Falling Deeper

Vanessa (Nessa) and Makenzie (Mak) have been friends since pre-school. They are on summer vacation from college and are going out to get coffee like they do every morning and to their surprise they see 5 guys that look very familure to them but cant put names with the faces. What happens when they meet in a coffee shop will fate fine love or will hearts get broken?


30. Black haired blue eyed beauty

Mak's pov

I was with Lou in his room wrapped up in the duvet in my purple undies and sweeter and watching the Titanic talking to the T.V'' There is so much fucking room on the head board, and your just going to let him drowned? Shows how much you love him.'' Lou was busted out laughing,'' Babe its just a move.'' I rolled my eyes and lightly punched him in the shoulder. My phone started to plat ' talk dirty to me' Nessa's ringtone. I went across the room to the T.V stand and answered.


'' Hello?'', I asked.

'' Mak I need you'', she said and sounded like she was crying.



'' Ok where are you, and we can talk about what happened.'', I asked

'' Niall's front step'', she said


After those words I hung up and headed to Lou's closet, I pulled out a pair of jeans and pulled them up my legs. I pulled my hair in a messy bun and went to Lou,'' Hey can I borrow your car to go get Nessa?'', I asked.'' Ya.'' he said. I kissed him on the cheek and headed for the car.'' If you wreck my car I will kill you.'', He said,'' Ya ok.'', was my only response. I drove to Niall's flat to find Nessa crying on the front step.;'' What happened?'', I asked her.'' Niall got mad, and he thinks I don't trust him.'', She said.'' Well why is he mad?'', I asked.'' Cause I don't want to get  intimate with him  and he wants me to tell him why.'', she said.'' Well did you tell him about Pj?'', I asked.'' No I don't think im ready to go back to them memories.'', she said.'' Well don't you think he needs to know?'', I asked.'' Ya I guess, but I will give him a few days to cool down.'', she said. I nodded and we headed to Lou's flat.


Niall's Pov

I cant believe she doesn't trust me, I thought we could tell each other anything, but I guess not. I called up Luke and Ash,'' Hey'', I said through the line.'' Hey mate, what up?'', Ash said over the phone.'' I was wondering if you and Luke wanted to go out and have some fun?'', I asked.'' Sure but where?'', He asked.'' How about a club.?'', I said.'' Alright be there  at eight.'', He said. We said our good byes and hung up the phone. When eight came around I was ready and if I do say so myself I look good. When we got to the club there where some hot girls with dresses a little to short.'' Lets have some fun boys.'', I said. After a couple of drinks a tall brunet pulled me to the dance floor. She pushed her body to me and started grinding on me. She whispered things in my ear that I can't repeat and before I knew it we where at my front door. After I unlocked the door I told her to jump and she did wrapping her arms around me. I pushed her against the door and started to unzip her dress then froze to a voice,'' Am I interrupting anything?'' I dropped the brunet and turned around. There stood Vanessa with a angry look'' I was going to pour my heart out to you and here you are with a tramp because I was insecure about telling you something. You know what fuck you, I'm done I don't give a fuck anymore stay out of my life you dick.'', she said storming to the door.'' Vanessa wait I can explain.'', I said.'' Save it for someone who will actually listen.'', she shouted, and gave me the finger before getting into her car and speed off into the night.


Nessa's pov

 I got my gym bag and headed to the gym. I started with the punching bag then to the weights.'' Hottie lifting 150, how can that be?''. I looked up to see a tall black hair, blue eyed guy. I started to blush and im probably red as a tomato, How embarrassing right?'' Why is a pretty lady like yourself alone at a gym?'', He asked.'' Just trying to get out a little anger.'', I said.'' Well I'm Cam. What's your name?'', he asked.'' Vanessa.'', I said.'' Well Vanessa would you like to go out to dinner with me tomorrow night?'', He asked.'Should I go? What would Niall say? Wait I don't give a fuck', I thought to myself.'' Sur I would love that.', I said. A big smile crossed his face,'' Shall I have your number?'' I nodded and he gave me his phone as I gave him mine we put our numbers in and gave back each others phones.'' So I will pick you up at seven, and you van just text me the address'', he said I nodded and beaded for the exit.'' And by the way you look really cute in that blue work out getup.'', he said.'' Thanks I know I rock it.'', I said before leaving to my flat. When entered my flat I went to my voice mail machine'' You have five new messages'', the weird robotic voice said.'' First new message.''

''Nessa call me'', it was Niall.

'' I know your mad at me just talk to me.''

'' I know what I did was wrong and you probably hate me now and never want to talk to me but pleas don't do that.''


'' Alright I will let you sleep on it. I love you night.''

If he loved me he would of never done that, but he did so I don't really care no more. I  took a shower and crawled into bed, played on my phone till I got a text from Cam.


C: Hey it killed me not to text you so im doing it now.

N: So im irresistible?

C: Definitely.

N:So what's up?

C: Just laying in bed talking to you, What about you?

C: Well I will let you go so you can get your beauty sleep.

N: Alright see you tomorrow.

C: K night

N: Night.

The next morning with a big smile on my face cause I remembered that today I got a date with a black haired blue eyed guy. I checked my phone to see if I had any notifications from media sites, but when I checked I got a ' Good Morning beautiful' text from Cam. I smiled to my self and texted back the same thing, but put Handsome instead of beautiful. While I was waiting for a reply from Cam I went to the kitchen and made me a bowl of fruit. I troughed myself onto my bed and watche last nights episode's of 'Vampire Diaries' and 'Reign'. I was practically talking to myself about all of the surprising stuff that was happening. First it is sex visions between Eleana and Stephen or Francis is locking Marry in the top of the castle. between the show Cam and me have been texting about tonight. It feels so right but wrong at the same time. know I should of let Niall explain, But being in this position more than once I cant give no more second chances cause they prove me wrong and I feel stupid so I am moving on. I get dress and drive to Lou's flat and nock on the door. Lou answered and said she is upstairs sleeping but he let me in anyway to wake her up. I walked silently upstairs and had a running start and jumped on her.


 Mak's pov

I got woken up by lost of breath when Nessa jumped on me clearly trying to wake me up.'' Mak get up I have to tell you something'', she said.'' What is so important that you can't wait till I get up?'', I asked.'' Well I have a date tonight.'', she said. I shot right up,'' With who and where did you meet him?''.'' His name is Cam, at the gym last night.'', she said,'' You have to be fucking kidding me.'', I said.'' She shook her head and said,'' That's why I need you to help me get ready for tonight.'' OMG  what are we waiting onand what time is it?'', I asked.'' 2:00 in the noon now get your ars up and help me get ready.'', she said. Around three hours later Mak had me dolled up with a nice outfit (be able to see at the end if you are on the computer) My hair was in lose curls. I was surprised how they actually stayed. I heard commotion down stairs then a familiar voice that I use to love so much and might still do.


Niall's pov

'' Hey Lou where's Mak?'', I asked.'' Oh she is upstairs with Nessa doing something.'', he said.'' Wait Vanessa Is here?'', I asked. He nodded his head I headed for the stairs till I heard a nock at the door. I  went to the doors direction instead to see who was there. When I opened the door there was a guy a little bit taller than me with black hair and blue eyes with flowers in his hand.'' May I help you?''. I asked the guy giving him a weird look.'' Um ya is Vanessa here?'', he asked. I was about to answer till I heard Vanessa's voice sweetly say ''Cam''. I turned around to see Vanessa in a really nice outfit and her hair and makeup was beautiful. I felt my heart shatter a million pieces when Vanessa walk right past me like I was not even there and hug him right in front of me. She told Mak and the rest of the guys goodbye and left with him and without looking at me. I could feel myself brake down so I went to the guest room and let it all out.






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