Falling Deeper

Vanessa (Nessa) and Makenzie (Mak) have been friends since pre-school. They are on summer vacation from college and are going out to get coffee like they do every morning and to their surprise they see 5 guys that look very familure to them but cant put names with the faces. What happens when they meet in a coffee shop will fate fine love or will hearts get broken?


6. Dont let him harm me

this is Makenzie's outfit for the day

Louis P.O.V.

We were all sitting in the living room of my house. " Hey do you guys want to go shopping or something?" I suggested. They all shrugged their shoulders and nodded. "Okay good, cause I was getting bored just sitting here doing nothing." I admitted. We were all already dressed.  we took 2 cars, mine and Harry's Range Rover. In my car was me driving, Mak in passenger seat, Zayn and Nessa. In Harry's was Harry driving Niall in passenger seat in the back seats were Liam and Ed. We all went to Nandos first to eat since none of us had eaten yet.

Harry P.O.V.

The car ride to Nandos was pretty quiet until Ed broke the silence. " So. Who are the two girls that are with Lou and Zayn?" "Oh those are Zayn's girlfriend and Im not sure if Lou has asked Mak yet." Niall explained to Ed. "Oh. Well tonight I say we all go out to a night club. What do you guys say?" We all just nodded our heads. Then once again the rest of the ride was quiet with exception of the quiet music playing.

Nessa P.O.V.

this is Nessa'a outfit for the day

Our car ride to Nandos was crazy. Mak and Louis don't need to ride together anymore. They are crazy together. But this was the most I have ever heard Mak laugh and talk at one time. I was really happy for her. She needs this. She was getting almost a little to quiet for me. Her and Louis keep replaying 'Hey there Deliah' by ' Plain White T's'. They say the whole song together. It was kind of cute cause it was both of their favorite song. Then Louis keep tickling Mak making her scream and laugh then she would take her gum out of her mouth and secretly stick it to his chin as if he had a gotee. Me and  Zayn are just sitting in the back seat cracking up laughing at the two little kids. And one of them is driving us. Which is a little scary considering they were playing as if they were on a playing ground by themselves only. " Hey we should all go to a night club tonight." Zayn said after the kids settled down a little bit. We all nodded in agreement. We got to Nandos and got a table and sat down at it. " So we were talking in the car on the way here and we thought that we should all go to a night club together. What do you guys say?" Ed said as we sat down. We all nodded out heads in agreement again.


Mak P.O.V.


this is Mak's dress for the club.

We got back home is was now about 8 pm and we were getting ready for out night out at the club. I got a quick shower then dried my hair and curled my long brown hair. I did a smoky eye for my make up and some lip gloss. I grabbed my dress out of the closet and my black heels and out them on. I waited for Nessa to finish getting ready. When she finally came out of the bathroom all dressed and ready to go.

this is Nessa'a dress for the club.

Hey long blond hair was curled like mine but her bangs were pinned up in the middle of her head and they made a little bump. Like me she did a smoky eye and some lip gloss. Her dress was beautiful on her. It was a beautiful blue with one long sleeve and it was lace. She also had on black heels. "Ready to go Mak?" She asked me while she was on her phone. I nodded and we walked downstairs to find all of the boys sitting in the living room until Liam, (who was the only one sitting where he could see us with out turning all he had to do was look up,) looked up at us and his mouth dropped open. I guess it didn't pass through the other boys heads that he was staring at us cause Louis said " Mate your going to catch flies. And what..." He stopped looking when he turned his head to see us walking down the stairs. "Ready to go?" I asked them they were all looking now. They didn't say anything a fist. So I added "What are you guys staring at us like that for?" They all just kind of blinked as if they were coming back to reality. I guessed that cause Niall said "Did you say something?" I just chuckled and shook my head. When we were heading out the door Louis grabbed my hand making me stop dead in my tracks he pulled me to the side and yelled " I think I forgot something. I'll be out in a minute." The other boys and Nessa keep walking to the car. Louis now was shutting the door. " Why are we not going out?" I asked with a lot of confusion. I was thinking a lot of things when they were interrupted by a pair of sweet tasting soft lips were pressed to mine. I kissed him back. But when I did he pulled back. I was confused, until Louis spoke " Im tired of not being able to call you mine. Will you please be my superwoman?" I didn't know what to say. So I didn't say anything I just nodded and smiled big at him. We kissed once more until Louis opened the door so we could walk out.


It was about an hour later and we had been at the club for no more than 30 minutes and Vanessa and Zayn and Niall and Harry were all drunk as hell. It was only me Louis and Liam who weren't the ones drinking. Mak came and sat down by me. She was worn out. Her and Zayn have been dancing together for a solid 20 minutes. When she sat down by me she put her head on my lap. " Im so tired." She said mumbling. " Would you like me to call you a cab?" Liam asked being the gentleman he is. She nodded and he walked outside getting away from all of the loud music and called her a cab. When he came back inside he told her to go outside with him and he would help take her home. He got in the cab with her and helped her home. Now it was just me and Louis at the table now. " Do you want something to drink. Like a water or something?" Louis asked me "No thanks Im good." I said and he nodded " Im going to go get and water ill be right back." He said getting up I nodded. He had just gotten to the bar when a man sat down in front of me. "Hello Love. Long time no see. Don't say anything just listen to me. If you don't come with me now I wont hurt your friends but if you refuse to, your little friends, will suffer for you." His deep raspy voice made me shiver. I knew exactly who it was. I started to open  my mouth to call for help when his 'guys' put duck tape over my mouth hands and feet. Then they picked me up and took me out the back doorway and threw me into a van.

Louis P.O.V.

I got my water and headed over to the table where I had left Mak sitting. I looked at the table and saw no Mak. Mak's purse, but  no Mak. I was running all over the club to see if I could find her, she was nowhere in sight. I got all of the boys together to go home. When I got to the car I put them all in and got in the driver seat. I called Liam and told him to sober Nessa up and to stay at the house. We got to the house and all the boys were now very sober and I told them the whole story about how Mak had disappeared and she left her purse. We all walked inside and I had a tear fall down my cheek, and Im guessing Liam saw it because he pulled my into the kitchen. "Lou why are you crying?" He asked with concern in his voice and face." She's gone. That bitch took her. She's gone Liam. We have to find her." I said with tears now flowing down my face. "Wait. What?! Who's gone?" "Mak."

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