw Harry and Electra in the corner making out, Liam and Morgan were danicing but not really dirty, Zayn and Katie were drinking, Nessa and Niall were making out as well, and I didnt see Josh or Aleisha. I was pulled out of my thoughts by Louis kissing my neck. Leaving wet kisses on it. I just giggleed and tilted my head to the side so he had more room. " Want more to drink?" I asked him. He nodded and pulled me into the room with the drinks. We were in there for about an hour just trying all of the different drinks. They were all good. By this time me and Lou were completly shit faced. I thought about not being able to remember anything in the morning so i took out my phone and took drinks of everything. Us drinking, kissing laughing,selfies with random people and just anything that we thought was funny. I remember going outside but i dont remember why but i just remember taking a picutre of what was going on then going back inside. We were back in the room drinking , again, when i saw Harry and Electra walk in. " Hey! Can you take a picture of us?" I asked Harry. He took my phone and steped back so we were both in the picture. " Okay first silly faces." I told Lou. He did his normal silly face and i did my normal silly face. " Okay now lets do one where were kissing." I told him " ohhh I like that idea." He said while biting his lip. (remember they are both completly gone.) We did one where we kissed and then Harry spoke up. "Okay its almost 3 am. Lets go home." We nodded and followed them to the limo. When we got in the limo we saw everyone else was already in and talking and having fun.  Once we all got in and strted to drive i heard Nessa's voice. " So... where did you find them?" She was asking Harry. " You were right they were in the room with ALL of the drinks. i just couldnt see Mak as a big drinker but now i can." He laughed a little bit. I wasnt feeling so good, so i laid down on the floor of the limo. As soon as i laid down and got comfortable i looked back at Lou, had his head on Harry's shoulder passed out. I then put my head back down and was out myself. And that all i remember from the night.

Lou P.O.V.

i woke up to a massive headache. I looked over in the bed and saw Mak passed out, still in her dress and her make-up was smeared, but she still looked as beautiful as ever. I went to sit up thinking i didnt drink as much as i did. As soon as i sat up i immedently felt sick. I got up and ran to the bathroom and i made it just in time. I havnt been this hungover in a LONG time. Its been a few years. I was in the bathroom for about 5 minutes just puking. Finally it stopped, but i still had the headache to deal with. i got up and walked back to my room when i ran into liam with a water and some pills. " Hey Lou. Take these." He said quietly knowing how big of a headache i had. I took the pill and swallowed them down with the water. " So uh what really happened last night?" I asked him hoping he could tell me. " I dont knoe mate, you were with Mak in the drink room the whole time." i nodded and remembered Mak was still in the bed." She is going to have the worst hangover ever." He said. " Yeah i know how she feels." i laughed a little bit. " is there any breakfast?" I asked him hearing my stomach. " Yeah." he said and we went downstairs to eat. I finished my first pancake and i heard foot steps as if someone was running. " I think Mak is awake." Niall joked. i got up and got her some medicnt and water like Liam did for me and took it up to her. I saw the bathroom door closed and knocked on it quietly. " Hey it me. Can i come in?" I heard her quietly say 'yeah' so i walked in and closed the door. i saw her sittin by the toilet. i felt bad for her. i got a rag and put cold water over it and put it on her neck and handed her the medicne and water. "Thanks." she said quietly. I sat by her and rubbed her back,letting her know that i cared for her. " How you feeling?" She chuckled lightly " Just dont let me drink that much anymore. Okay?" I laughed and nodded and said, " Okay. i promise." "is their food? im hungry." I laughed knowing she was back to herself. i stood up and held out my hand for her to take. Once she stood up i picked her up and sat her on the counter and bent down infront of her so she could jump on my back so i could giver her a piggyback ride. Once she was on my back i took her to the room and gave her a pair of my sweatpants and a sweater for her to wear. " You know i have my own clothes here." She said while i was putting her on the bed. " I know but you look cute in my clothes." She just chuckled and changed onto the clothes i gave her. When she was done changing i out her on my back again and carried her down stairs and  then i got her a plate full of pancakes. Then i sat down in my chair i was originally sitting in and put her on my lap. We were all laughing and joking around. " So wait what exactly did we do last night? Since we were the only shit faced ones what did we do?" She asked. " Well Niall was out of it and so was Josh. And you were taking pictures of everything on your phone." Aleisha said. She ran up stairs and was up there for a few minutes. " OH MY GOD! JOSH WAS REALLY OUT OF IT!!!!!!" She yelled from the room. She came running down the stairs laughing her ass off. " What did I do?" Josh said while running over to the phone. Mak is still laughing but manages to say, " I didn't know you were Miley Cyrus. Look." She showed us the video of Josh swinging on a tire swing singing 'Wrecking Balls'. But the funniest part was he was naked. Which was a little bit more than I wanted to ever see of him, but it was funny as hell. Some guys got towels and wrapped them around him and helped him change back into his clothes. We scrolled through more of the pictures that me and Mak took, and the were the most randomest things you will ever see. But some were of us laughing and kissing. It actually looked like we were having a blast. I dont think I have ever had that  much fun. " Can we go to the gym today?" Liam asked. We all nodded and headed up stairs to get changed. Mak and the rest of the girls wore just their sports bras and spandex shorts, and me and the boys wore our basketball shorts and a shirt but we usually take our shirts off when we get there.

We get to the gym and when we walk in I see my worst nightmare. Eleanor. Why the hell is she here? I broke up with her before I met Mak. This should be interesting. I saw Mak walk off with Jett and so I went to go put my stuff in the locker. "Louis. This is weird that we go to the same  gym now." She said. " Why are you here anyway?" I asked her. " I do boxing now." Whatever. I thought. "So is that the whore your dating now?" She asked motioning towards Mak who was in the ring doing warm ups with Jett. " Shes not a whore and yes I am." "Im going to introduce myself to her." She said with that evil smile of hers.

Mak P.O.V.

I see Lou talking to some girl. He looked very annoyed at her. Then I see her walking towards me. " Come here slut!" She yelled. What the fuck? Who the hell does she think shes talking to. I walk to the edge of the ring. " Who are you? And im not a slut." " Your right your not a slut. Your a whore." She said with a smirk on her face. I couldn't hold my anger in anymore. I slammed open the door to the octagon and walked fast over to her and got right in her face. " You wanna say that a little bit louder." I said getting right in her face. " I said your not a slut your a WHORE!" She yelled the last part so everyone could hear. I lost it.  I sucker punched her in her face and she fell to the ground. I got on top of her and started throwing random punches at towards her face. Then I feel myself being lifted off of her by a few strong arms. Almost like it was more than one person. I saw Niall and Nessa pull Eleanor off the ground. " Let me go!" I said trying my best to get out of the peoples grip. But I wasn't budging. "No Mak stop! Shes not worth it!" I heard Harry say. "Yeah just drop it! Shes just jealous that Lou dumped her!" Liam said. " I dont even know how she found me." Louis said. I didn't know where Zayn was. " Your such a bitch!" She yelled to me. "It takes one to know one!" I fired back at her. "ENOUGH! YOU GET OUT!" Jett yelled and made Eleanor get out. "Mak ring now!" He harshly said. I walked over to the middle of the ring and started to wrap my knuckles, but Jett told me that I wasn't going to need it. " Come here into the light and let me see your eyes." I obeyed him and walked closer to him. " Nessa come here and look." He said and she walked in and looked at my eyes. " What color do you say they are?" He said and she walked closer to me examining my eyes. " Like a grey. They have never been this color. What does it mean?" What are they talking about. My eyes have never been grey. "What are you talking about?" I asked but they just ignored me. Then he whispered something in her ear and she nodded and she walked out of the ring and stood by Lou. "Here listen to Demons and Sail over and over again. Got it?" He told me harshly and I laid now on my stomach and out my head on my arms. And I was quickly in a deep sleep.

Nessa P.O.V.

I went and stood by Louis. I couldn't help but think about why her eyes could be a grey-ish color. They have never been that. It was very strange. "Why does she have to lay down and listen to music?" I heard Louis ask me. "Your a lucky guy Lou. You know that?" I asked him while Staring at Mak. " Why do you say that?" He said not taking his eyes off of her. " She truly loves you and will do ANYTHING for you. Just like now." He had a curious look on his face. " I could tell by her eyes. Do you know what color  they were just now?" He shook his head. "Grey-ish." " What does that mean?" I started tearing up, "She is very protective of things that she loves and cares about. Lou. She is IN LOVE  with you." I felt a tear run down my face. I quickly wiped it away. " Im sorry I must look like an idiot for crying." He shook his head. " No you dont. But why are you crying?" I shrugged my shoulders. " I dont know. You are the first person who actually cares about her besides me Jett and Jake. She told me after Rian hurt her, she told me that she would never fall in love again. But now she has. And Im actually really you both had to pee at the same time." We both laughed. " You guys ready to go home?" Zayn asked us. We nodded and looked over to Mak. " She's sleeping. That's great." I said." How do you know shes asleep?" Liam asked. " Her lip twitches when she sleeps." We all looked at her and saw her lip twitching. Then Louis walked over to her and picked her up and carried her out to the car.

Louis P.O.V.

We all saw her lip twitching and I walked over and picked her up. She fit perfectly into my chest. I took her headphones out and turned the music off and handed Jett his phone back. I got to the car and got in and sat in the back seat of the van and put her on my lap and held onto her waist. She was so cute when she sleeps. All of the boys and their girlfriends were cuddled up in the seats. It almost seems to good to be true. Almost like a dream. But it was reality and I was thankful that I had to pee in the coffee shop and was addicted to my phone. I was starting to get tired but before I fell asleep, I took a picture of us. I was kissing her cheek and she was asleep still. I put it on Twitter and Instagram. In the caption I put 'Who falls asleep at a gym? Oh yeah only a  angle could. Love you babe.' Then I tagged all of us in it and posted it. By the time I got it posted we were home and we all went inside and watched a movie. But knowing us we all fell asleep. There were 12 people on 3 couches. Dont ask me how we did it cause they were small couches. But it felt right, with Mak in my arms and being with my best mates and their girlfriends. I couldn't ask for anything better than this.

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