Win Me

My friend one a trip to stay with 1D.. I HATE THEM.. or do I? Can one of them break through my rough edges... maybe more then one....
You need to read to find out


8. Big Night

I stayed in my room for most of the day. I was trying to avoid Harry now that I knew what he was really up to. I was just another one of those girls that he wanted.

Those girls probably let him get in their pants the first five minutes of them being here. But again those girls actually liked the boys. I really didn't.

I hadn't seen Zayn since this morning when he had his little outburst. I was happy about it, now he knew how I felt. I gave my self a little satisfied smirk about it.

It was almost time for the show now. I definitely wasn't wearing the band T-shirt or anything like that. I wore black tights, and a bandeau. Over the Bandeau I wore a see through black blouse. It only came to my belly button, and tied off on the end.

I left my blonde hair down straight, it came to right bellow my boobs. The black streaks that were on both sides of my hair were very visible.

I wore flat shoes, and then the limo pulled up.

I wasn't that excited to go to the show.

When we pulled up there were so many screaming girls outside. In the stadium the screaming girls were packed in it from every edge of the stadium.

It must of got annoying for the boys. I had only been there five minutes, and I was ready to punch the next screaming fan girl in the face.

Our seats were front row, and I wish they weren't. I didn't want to be near the boys right now, little own be there to only watch them.

We say there for an hour before the show started, and all of the boys came out on the stage. I am not going to lie they all looked pretty good.

I clapped after a few of their songs, but I wasn't going to stand up, and look like some fan girl.

Finally they announced that they were playing their last song.

"Actually we have to special girls we would like to bring up on stage" Niall smiled. I could tell what they were getting at already.

I rolled my eyes, and then the camera was pointing at me, and Kenadi. Our faces looked huge as they were plastered all over the arena. I tried my best to put on a smile, I didn't want my face to look grumpy after all we are going to be on the news.

A big man, that was obviously working for the show came up behind us. He started to lead us up to the stage. I wasn't nervous because they were One Direction, I was nervous because of all the people that are going to be staring at me.

When we got up on the stage, they had to chairs set up. All of the boys were standing, there talking while they drank some water.

The man sat us down in the chairs, and then music started to play. The lights that were on the stage were blinding me, but not for long. Then I could see the thousands of girls that were in the stadium. Some of them were screaming, and laughing, and the others were giving me, and Kenadi dirty looks.

I just gave a little smile, and then Liam started to walk over to Kenadi.

"Your hand fits in mine, like it's made just for mine, but bare this in mind it was meant to be" Liam started to sing.

Of coarse it would be this song, and then I took a look at Zayn. He was smiling, but I could tell how fake it was. He took one look at me, and then back out to the crowd.

Liam, and Louis were both standing with Kenadi singing to her. Niall, Zayn, and Harry were starting to crowd around me. I started to go red, but I couldn't tell why. I wasn't nervous.

Niall came to his part, and got on one knee holding my left hand. When he did I could hear all of the girls in the crowd going absolutely crazy. "You'll never treat your self right darling, but I want you to" Niall sang. When his part was over he gave me a kiss on the cheek. The girls went crazy when he did, and I have to admit I went pretty red.

He gave a little giggle that echoed throughout the entire stadium, it was absolutely adorable.

Then Harry continued after Niall, he was looking directly into my eyes, and I couldn't help but keep mine on his. His eyes were almost mesmerizing. His voice made chills fall over my body, the grasp that he had in it was what got me the most. I loved it.

The song finished, and Harry stood me up.

"I have a question for this very special girl." Harry started, but my mind was still thinking about when he was singing to me. To be honest Harry seemed to be the most cocky of all of them. He seemed to think to highly of himself, but when he was singing to me, and looking into my eyes, I saw a different side of him completely.

He looked so sweet, and down to earth. I smiled, and then I saw his manager on the side looking at me. She motioned for me to do something. It was a little confusing, but then I knew what she meant. She wanted me to act all girly, and star struck, but I wasn't going to do it.

Judging by the look on her face, she didn't know what Harry was going to say next either.

"Will you be my girlfriend?" Harry asked holding the microphone in his left hand, and holding my right hand with his other hand.

I honestly wasn't expecting that, I had gone on one date with this guy, and I met him like a week ago. He was moving pretty fast, I almost said no.

"Yes" I said blushing like crazy. The crowd of girls went crazy, but I still got my fair share of dirty looks from the girls in the crowd that were inlove with Harry.

He grabbed my waist. and then tilted me down so that I was leaning on his leg, and kissed me.


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