Win Me

My friend one a trip to stay with 1D.. I HATE THEM.. or do I? Can one of them break through my rough edges... maybe more then one....
You need to read to find out


2. Meeting them

"And here is your room" Simon said gesturing his hand to the huge door that was painted with gold, and a sort of beige.

I walked in, but tried to hide my amazement. "Meh" I said walking in, and looking around even more.

Simon didn't look any happier then I was to be here. "This isn't the first time you have done this is it?" I asked looking at him, and studying the expressions on his face. To be honest his face never really changed at all.

"Nope, every summer for five years" He said starring back at me almost creepily.

"You don't want to be here do you?" He asked raising one of his bushy eyebrows to me.

"Nope, she wanted me to come so I did, I am not happy about it but I am here" I said sticking my chin up in the air trying to act tough.

"Well you are honestly the first of the girls to ever come in this house that haven't wanted to be here" He said almost amazed that I wasn't in awe over the boys.

"Well you learn something new every day" I said in a snobby bratty voice.

"Can I go get my bags? I asked.

"Yeah, here are the keys to the limo, they are in the trunk" He said placing the keys gently in my hand.

I walked out of the room before him, and down the stairs. The stairs led straight to the front door, and next to that was a huge kitchen.

I walked outside, and to the limo that was sitting out front of the door straight ahead.

I had a bit of trouble getting the key to work but it finally did, and then I tried to pick up the first of the five huge bags that were mine.

I got the first one out when I heard another vehicle show up, and judging by the sound it was a van. I turned my head just so that I could see it out of the corner of my eye. Five boys that could only be One Direction jumped out of the Van.

I turned my head straight ahead, trying to not let any attention get drawn over to me. "Hey" I heard a deep voice yell. I didn't answer, and then the voice came up again, "Let me help you with those" I heard footsteps come up behind me, and then the suit case that I was trying to pull flung out of my grip, and my hands went flying through the air.

I felt them collide with something, and that something just happened to be Zayn Malik's face There was no way I would have known who he was, but Kenadi made me learn all of their names when I was on the plane.

"Im sorry" I said, but I didn't sound sincere at all. He was on the ground holding his nose, and then the blood started to slowly drip from his nose like a leaky sink.

His big brown eyes were looking right up at me, and I looked away quickly.

"I am fine, you must be Kenadi?" He said holding his one hand that wasn't covered in blood up to shake my hand. I shook it, but only because I felt a little bad about hitting him in the face.

"I am not Kenadi-" I said, but was again rudely interrupted by a screaming girl that was Kenadi.

"That is" I said pointing over to her.

She ran over to the four boys that were standing by the van still. She looked over at me, and Zayn, and then saw the blood.

"Jesus Katie, I knew you didn't like them, but you gave him a bloody nose?" She asked, she sounded serious, and it made me feel guilty.

When I looked back over at Kenadi she was gone. She was hauling Liam up the stairs of the house leaving the three boys by the van.

"Boy come over here, and meet Katie" Zayn said trying to stand back up on his feet.  The three boys went into some what of a jog, and were by me, and Zayn in a matter of seconds.  They all shook my hand, but one of them I couldn't remember his name was starring at me. It started to creep me out, and I turned to look back at Zayn.

"We can help you with your bags" Zayn said grabbing one, and then another. They took it all from me, and I just followed them up the stairs. They set all of my things down, and left the room one by one. "Do you need anything else?" Zayn asked setting down the last bag of clothing that I had.

"No I am fine, I need sleep" I said yawning.

He smiled, and left me be in my room. I barely made it to my bed before I collapsed on it, and fell to sleep within seconds.

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