One in a Million (Niall Horan)

this is a story about the fact that witing for you prince/princess can be the right thing to do and this is exactly what happened to long time friends Niall horan and Clary Anderson


2. Surpises for the surpisers

well well Looks like we beat them here harry look.

Niall mate i know we beat them.

 Niall and Harry are bickering at the door over the fact that they beat us here when Sophia and i look at each other and nod.

Guys we ar right here and are you gonna let us in or not i mean it looks like it is going to rain.

oh yeah sorry come on in guys my mom cant wait to see you two.

Like perfect gentleman the Harry grabs Sophia's bag and Niall gets mine and they usher us through the door.

So Ladies how was the trip Harry flirts with both of us.

Foever the flirt huh Hazza to bad it only works on one of us but to answer your question the trip was very long and Sophia couldnt shut up about Liam so yeah.

ohh does some one have a crush on Liam does she.

so what if i do boys Jelous much boys.Sophia shoots me a death glare, oh Clary you might want to be careful with what you say hon or the secret in the car might just accidently slip out

you wouldnt Soph.

oh trust me i would

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