The Hunger Games- Alternative Ending

It is a alternate ending to the hunger games-Book 1


5. The Victory Tour

“Why? Why are you doing this?” I ask shaking in my seat

“Because, Miss Everdeen, you played a very rebellious role……in your hunger games” President Snow said

“But please…don’t hurt my family……. Please?” I beg

“I can’t make any guarantees….but you and Mr Mellark are going…to put on a show…and make me believe that you really love him….unlike the unfortunate accident. With your “cousin” Miss Everdeen” President Snow said coldly


I shake in my seat

“That is all Miss Everdeen…your stylist will be here soon anyway” and with that President snow walked off and left me shaking in my seat, a few minutes later there was a knock at the door and Peeta walked in.


I look at him, my face as cold as stone and he comes rushing in and drops to his knees in front of me and cradles my face in his hands

“Katniss!” he says… but his voice is barely audible

I just stare at him……it’s because of me….that we are going back into the arena

“We have to get out of here” I say so quietly I nearly have to repeat myself

“And go where Katniss? They’d catch us”

“I’d get at least five miles………id go in the direction of the trees. Hide and live in the woods….it’s what I’m used to anyway” I say, looking at Peeta

“And what about me Katniss? I barely survived the hunger Games……. That was in the woods…. We should run to District 13…… no-one would know….”

“Except for President Snow…….he knows we were a little act…but now…now…we need to convince him……please…don’t tell Haymitch”


A knock at the door interrupts whatever Peeta was about to say and in walks Cinna and our Prep team, a bright smile forms across my face as Cinna comes forward and hugs me

“Ahh….girl on fire…. I’ve missed you” Cinna says in his Capitol voice….. Generally I hate their voices but Cinna’s… Cinna’s was comforting and wrapped around me like a blanket when he spoke. Cinna hugged me tighter and I realised that I was shaking.

“I’m…I’m fine…” I say shakily

“I know you are” he says “now…are you ready to become beautiful again?”

I look up and see Gale in the doorway with my mother and Prim…

“Yes I am…” I glare at Gale and go with Cinna; Peeta looks up and sees Gale

“Leave her alone Gale” He says frostily

“I just wanted to see her……that’s all” Gale said, he looked down

“Why? So you can kiss her again? President Snow…is threatening to kill her because of you” Peeta Spits and he goes off with his stylist


Gale leans up against the wall and looks grief-stricken….

“What have I done” he whispers and leaves to find me…

He knocks on the door, just as I get zipped up, Octavia starts on my make-up and I don’t realise he walks in

“May I help you Mr Hawthorne?” I ask coldly

“You look so beautiful, Catnip” he says

“Don’t call me that Gale…. I’m not a little kid anymore. Besides…..I need to finish getting ready… I’m nowhere near ready for this interview”

I stand up and push away from Octavia and talk to Flavius, Gale grabs my hand and pulls me close to him

“Gale….” I whisper “please….if President Snow kills me because of you……I’ll never forgive myself for leaving my daughter or Peeta because I kissed a supposed “cousin” and my death…will be on your hands”


Gale looks as if I’ve punched him, which in guess I have. His breathe is a sharp intake and he looks at me and kisses me again, not caring about the consequences and Cinna turns to look at us and I push him off

“Gale” I say coldly “never again……” I storm out to find Peeta and he is with his stylist, he is half dressed when I storm in, I lock his door behind me.

“Katniss…. Babe…. What’s wrong?” Peeta asks his voice full of concern…

I just shake my head at him and I get tears in my eyes. He stands up and hugs me

“What did the creep do to you?” he asks, as I cry openly

“He kissed me again” I say and I feel Peeta tense underneath me and he pulls away from me and storms down to where gale is waiting in my dressing room

“Alright Gale, im only going to say this once. Keep your hands off my wife unless you want her dead…then I’d stop kissing her, you got it?” Peeta snarls

I finally catch up and stand in the doorway with a smug look on my face…..

“Peeta…we need to get you to your part of the building…now…before the camera’s get here…they can’t know you saw me before you were supposed to” I say, never taking my eyes off Peeta

Peeta nods and runs to his part of the Victors Village

“Octavia!!” I yell “I need a touch up! NOW!”

I sit back into the make-up chair and she fixes my make-up and Cinna attaches my mocking jay pin to my costume

“Thank you Cinna” I say and I fluff my curly hair and walk out to the front steps where I see Peeta…. I smile and break into a run and he catches me in his arms and slips on the ice, making us topple over and I land on top of him, laughing


He laughs with me and leans up to kiss me and does so until Caesar clears his voice

“Oh….so sorry Caesar…forgot we had cameras here” I say as I pull Peeta up with me and we snuggle closely

“oh no Miss Everdeen it was worth it…seeing as you have just been sprung with the biggest reveal in history…why don’t you tell us what that is” Caesar says, his eyes dancing with curiosity

Peeta looks at me expectantly and I only vaguely realise that he doesn’t know……

“well I had a wonderful chat with President Snow the other day……and well this year’s Hunger Games are a special one…they are the Quarter Quell Games…… but this year…..they are to reaped…. From the existing tributes” I say stiffly

Peeta looks at me with disbelief in his eyes

“You didn’t know Peeta?” Caesar asked

“no I didn’t know Caesar, but she did the right thing in telling me here…because now I can do this” he says and pulls me close and kisses me hard in front of the camera’s his lips crushing mine

I kiss him back and grip him tightly and finally Haymitch comes over and breaks us apart

I glare at Haymitch and Caesar laughs

“Well Miss Everdeen… Mr Mellark… we look forward seeing you back here in a few days at the end of your Victory Tour. Good Luck…you two will need it” Caesar says

And like that our little Camera debut is over… Effie comes over and hugs me tightly

“Ahh! You did it darling” she says

“Thank you” I say breathlessly

Haymitch places a hand on the small of my back

“Come on…lets go…the train is waiting for you….” Haymitch says, he looks behind me and Gale and my family are standing there

“I’ll give you a bit of time to say good bye Katniss” Peeta places a hand on my shoulder

“Do you want me to go Kat?” he asks softly

“No, please….stay” I say…pleading in my voice

“Shh…” Peeta whispers “im not going anywhere”

“Thank you” I whisper... I grip Peeta’s hand scared if I let go ill fall over…….

I start to walk over to Prim and she meets me in a rib-crushing hug….

“Try to win….maybe you can” she says softly

“Prim” I say stiffly “I survived this once…I can survive it now…besides… I am so prepared…”

I hug my mother tightly

“I’ll be fine…but you have to watch it okay?” I say softly

“I will, Katniss, I promise, I promised you last time I would not tune out no matter what I saw and I always keep my promises…you know I do” she says as she places a hand on my cheek softly

A tear escapes my eye and she feels it and she says to me “don’t cry Katniss…. Don’t… please don’t”

The words have some special meaning to me and I remember it was what I said to her before I left for the my first hunger games

I smile ruefully

“Stealing my lines I see” I joke and turn to Gale and he is looking down

I go over to him and hug him tightly and whisper in his ear

“Take care of them Gale…I know you can, they need someone if I don’t make it out alive”

I whisper more quietly in his ear “I love you”

He whispers in my ear “I know you do Catnip”

“I’ll see you soon okay?” Gale yells as I walk off

I nod slowly and keep walking never taking my eyes of Haymitch’s tightened ones

I look at him

“Im fine” I say, tightly




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