Styles' Daughter

Seth Styles, Harry Styles' daughter. Yes the Harry Styles from the once famous boyband One Direction. 15 years later and Harry's babygirl is now 16 and thinks she knows everything about love. When new boy Jake Malik moves to town, he is nothing but trouble. Seth finds herself falling for him though. Even worse, Harry and Zayn had a major fight before the band broke up and haven't spoken to each other since. Will Seth and Jake be able to overcome this and be together or will their relationship uncover secrets from the past and tear their families apart?


4. Dress Shopping

Seth's Pov

After breakfast my dad dropped me off at my friend Maggie's house. We were going on a shopping trip while my dad got our house ready for my party. Luckily Maggie has her license already so we don't have to have anyone drive us to the mall. On the way there, Maggie and I talked about a bunch of things. What we should where to the homecoming dance, cute boys who worked at Abercrombie, normal teenage girl stuff. When we got there, we immediately headed towards Forever 21, our favorite store, so we could get dresses for my party.

"Oh my Gosh Seth, this would look so cute on you!" Maggie yelled from across the store. She was holding up a purple, strapless, knee-high dress with sequins on the top half. It was beautiful.

"Maggie that's stunning!"

"Well don't just stand there, go try it on!" she yelled.

I went to try it on and it fit me perfectly. Maggie ended up getting the same exact dress but in blue. Can you say BFFWTAT (Best friends forever who twin and twerk). This party was going to be awesome!!!!!

Maggie and I left to go bck to her house and get ready. We each took showers and then did our hair and make up. I did my hair in a waterfall braid and then put on the dress. Maggie simply curled her hair and pinned it back. By the time we where done it was already 7:00 and the party started at 8.

"Ready to go chica?" Maggie asked me.

"Yeah let's go!"

When we got to the party, it was packed. Almost every kid from school was here. I saw my Uncle Niall, and immediately trapped him in a giant bear hug. I hadn't seen him in a while, he was busy traveling the world because his family lives in Ireland and some of his best mates live in Australia and the US. He's not really my Uncle, he's just a really close family friend, but I love him like an uncle.

"Uncle Niall I missed you so much!"

"I missed you too duck!"

Another nickname. You could say my family is big on nicknames.

"Did you come just for my birthday?" I asked.

"No, I came to see the Manchester United game. Yes I came just for your bloody birthday! I wouldn't miss it for the world!"

"Thanks Uncle Niall"

"Anytime duck!"

After that moment with Niall, I went and talked with some friends when all of a sudden, Benny, a super annoying guy that has had a major crush on me since kindergarten stopped me in my tracks. I sighed in annoyance. "What do you want Benny?"


"Very funny, where'd you get that, cheesy pick up lines."

"You know Styles, you're not very good with comebacks." he grinned cheekily at me.

"Well I don't need to be cause I'm done talking to you." With that I walked away and danced the rest of the night away with my friends.

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