Stuck in the past

When something happens to the one you love, you can't move on. It hurts. So much. And when someone comes into your life, you end up feeling guilty when you fall in love with them.
Nina feels this way. Everyday she feels guilty for living when her true love is dead. But when Jacob, the mysterious poetry boy understands how can you not fall?


1. Prologue: 'If I left would anyone miss me?'

Prologue: 'If I left would anyone miss me?'


I run breathlessly after him. 'If I left would anyone miss me? Would you?'; those words he uttered run through my mind. He never seemed depressed or suicidal. But my mind often hides little things that anyone could piece together to figure it out.

Finally after what feel like a life time I reach his side, out of breath. "Please. I love you please stop." My eyes widen worried, feeling dizzy like I'm about to pass out. We are standing on the edge of the town's bridge mid-Winter with snow falling.

He looks at me, his beautiful dark blue eyes shining with sadness. He opens his lips then closes them again like he was going to say something. Then he does, " I love you. But you don't truly love me. When I leave, you'll move on."

My heart breaks as the words slip his lips. No, He can't. I'd never get over him. Yet before I can say these words he walks forward, off of the bridge, plunging at least 50 feet into the freezing river.

I can't even yell or move. Just stand there frozen in time and place as he falls into the water. The few seconds feel like eternity. Just me standing there like a fool as he goes slowly under the water.

My one true love just died. And it was my fault.

I can't no I won't get over this.


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