One in a Million (Niall Horan)

this is a story about the fact that witing for you prince/princess can be the right thing to do and this is exactly what happened to long time friends Niall horan and Clary Anderson


3. Truth or Dare UH OH

We have been inside for at least 4 hours now the rain putting a stop to our plans to go to the park so we werwe all sitting here bored out of our minds Maura and bobby had gone out and we were just on our phones.  I am still worried that Sophia is going to spill my secret about

Niall can we do somthing plese i am so bored, Louis pipes up from on the couch.

Lou what do lyou want to do i mean it is raining.

Hey i have an Idea guys lets play a game where we all sit in a circle and one at a time ask a question that everyone can answer but if they get a bit awkward you dont have to answer but you have to lose a pice of clothing for every questin you dont answer.

Clary that is not a good idea with these five, Sophia protests.

Sophia we play this game almost regulary with our other friends are you that scared of these five that you don't want to play.

well i am in lets play that is unless your to much of a wimp, Louis sasses.

lets go.

i am game

so far we have all agreed bar Sophia.

Soph come here a minute would you

i pull soph into the kitchen, Sophia come on love it will be fun and look at it this way you get to see liam shirtless.

uhhh ok fine but just this once just cause i wanna see liam shirtless.

thats my girl now come on lets go beat the pants of these boys.

right lets start easy me first.

what is your favorite colour.








ok so Liam you get the next question because yor next to me

hmm ok this one is for the girls if you could date one of us five who would it be.

I look at Sophia and we both kick off our shoes to the boys surprise but now they are looking at us witth utter curiosity.


we Have been playing this game for a few rounds now and all the boys are down to their boxers so there out so that leaves them to ask me and Sophia questions.

Last question girls who is the one of us who you would you go to if you needed to talk.

shit Sophia won cause i am out.

She looks at me , i won i never win .

well you did this time but dont get used to it.

i wont i know.

Man am i knackered i am going to bed night people harry gets up and heads up the stairs with louis following.

yeah us too we had a big day today but i promise that tommorow will be a lot of fun.

night boys. they head up to there respective rooms.

Hey Clary would you really tell the boys i like Liam.

of course not Sophia unless you tell Niall

i would never do that to you, come on we need to sleep because i can tell you  that tomorrow is gonna be big.

we head up to our rooms and fall asleep in our own time

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