The Bachelorette

When Delaney gets runner up on the popular TV show The Bachelor, the producers decide that she would be the perfect girl to be on The Bachelorette: Star Edition. So many handsome guys, how will she choose just one?


6. Jealousy

*Louis' POV*

On the first day, I thought that I had Delaney wrapped around my finger. She is a lot more difficult than I suspected. She seems to have an infatuation with Harry. All the girls always love him and I don't really understand why. I am far funnier than he is. I am just going to have to try harder to get her attention.


As I'm walking down the hall I hear the cutest little giggle and I know she's about to come around the corner. I wait for her and when she rounds the corner, I grab her and push her up against the wall. She squeals and I put my lips up to her ear and say, "I thought you liked me by the way you acted on that first day. Why are you spending so much time with Harry?" My hot breath on her neck gives her goosebumps. Her lips are parted and she is breathing quite rapidly. I take this moment to crash my lips on to hers, she returns the kiss. Hard. Her hands twist in my hair and mine slide down to her waist. All too soon the kiss is over and we pull away breathless. I want to be mysterious so I just walk away like nothing happened. I know that she will come back for more soon.

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