The Bachelorette

When Delaney gets runner up on the popular TV show The Bachelor, the producers decide that she would be the perfect girl to be on The Bachelorette: Star Edition. So many handsome guys, how will she choose just one?


4. Rules

 *Delaney's POV*

After I introduced myself to everyone, Mark took us to a big conference room to go over the rules.

We were all seated around a big round table and Mark was standing at the front of the room. He started reading off the rules from a paper. He said that we would be in the house for 10 weeks and I would eliminate one boy each week. We would go on single dates and sometimes group dates to get to know each other. When there were only 3 boys left then I could have overnight dates.

After the meeting, Mark told us that we weren't doing anything else for the day so we could just hangout. I went up to my room to put on a bikini so I could lay out by the pool. I settled on an electric blue bathing suit and threw on a sun hat and coverup. I grabbed a Cosmo and headed outside.

I guess I fell asleep because I was awakened by the feeling of someone staring at me. When I opened my eyes I saw a pair of feet standing in front of me. I looked up his legs and came to his abs where I was greeted by a butterfly tattoo, I immediately knew it was Harry.

He gave me a lopsided grin and asked if he could join me. Who was I to say no to Harry Styles? I nodded my head "yes" and patted the chair beside me.


*Harry's POV*

I was up in my room when I looked out my window and saw Delaney laying out by the pool. She has an incredibly toned body. My jaw practically hit the floor and I scrambled into my swimming trunks, I had to get down there before one of the other boys saw her. When I got there, I realized she was asleep so I just stood there waiting for her to wake up. I finally saw her eyes flutter open and she totally checked out my bod. I asked if I could join her and she agreed... I'm feeling a victory in my future.



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