Win Me

My friend one a trip to stay with 1D.. I HATE THEM.. or do I? Can one of them break through my rough edges... maybe more then one....
You need to read to find out


3. Day 1

I couldn't sleep that well, I was so tired, but I kept on waking up every hour or so. I am 17 years old, but I have never spent a night away from my house, or out of town for that matter. It was a different time zone to, which didn't seem to help anything.

I heard the sound of my stomach grumbling, and I didn't like it. I walked down to the kitchen, and then started to make my way to the fridge. I opened it, and it was literally full of every food that you could think of, but I am a cereal kind of person.

To be honest, I am a food kind of person in general, but cereal sounded just fine for right now. I walked back to the fridge, and pulled out the milk, but when I closed the fridge there was Louis. I jumped back almost ready to fling the milk at his face.

"Don't have a cow" he said smirking, "Get it cow milk" He said laughing at his own cheesy joke. I gave a little smirk, and then set the milk down on the table.

"What's wrong?" he asked making himself comfy at the table.

"I can't sleep" I said the smirk now gone off of my face.

"me either, want to pour me a bowl of cereal to?" He asked with that smile still on his face.

His smile was so perfect, and charming it could make any girl melt, and do whatever he wanted, but I wasn't going to be that easy.

"You know, you are sort of really easy to talk to" I said smirking, and taking another bite out of my almost empty cereal bowl.

We had talked about literally almost everything, how I hadn't had my first kiss, or anything like that. My ex boyfriend, and so much more. The words just seemed to float right out of my mouth when we were talking.

"Well I am glad you trust me, but it's pretty late, and we both need some sleep" He said putting his bowl in the sink, and then walking back over to me.

"Yeah, I agree" I said. He took my bowl from my hand, and placed in the sink just like he did to his own.

"Thank, you are the only one in the house that isn't how I pictured" I said kind of embarrassed.

"And how did you picture us?" He asked. I think he already knew, but he just wanted to hear it.

"I thought you guys were going to be stuck up preppy boys, who are spoiled rotten, and get whatever they want, and who ever they want, whenever they want." I said being brutally honest.

He laughed at me, and then walked to bed. I could tell he wasn't like that, but some of the other boys seemed to be a little more like it.

The next morning, well afternoon because I slept until 5 p.m. was a burtal wake up call. Simon was standing over my bed staring at me. Which if you have ever seen him mad, and then staring at you, it isn't a good combination.

"What?" I asked rubbing the sleep from my eyes.

"You are late, we are all suppose to go out for a promotional supper for this trip, and you aren't even ready. We leave in 5 minutes. Luckily Zayn is also running late, he will be here in half an hour to pick you up, and you better be ready" He said. He didn't even wait for me to reply, he walked out, as if he just gave me orders.

I was up, and out of bed. I knew that I needed to look good anywhere with these five drama boys was going to be covered in cameras. Honestly I wish I could go looking horrible, and make them all look bad to, but I highly doubt Simon would agree with my logic. He would just get mad, and then I would be stuck with a grumpy Simon, and an even shittier time.

I went to the bathroom, and started to curl my hair, it looked surprisingly good, but my make up was a mess. I thought that I would just go without make up today, and dress up really nicely. I put on a dress that proofed out in the bottom, it was Kenadi's, but I didn't think that she would mind.

I picked a pair of flip flops that went with the peach color of the dress, and started to walk down stairs.

"Hey" I heard a voice yell from behind me. I was so startled I jumped forward a few steps, and turned around almost immediately.

"Don't scare me like that!" I snapped at Zayn who was already laughing at me.

"I am sorry, but are you ready?" He asked.

"I don't even want to go" I said in a snobby voice sticking my chin up in the air.

"Me either, I was planning on dropping you off, and then ditching.. would you want to come with me instead?" He asked trying not to make eye contact with me.

"Yeah sure" I said I could tell that he was surprised with my answer because his eyes went a little wide.

"Where are we going to go?" I asked crossing my arms, and then waiting for his reply.

"We can go to a movie or something?" He asked rather then telling me.

"Why not" I said walking over to the door.

"You know you can change, you don't have to be so dressed up for a movie"  He said almost in a snobby tone just like mine.

I must of looked a little embarrassed when he said that, because he quickly tried to compliment me.

"You do look great though" He said. He actually looked at me, and what I was wearing for the first time. I got nervous, and looked down at what I was wearing myself, and then looked back up at him.

"Thanks.. I think" I said walking back up the stairs to change. I tilted me head just slightly so that I could see him out of the corner of my eye. He was watching me, well not so much me more like my ass as I went up the stairs. I came back down in a pair of sweat pants,  and an old T-shirt.

When I took another look at him he was wearing different clothes, they almost seemed like the kind that old people would wear. "What are you wearing?" I asked almost ready to laugh at him. 

"People will notice me in public, I had to change at least a little so I was unrecognizable. You look about the same as I do right now" He said looking at me. I looked down at my shirt, and then realized that it was my ex boyfriend Jason's. 

"Uh can I go change?" I asked.

"No we don't have any time the movie starts soon" He said grabbing my arm, and leading me out the door.

We got to the theater, and it wasn't that busy, most people would have been eating supper by now though. I think he got us tickets to see a scary movie, but I didn't pay attention to him really.

I tried not to, I didn't like him at all, but all of these boys seemed to have some sort of charm, and they were all different in their own ways.

He bought me popcorn, and a drink, well we shared the popcorn.

"You didn't have to buy me that, I am perfectly capable of getting my own" I said grumbling my voice at him.

"I was just trying to be nice" He said trying to act so innocent.

We handed the tickets to an old lady that was taking them right before we could go in the theater.

"You two look like a cute couple" The little shriveled up old woman said as she handed us back out tickets.

Zayn blushed when she said that, "We aren't a couple" I said sourly, and then took the lead into the theater. 

"Jeeze can you ever just take a compliment or a nice gesture?" He asked trying his best to keep up with my fast walking.

"Nope" I simply replied, and then sat down in seats that were directly in the middle of the theater.

I set my drink down, and then grabbed the popcorn from Zayn so I could let him sit down without spilling it.

"Thank you for getting my ticket, and food" I said. I may not like him, but I felt bad for being a bitch to him.  I really didn't have a reason to be I guess, but something about him made me edgy.

"Anytime" He said smiling.

I hated that he picked a scary movie, I wished I would have been paying attention, I could have told him I didn't like scary movies.

We were half way through the movie when I jumped, I spilled our popcorn all over the people that were ahead of us.

"I am so sorry" i said leaning over the railing to try, and help the people, but they seemed to mad.

"Sit down" Somebody from behind yelled, and Zayn was just sitting there laughing at everything I did.

"Thanks" I said dryly to Zayn.

"I'm sorry" He said helping pull a piece o f popcorn out of my hair.

"You really don't like scary movies do you?" He asked raising one eyebrow. He knew what the answer was, and I wanted to hit him for teasing me.

"No" I said putting my head down.

"Well if you get scared you can squeeze my hand" He said holing it out on the arm rest. I shook my head no, and then a scream from the movie made em jump. My hand lunged forward to his, and clenched onto it wrapping our fingers together.

I looked down, and then quickly apologized for my outburst.

"It's okay, it was sort of cute.. even though I can't feel my fingers right now" He said smiling. I went to release his hand, but he squeezed onto mine, "No it's fine I kind of like it" he said not letting out hands lose grip of each other. It was dark in the theater, but it didn't take a lot to tell that he was blushing like crazy.

I let out a giggle, but tried to cover it up. I was starting to get mad at myself, I was starting to flirt with him. Maybe he wasn't like I  thought though, I thought to myself. I fell asleep about three quarters of the way through the movie. When I woke up I was leaning on his shoulder, and drooling.

"Oh my God, that is so embarrassing" I said leaning my head, up, and wiping the drool form my face.

"You're kind of cute... even when you drool on me" He said smirking. He was using those corny things to say like every other guy in the world did, and I was falling for it.

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