Styles' Daughter

Seth Styles, Harry Styles' daughter. Yes the Harry Styles from the once famous boyband One Direction. 15 years later and Harry's babygirl is now 16 and thinks she knows everything about love. When new boy Jake Malik moves to town, he is nothing but trouble. Seth finds herself falling for him though. Even worse, Harry and Zayn had a major fight before the band broke up and haven't spoken to each other since. Will Seth and Jake be able to overcome this and be together or will their relationship uncover secrets from the past and tear their families apart?


3. Authors Note!!!


Hey Pickles, so I need some feedback on this story.

1. Should I continue or delete it

2. Do you guys like it

3. Should I make the chapters longer

This story is just beginning so there will be more characters and drama later in the next few chapters.

And follow me on twitter- @maddie14K2

And on instagram- @maddie14k

Thanks my pickles!!!

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