Stuck in the past

When something happens to the one you love, you can't move on. It hurts. So much. And when someone comes into your life, you end up feeling guilty when you fall in love with them.
Nina feels this way. Everyday she feels guilty for living when her true love is dead. But when Jacob, the mysterious poetry boy understands how can you not fall?


2. 1. Annoying Fake Sympathy

1. Annoying Fake Sympathy


Nina's POV:

Two years later and I am just coming back to my 'home.' My parents let us go to Hali in Iceland. Now the population there is back to 30. It's just beautiful there. And quiet. Great for releasing my thoughts of the bad yet great for keeping the sweet happy memories.

Now I have to come back to Stuart, VA in America. Population 933 now that we are back. Over 309 times the amount of people back in Hali. And every single person will recognize me as the girl who's boyfriend died so she left town for two years.

My father pulls over to 7-11 a gas station to refill. "Go get some snacks." He hands me a five he chirps, smiling. I just storm into the store. How could he act like everything is okay? Sending me to this hell-hole of a place with terrible memories and act like he just won the best-dad-ever award.

As soon as I walk into the 7-11 I earn stares. Not for being a new face-even though I'm not new- but because they recognize me immediately. Who wouldn't? You'd have to live under a rock to not.

I just walk with my head down- even though I have nothing to be ashamed about- to grab a bag of potato chips, and a Coca Cola 'Slurpee'. When the man with a sleeve of tattoos checks my things out, with staring at me like a freak. His partner, a mid-age woman gives me a sour-face look before I walk out.

Wow, we just got into town and I'm already embarrassed because of him.


I swallow trying to put on a happy disguise. My first time in an American school in two year since well it happened. Luckily I only have this year left. I knock on the door, and walk in. The Mexican woman looks up from her desk, and stands up when she sees me.

"Hello, I'm Ms. Kelly. You must be Nina Richton. Take a seat please, any." She smiles kindly at me. As soon as she says my name the class all gasp. Great way to start the year eh?

I walk to the back of the class room and sit in the left corner of the room, not wanting anyone to notice me. Yet nobody fulfilled my wish. I sink farther in my seat and pulled my grey beanie down lower.

"Class-" Ms. Kelly gets cut off by the bell. "Bye, quiz next class!" Everyone hurriedly picks up their books and disappear out the room. Me, being the last one out, trying not to be noticed in the hall as I look at my schedule.

Nina R. Richton Grade: 12


a day~ Ms. Kelly(homeroom) *Government  room D: 3

b day~ Ms. Anthony *AP English room: D16


a/b~ Mr. Philips *German 4  room: B34




a/b~ Free bell


Lucky me, I have most of my credits. I forgot that this school does 'A' and 'B' day. Hali didn't have them. So I could go home after second bell if I wanted as 'Free bell' is just another way to say 'you can leave now but still get credit for another useless class'.

Ten minutes between each block is code for me to go hide. Yet everyone seems against that.

"Nina! Oh my gosh, it's been forever!" My old friend Casey hugs me.

"I'm so sorry Nina!" Harper steals me next. Then Jessica does the same. All three dripping with annoying fake sympathy, thrilled to be(or used to be) friends with the 'big thing' in school this week.

"Um thanks, but I need to get to class." I tell them faking a smile.

The day went on like this; with people talking to me, sending their fake sympathy about him, me faking a smile.

I haven't heard his name in two years as my parents banned it to get me better, but now every single person seem obsessed with it.

None of them even liked him or me before while now everyone was suddenly my best friend and had such good times with us years ago. I don't even know half of their names.

Haley; my biggest old bully who hated mine and his guts, hugged me and said 'I'm there for you if you need me.'

Get my point?

Only one person didn't say anything to me. Jacob Harris- a new kid who keeps to himself. I heard some people laughing at him. I don't know why though.

The whole day I was crowed by people, yet felt so alone.


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