The Hunger Games- Alternative Ending

It is a alternate ending to the hunger games-Book 1


2. The Ending Ceremony

Ending Ceremony

I didn’t even hear Haymitch come up behind me until he spoke

“Listen up. You’re in trouble. Word is the Capitol’s furious about you showing them up in the arena.” Haymitch says

I feel dread coursing through me now, but I laugh as though Haymitch is saying something completely delightful because nothing is covering my mouth. “So?”

“So?!...” he sighs “Your only defence can be you were so madly in love that you couldn’t bear to live without him… you weren’t responsible for your actions.” Haymitch pulls me in for a hug then pulls back and adjusts my hairband “got it sweetheart?” he could be talking about anything now

“I got it” I say

I tug on my skirt, wishing it to be longer, wanting it to cover the knocking of my knees. Then I realise it’s pointless. My whole body is shaking like a leaf, hopefully it will be put down to excitement

There are questions to be unravelled back home, in the peace and quiet of the woods, when no-one is watching. Not here with every eye upon me. And right now, the most dangerous part of the Games is about to begin. The anthem booms in my ears and then I hear Caesar Flickerman greeting the audience.

Then there’s Peeta just a few yards away. He looks so clean and healthy and beautiful, I hardly recognise him. But his smile is still the same; I take about three steps and fling myself into his arms. He staggers back, almost losing his balance, and that’s when I realise the slim, metal contraption in his hand is a cane. He rights himself and we just cling to each other while the audience goes insane. He’s kissing me and all the time I’m thing  do you not know how much trouble we’re in? After about ten minutes of this Caesar taps him on the shoulder and Peeta just pushes him aside without even glancing at him. The audience goes berserk. Finally, Haymitch gives us a good-natured shove towards the victors’ chair. I sit so close to Peeta that I’m practically sitting on his lap. I kick off my sandals, tuck my feet to the side and rest my head against Peeta’s shoulder. His arms encircle me immediately.

“Oh, go ahead and curl up next to him if you want. It looks very sweet.” Caesar says

“Well Peeta, we know, from our days in the cave that it was love at first sight for you from what.. Age five?” Caesar observes

“From the moment I first laid eyes on her,” Peeta says

“But, Katniss, what a ride for you. I think the real excitement for the audience was watching you fall for him. When did you realise you were in love with him?” Caesar presses

“I guess it was when I yelled his name from that tree. I just tried not to think about what my feelings might be, honestly, because it was so confusing and it only made things worse if I actually cared about him. But then in that tree, everything changed.” I say

“Why?” urges Caesar

“I think it was…. Because for the first time… there was a chance I could.. Well I could actually keep him” I say

I can feel Peeta press his forehead to my temple and he asks, “So now you’ve got me, what are you going to do with me?” He’s breath tickles my cheek

I turn into him, smiling “I’m going to put you somewhere you can’t get hurt” and when he kisses me, the people in the room actually sigh. Peeta sighs and nods, while getting up and turning towards Me., he gets down on one knee and the whole room stops breathing and Caesar leans forward…

“Miss Katniss Everdeen, after hearing you pour your heart out… after all this time to deny that I loved you and for you to finally realise that you love me too. I would like to ask you a very important question” Peeta says

“Anything…” I breathe

Peeta grabs my hand and presses a kiss to it “ Miss Katniss Everdeen, would you do me the extraordinary honour of becoming my wife?” Peeta asks and he produces a diamond ring

The whole room is sitting on the edge of their seats…

“Yes” I whisper, I clear my throat “yes”

“Peeta slides the ring onto my finger and sags into me with relief and the whole room erupts into cheers. I help him up and kiss him passionately, momentarily forgetting that I’m on camera.

When Caesar asks Peeta how his “new leg” is working out, my head snaps up

“New leg?” I ask confused, and I can’t help reaching out and pulling up the bottom of Peeta’s pants.  “Oh no” I moan, putting my head in my hands, taking in the metal device that has replaced his flesh.

“No-one told you?” Caesar asks gently, Peeta was rubbing my back soothingly. I shake my head

“It’s my fault,” I say “because I used that stupid tourniquet”

“Yes… it’s your fault I’m alive” Peeta says softly

“Katniss…” Caesars says gently “I know you’ve had quite a shock but I have to ask. The moment when you pulled out those berries. What was going through your mind...? Hmm?”

“I just... I just couldn’t bear the thought of... of being without him… of losing him forever... I just couldn’t do it”

“Peeta? Anything to add?” asks Caesar

“Yes... I’d rather die a hundred times in The Hunger Games… than to live without you” he says

The crowd gasps and I stare at him adoringly



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