Win Me

My friend one a trip to stay with 1D.. I HATE THEM.. or do I? Can one of them break through my rough edges... maybe more then one....
You need to read to find out


7. Driving Him Crazy

Harry's hand was cold to the touch, but I didn't seem to mind it at all.

We got to the house in a matter of minutes, and I was scared to walk in the door. I knew that Zayn was going to be in there.

After we got out of the car Harry came right back to my side, and grabbed my hand. I still despised him, but I wanted Zayn to know how I felt.

He walked in leading ahead of me, and then I saw Zayn.

I only made quick eye contact with him, and then I couldn't anymore. He looked mad, but I tried to let that not distract me.

Harry walked me up to the room that I was staying in, and then stopped right in front of it.

"Well, I had fun Harry... Thanks." I said. I must of sounded so awkward, I mean I was awkward in the first place.

"Can't I spend the night with you?" Harry asked.

"I highly doubt your manager would like that one bit" I said.

I could hear footsteps coming up the stairs, and I didn't want to take any chances. If it was Zayn then I wanted to make him jealous.

I grabbed Harry by the shirt, and pulled him in for a kiss. He must if not been expecting it because he bit my lip.

I jumped a little surprised by the little bubble on my bottom lip. Then we just got more into the kiss. He pushed forward a little making the kiss a bit more aggressive. Once I seen it wasn't Zayn I stopped.

"Good night Harry" I said walking into my room.

He just gave me a cheeky smile, and then I closed the door behind me.

Harry's kiss was definitely nothing like Zayn's. Harry's kiss was so much more aggressive and sexual, but I just was not like that.

The next morning I woke up to Harry walking into my room.

"Wake up love it's time for breakfast" he said walking over to my bed. I looked away quickly once I realized that he was in his boxers.

He just laughed at me like it was no big deal, but I had never seen a guy in just boxers.

Before I even had the chance to get out of bed he scooped me up, and threw me over his shoulder.

"Well I better start acting" I told myself.

I could be A little flirt if I wanted to, but that is just not how I am. But to get Zayn's attention I would have to be.

"Ahh Harry pit me down" I giggled.

He just laughed, and then started to carry me down the stairs. I knew we were coming up to the table, and then he set me down.

I gave him a little shove on his bare chest. "You're such a goof" I said.

Then he leaned down, and gave me a little kiss on the cheek. I grinned, and then sat down at the table between Niall, and Harry.

As soon as I sat down Zayn was standing. His plate of food had not been touched yet. He stormed out of the room without even a warning, and took off through the front door.

He didn't even look back at me, or Harry. Everyone was looking at me, and then the boys manager walked in through the door.

"Would someone like to tell me what that was about?" She asked. She didn't sound impressed at all. I just tilted my head down, and looked at the plate full of food in front of me.

I was starving now that I thought about it. "Tonight a is the live concert here, and we expect you two girls to be there with the boys! The producers want you two girls to go all out for the concert tonight. That means wearing the band Tshirt, and everything. You will be shown on the camera tonight as they announce the winners of the trip on television. This is a really important concert, and is going to help with the publicity!" Their manager said, I couldn't remember her name, it always seemed to escape my mind.

I just nodded, I had no intention of dressing up tonight for the concert. I still didn't want to be here, the one of the boys I thought was decent turned to to be a lying cheater. The other one just seemed to be trying to hard.

She left the room, and we continued to eat. I finished, and before I had the chance to get back up to my room Louis grabbed my arm.

He directed me behind him until we got to his room. "Katie, you seem like a sweet girl, but there is something you need to know" Louis whispered.

"What could be so important" I asked sarcastically.

"Harry makes it his goal to sleep with Atleast one of the girls that come here every summer. It is sort of a race, or a bet that we do. I admit it sounds stupid, and like a horrible thing to do, but don't get to attached to Harry" Louis whispered.

"So he is just trying to get in my pants?" I asked raising an eye brow.

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