The Bachelorette

When Delaney gets runner up on the popular TV show The Bachelor, the producers decide that she would be the perfect girl to be on The Bachelorette: Star Edition. So many handsome guys, how will she choose just one?


1. The Bachelor

    Sean stands at the front of the room and he is holding a single rose. I look over Catherine and I know that she doesn't have a chance against me. Sean has told me that I am the one many times since the show has started. We are all standing in an awkward silence as Sean thinks about his decision. I look up as I hear him say "The girl I choose is..." He is staring right at me and I practically walk up to the front. "Catherine." CATHERINE? Did he really just say Catherine? I can't believe my ears! I'm not only heartbroken, I am pissed off. All those lies and telling me he loved me. I just stormed out of the room and went to pack my bags.


    After I got everything packed, I walked out to the limo that was waiting for me. Sean tried to say some bullshit to me but I just slammed the door and told the driver to take me home. Once I got home, I just threw my bags on the floor and crawled into bed. I could worry about unpacking tomorrow.



The next day, I finally managed to make myself crawl out of bed to clean my house since I hadn't been there the past few weeks. As I was hanging up my clothes, I was thinking to myself how I would have to start all over in love. Suddenly I heard the familiar ringtone on my phone so I ran to answer it. The voice on the line said, "Hello, is this Delaney?" I said "Yes, who is this?" The voice replied, "This is Mark Smith, the producer for The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, and we thought that you would be perfect for our special edition of The Bachelorette airing in a month. Would you be interested?" I thought to myself, This is my chance to start over and truly find someone that loves me. I didn't even hesitate when I answered. "Yes of course!"

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