Wherever You Are

Its a Luke Hemmings fan fiction. Summary coming soon!


1. Prolouge Part One





Chapter One

“But Ryan why do we have to move all the freakin way to Australia. If you wanted to get a new start we could move somewhere else in England. Not half way across the globe.” I say whining to my brother.

“Because Bethany it’s a good opportunity for us. And not to mention its much more sunnier there than here in dreary England.” He says playfully punching me.

“Yeah I guess you are right. I just really like my life here.” I say with a fake smile when in all actuality I hate it here. I would rather be anywhere but here.

“Well I think it would be good for both of us okay?” He asks me seeing through smile.

“Yeah your right.” I say sighing. I hate admitting when he’s right. “It’s just going to be weird leaving Mum and Dad and Heather, you know?” I ask him sadly.

“I know Beth trust me I do. But we can always come see them. They aren’t going anywhere after all.” He says stating the fact that the cemetery won’t be moving anytime soon.

“Yeah you’re right; I think I am going to go take a nap. I will see you later okay?” I say getting up and giving him a hug.

“Alright but we are going out later for a good-bye dinner with my friends and yours.” He says giving me a kiss on the forehead.

“Yeah okay Ryan.” I say shrugging.

I go upstairs and get into some comfy clothes (http://www.polyvore.com/nap_time/set?id=100070458) before turning on some five seconds of summer. They have wonderful voices not to mention super fit, especially Luke Hemming’s. He is so adorable.

As I let their music take me away I wonder what my life would be like if I was born into a different family. I mean I guess we were rich and a lot of people seem to think if you were rich you had an easier life. I am here to tell you this is not true at all. If money could buy happiness I would have bought a lifetime supply of it.

It all started last year after I lost my best friend and my parents only a month apart. My best friend since birth meant the world to me. But that all changed once the new boy Nick started going to our school. There was always something off about him. I mean it was hard to explain.

He created this fantasy that he and Heather, my best friend, were in a relationship. When really they weren’t; I warned her about him. She even went to the police when he started sending threats and following her everywhere. But seeing as how he wasn’t doing anything wrong technically there wasn’t anything the police could do; unless he physically harmed her in some way. And that’s exactly what he did. He killed her. He killed my best friend. And then the cops were interested. Currently he is in a psychiatric hospital awaiting his trial. I will have to come back to England at some point so I can testify against him due to the fact I was always there when he sent his threats. I don’t even want to see his face. He killed one of the most important people that were in my life.

After that I thought things couldn’t get worse. But it did. My parents died in a freak boating accident a month later. I honestly thought God was playing a cruel joke on me. The only person I have left is Ryan. I don’t know what I would do if I lost him too.

So instead of turning to drugs and alcohol like most people would do, I turned to something much more destructive. I turned to cutting. One small cut and my emotional pain would be dulled for at least a little while. It’s gotten to the point that I cut every day. I don’t know how to handle the pain, the emotional pain of it all. I have gone to see people who could possibly help me but I refuse to talk. The only person I talk to anymore is my brother. I do want help I really do. I know what I am doing is probably going to end up taking my life someday. Honestly that sounds great on some days, others not so much.

Have you ever wished on a star for something so ridiculous that you know it will never come true? I do every night. Heathers favorite band was One Direction and her favorite member was the blonde one. Niall I think? I wish every night that I will meet him someday so I can tell him how much Heather loved him; and how he saved her life, even though she didn’t get much help in surviving at the end. I would get his autograph just so I can put it on her grave so whenever she looks down she will see that Niall knows she existed. I know that’s corny but I can’t help it.

I honestly don’t want to go out to eat tonight with my brother and his bitches. I usually call them “the bitches” or bitch one, bitch two, bitch three, etc.

They treat me like I am made of glass and always walk on eggshells around me as though I might break at any moment. That might be true but I won’t ever show it. Not to mention they never talk above a whisper to me. I am not two; I can handle you talking like a normal person. I am not dying, at least not physically. All I want is one person to come save me since I can’t save myself.

“Beth. Bethany. Come on wake up. You only have an hour to get ready for dinner.” I feel my brother shaking me, trying to wake me up.

“Go away Ry.” I mumble burrowing back into my blankets.

“No. Come on. Don’t make me do this Bethany.” He says firmly.

“No. I don’t want to go out to dinner with the bitches.” I grumble.

“Language Bethany; ladies don’t cuss.” He says scolding me. “And it’s not their fault. They are just worried about you.” He says sighing sitting on the edge of my bed.

“Fine, but I swear if they talk to me like I am stupid I will say something.” I say sighing sitting up in bed.

“That’s my girl. Pick something out that a lady would wear.” He says sighing again. I know I give him a hard time. I don’t mean too honestly. My brother is what you would call old fashioned and eccentric. He thinks girls should wear dresses and skirts. And always cover their shoulders and never wear heels. The only thing I don’t follow is the heels. I love heels.

“Go away so I can get dressed dork.” I say pushing him out the door.

I go to my closet surveying all the clothes I had. I finally decided on an outfit that Ryan would approve of. (http://www.polyvore.com/dinner_with_bitches_ryan/set?id=100120953)

As soon as I finished getting dressed and doing my hair and makeup I decide I should go downstairs.

“You look lovely Bethany.” Ryan says as soon as he sees me.

“Thanks Ryan. Are they coming here or are we going out?” I ask him sighing. I don’t like going out in public.

“Oh we are going to The Blue Door Bistro.” He says looking warily at me. He knows Heather and I went out to lunch there often.

“That’s fine. I enjoy there food.” I say faking a smile.

“Good. Should we go then my lady?” He asks acting like a dork.

“We shall.” I say sighing.

The drive there was silent. I had nothing to say and neither did Ryan I suppose. It was a comfortable sort of silence; unlike what we will be bombarded with. I only hope there’s only 2 or 3 of the “bitches” there. I can only take so much.

“Bethany, we are here.” Ryan says shaking me out of my thoughts.

“Oh okay. Good.” I say unbuckling my seat belt. The stars are out tonight. Maybe tonight will be night. I know I do this every night and my wish never comes true but all I ask is that I can meet Niall Horan. Just to get his autograph would be enough for me.

“Come on. Its cold out here love.” Ryan says ushering me inside.

“Welcome to The Blue Door Bistro. How many people are we seating tonight?” The host asks us.

“Uh I think 4 or 5 I don’t really. It’s a going away dinner but it should be tiny.” My brother says easily.

“Very good, right this way please.” The host says leading us to a table.

“I will be right out with your water.” Our waiter tells us after getting our order.

“Hey isn’t that the lad from that boy band Heather was obsessed with?” Ryan asks me discreetly showing me who he was talking about.

“Oh my god, it is him. Do you think he would sign an autograph for me so I can take it to her grave before we leave for Australia?” I ask in a rush.
“I am sure he would. Be brave.” He says helping me out of my seat. The whole way over there my heart was pounding. What if he said no or was actually rude in real life. I would cry.

“Excuse me? Are you Niall Horan?” I ask in a low voice once I reach his table.

“Yes that’s me love. Are you a fan?” He asks flashing me a smile.

“Kinda. I was wondering if I could get an autograph for my best friend. You were her favorite out of the group.” I say softly to him.

“Sure. What’s her name?” He asks me. “Also I could follow her on twitter.” He says nonchalantly.

“Well you could if she was still alive. She passed away last year. And its Heather. I know this sounds corny but I wanted to get your autograph so I could take it to her grave so when she looks down she sees it.” I say softly to him.

“I am so sorry love. I am sure she was a lovely girl.” He says handing me the photo that he had with him and his autograph.

“Thanks again Niall. It means a lot.” I say to him turning away to go join my brother.

“Wait. Do you have twitter? Maybe I could follow you?” He asks me shyly.

“Sure. Its _________. Follow me? I will follow you back.” I say laughing for the first time in a year. “Bye Niall.” I say waving and going back to the table.


-This is the end of the prologue part one. I would just like to clear up that nothing will be happening between her and Niall except possibly being good friends. Keep your eyes out for the prologue part two. Niallsluckycharm-


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