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... I feel as if I'm just another wave in the ocean, and maybe that's all I'll ever be...


1. 1

Katie's P.O.V


"Katie, are you listening?! You need to pay attention!" Niall quickly took the phone I had been trying to secretly use before glaring at the screen. "Stop wasting your time texting Harry, and focus on your lesson." He growled, finding a seat without giving me back my device.

"How am I supposed to pay attention when we're on our way home?" I grumbled, looking back at the computer screen. "Sorry Mr. Dean, where were we?"

Mr. Dean was the tutor Niall had gotten me during his tour. I've been communicating with him through Skype these past few days on the tour bus as we traveled back home. He was a great tutor and all, but I just wasn't able to concentrate on electron configurations when I was so close to being able to see Harry.

"Don't worry, dear. We're almost finished." He chuckled. "And just think, once we're done with today's lesson, you're free until Mr. Horan starts touring again!"

"Niall, no more tours."

"Not likely." He retaliated.

I rolled my eyes before reluctantly returning to my lesson. I soon got the hang of things, and Mr. Dean allowed me to sign off, wishing me good luck on the rest of my journey home. I closed the laptop before walking towards Niall, hovering over him as he scrolled through my phone.

"Can I help you?" He asked, now looking up at me.

"Can I have my phone back please?"

"Well since you said please.." He smirked, handing me the cell phone. I then went back to my original seat, typing away on the screen.

"Find anything interesting snooping through my phone?" I asked in a smart-alic tone.

"Not really, just a bunch of crap from some guy named Harry."

"Niall!" I snapped.

He had been like this the entire tour. If it had anything to do with Harry, it was unacceptable. Even though I had forgiven Harry, as I always end up forgiving people eventually, Niall never did. He despises any and everything about him. Especially the part where he's dating me. It upsets me that the relationship between my own brother and I has gone drastically wrong. The fact he sees Harry as an enemy only makes it worse that his little sister is in love with him. I've tried hard these past five months trying to get him to come around, but to no avail. Two of the people I love most are at war, and my heart's the battle ground.

Niall and I didn't speak to each other after that, knowing an argument could up rise within any instant if the conversation had continued. I resumed my conversation with Harry, trying my hardest to ignore Niall's icy glares and eye rolls whenever a text would cause me to laugh or awe at what had been typed to me.

I have feelings for a guy you despise, Niall. So what?! Deal with it!

Don't get me wrong, my brother and I still love each other dearly and hold our special bond. It's just that now things seem to be more likely to go wrong than before. One little comment and it's suddenly a war zone.We probably look like those bickering siblings you'd see on a television show.

"Look, Niall-"

"Just don't, ok? I know you want this to work, and I'm sorry I can't always see things the way you do. But when it comes to Harry, all I can see is my baby sister in tears, and I promised myself that I'd do anything to protect you."

"Don't you believe in second chances though?"

"I do, but I don't believe everyone deserves them. Besides, I already did give him a second chance."

"You're never going to accept him, are you?" I asked, now looking down towards my lap.

"Can you really blame me?! The guy is bad news!"

"Oh, like you've never had a moment of weakness!"

"We're done discussing this." He huffed.

"Will you please just give him one last chance, for me?" I basically begged.



"Listen, I'll let you spend time with him, I'll even invite him into our home if you want, but I'm not going to just instantly forgive him. He has to earn back his trust, ok?" Niall snapped.

"Ok." I whispered. It turned into a silent ride once again as we continued on home. We rolled into town by late afternoon, my heart pumping and adrenaline racing as we pulled up to our house.

"Finally!" I exclaimed, rushing to the doors of the bus. I leaped out onto the ground, smiling as I took in the appearance. "Niall, come on!" I yelled, my brother slowly taking his time behind me. He just chuckled as I continued with my fast pace, making my way towards the door. The moment I stepped inside was the moment I was literally tackled to the ground.

"Surprise!!" Harry exclaimed, grinning at me in pure happiness.

"We said to surprise her mate, not kill her!" Liam chuckled as he helped us both up.

"Liam!" I squealed, wrapping my arms around him.

"Hey, long time no see!" He chuckled.

I then quickly hugged Louis and Zayn before rushing back over to Harry. He held me tightly in his arms, showing no sign of releasing me anytime soon. Niall eventually made his way inside, instantly grinning as he was welcomed by all of his friends.

"I missed you so much." Harry spoke. "Every day." He added.

"I missed you too." I replied. A light kiss was pressed to the top of my head before he walked over to my brother.

"Niall." He said, extending one of his hands. I stopped breathing as I watched, waiting to see what Niall would do. He wouldn't just blow him off in front of everyone, would he? I mean, at least Harry was trying to be mature due to what happened.

"Harry." Niall finally spoke, gripping their hands together. I smiled at seeing this, as did everyone else. It was a start. "Well, I hate to put you guys to work already, but how about we get everything unloaded and we can go out for dinner tonight, my treat!"

"Sounds good to me!" Liam agreed. It didn't take long to get everything inside, it seeming to take less time than when we had to load it up.

"At last! I can take a shower and be guaranteed with hot water!" I exclaimed, heading to my room.

"Don't you want to socialize?" Niall laughed.

"Of course! And I will once I've taken a shower." I replied. Once I made it to my room, I found a box sitting on my bed. It was addressed to me, from Harry. I smiled as I realized he must have taken the time to wrap it properly, the white bow basically tied to perfection.

"So are you just going to stare at it, or are you actually going to open it?" Harry chuckled, making his way beside me. I rolled my eyes before tugging at the bow and lifting the lid.

"Harry." I gasped.

"Do you like it?" He asked, looking into my eyes.

"It's beautiful." I held the fabric in my hands as Harry watched me closely. The light silver color and the way it sparkled in the light made it one of the most gorgeous dresses I'd ever seen, let alone owned. "You didn't need to get it though." I explained, knowing it must have been a bit expensive.

"Sure I did."

"No, you really didn't."

"Well what else would you prefer to wear tomorrow evening?"


"I'm taking you out tomorrow night." He smirked. "And I also got it because I still haven't forgotten about last time."

"Last time?" I questioned.

"Don't act like you don't remember buying that red dress when you know full well I wanted to."

I laughed as I remembered our day at the dress shop, finding it humorous that he held a grudge like that for so long.

"Alright, fair enough. Now, get out so I can take a shower."

"You could say please." Harry teased.

"Harry, please get out."

"Fine." He pouted, giving me a quick peck on the cheek.

Once he was gone I pulled the dress completely out of the box. I held it up in front of me and examined myself in the mirror. I could instantly tell that tomorrow was going to take forever to come around.



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