The Hunger Games- Alternative Ending

It is a alternate ending to the hunger games-Book 1


3. The Train

The Train

We’ve been on the train for a while now and when the train makes a brief stop to refuel, we’re allowed to go outside for some fresh air. Peeta and I walk along the track, hand in hand, I refuse to let him out of my sight now I know he’s mine forever. He stops to gather a bunch of wildflowers for me and when he presents them to me, I smile at his face… my smile disappears as I think about Rue.

“what’s wrong?: Peeta asks

“Nothing,” I answer “Im just thinking about Rue…”

Haymitch startles me when he lays a hand on the small of my back “Congratulations, you two will be amazing together” Haymitch says, he startles us both, he gives Peeta a handshake and me a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

The guard came by telling us that it was time to board again and we walk back onto the train, still hand in hand and still smiling. I decide to turn in for the night and not even five minutes after I fell asleep I’m already dreaming and screaming, stuck in my never ending dream that I can’t get out of. I hear my door open and Peeta comes in quietly, shuts the door and shakes me awake gently and he holds me until my screams drop off into soft whimpers “I had the dream again Peeta” I whispered

“I know… you were yelling my name this time” Peeta says, his voice soothing. I lean into Peeta, inhaling his scent

“Hey.. sleepyhead, we’re home. It’s time to wake up again” peeta says softly. My eyes flutter open at the sound of his voice and I realise that he’s right we are home.

I look out the window and see everyone waiting for us, I quickly get changed and we go to the front of the train, the doors open and the first thing I see is Prim on Gale’s shoulders… and Gale his face is turned up into a warm, familiar smile and next to him is my dear mother, a large smile spread across her face.. I grab Peeta’s hand, surprising us both, holding it tightly, I thrust our arms up into the air like we did on our tribute parade as if to say ‘we are the winners of the Hunger Games’


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