Styles' Daughter

Seth Styles, Harry Styles' daughter. Yes the Harry Styles from the once famous boyband One Direction. 15 years later and Harry's babygirl is now 16 and thinks she knows everything about love. When new boy Jake Malik moves to town, he is nothing but trouble. Seth finds herself falling for him though. Even worse, Harry and Zayn had a major fight before the band broke up and haven't spoken to each other since. Will Seth and Jake be able to overcome this and be together or will their relationship uncover secrets from the past and tear their families apart?


2. 15 Years Later

Harry's Pov

It's been 15 years since I got married and had my daughter, Seth. She was born 2 months after me and Emma's wedding. Emma died giving birth to Seth. Seth is just like Emma and everyday I have to face the fact that my wife is gone forever. I haven't been in love since. I don't plan on falling in love again either. One Direction is done and over with. I haven't spoken with any of the boys in 15 years. I haven't told Seth about my past either. I don't want her to know about it. Speaking of Seth she is turning 16 today. A big milestone for her and I. I don't want to lose Seth. I guess you could call me an overprotective father, but I'm just worried about her growing up and moving away and losing another woman in my life.

Seth's Pov

Hey, I'm Seth. Yeah, I know a boys name. I blame my parents or parent for that. My mother died giving birth to me. 15 years later and I'm now 16. Today's my birthday. It's super early too because whenever it's my birthday I get up super early cause me and my dad always go to the Pancake Diner in Los Angeles. We live in a small town about 10 minutes outside the city. I decided I better get dressed cause we are leaving soon. I get dressed in black skinny jeans and a t shirt, along with some red converse. I'm a simple girl. I walk downstairs to see my dad sitting in the living room watching the latest Packers game. I walk in the living room and sit down next to him.

"Happy Birthday cupcake!" Cupcake is his nickname for me. He's used it since I was 3 and made a huge mess out of some cupcakes.

"Thanks Dad! Can we go now?"

"Of course cupcake!" My dad smiles at me. "I can't believe my babygirl is already 16, woah time flies," my dad says. He grabs his keys and we get in the car and we were on our way to the Pancake Diner.

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