The Hunger Games- Alternative Ending

It is a alternate ending to the hunger games-Book 1


4. One Year Later

1 year later

“Oh, no, oh come on rue! Don’t do that! Do you want your mother to kill me?” prim squeals as my baby girl splashes in the puddles

I walk towards them and kneel down in front of my Daughter “Are you being a little gnat to Aunty Primrose?” I ask sweetly, a smile forming across my face

“No mummy” she answers in her melodic voice “Where’s Daddy?”

I frown slightly “Daddy will be here”

“As we speak” Peeta cuts me off “hello princess. Hello wife” Peeta kisses me gently on the lips, Prim’s watching us smiling like their was no tomorrow and Peeta’s lifting up my princess.

“are you being naughty?” Peeta asks, a slight frown forming on his head

“No daddy. Just playing with Aunty Prim… stop frowning and worrying so much daddy or you’ll get permanent frown lines” she replies

I look at her, laughing and Peeta looks at her with surprise and immediately stops frowning “where’s uncle gale?” she asks, like nothing happened

Gale walks up behind me and touches my shoulder, I smile at him “Talking about me again are we?” he asks

“No, Little Rue was just wondering on where you were, that’s all” I say

“Oh? Was she now?” gale says, sarcastically

“Gale...” I say a warning tone in my voice

“Hey, come on, catnip, gotta give me some credit” gale says, using the nickname I earned when we were little “I need to talk to you privately” Gale grabbed my upper arm and pulled me into the woods

“Ok, now talk Gale” I say, crossing my arms over my chest

Gale takes a deep breath “Okay, Katniss… I love you okay? I’ve loved you for as long as I can remember and I know you’re married now... But I just need to know was there ever a time you loved me... like I love you? Because I need to know… please just tell me” Gale says without taking a breath

I just stand there with my mouth hanging open and I flounder around in my head on how to close it but before I could utter one word Gale was there kissing me, hard. I wound my arms around his neck and pulled him closer and was kissing him back. There was a part of me telling me this was wrong but there was this other part telling me I was right… I pulled away, leaving Gale looking at him, a glowing look on his face and I slap him across the face, my hand leaving a red mark

“I used to feel like that about you” I say coldly “But you just messed it up” I start to walk away but Gale grabs my arm and spins me around

“So you do love me?” he challenges

“yes, but I’m married now, so it’s time to move one” I say coldly

“No, it means I have time to wait for him to stuff up… I’ll fight for you everyday Katniss” he says brightly

I storm off and out of the clearing

“Come on, Rue, Peeta, it’s late and I’m tired and I want to go home” I say stiffly

“Okay. See you tomorrow” Gale said, still smiling. I wanted to go over there and slap that smile of his face; instead I gave him a deadly look and walked away

“Gale? What was that about?” I heard Prim ask

“Oh nothing” Gale said still smiling

I grab Rue from Prim and grab Peeta’s hand and kiss him passionately so I know Gale sees and we walk off home towards the Victors Village… we walk home to our little piece of perfection. I look at Rue very carefully and with her Blond ringlets and her magical brown eyes that you could get lost in, and with her smart remarks and her amazing artistic ability; she really was our daughter, even after having her a year ago I still couldn’t believe it that this little piece of perfection in my arms was our daughter,

I look up at Peeta and find him looking at me with an amused look on his face

“what?” he asked, amused

“oh nothing.. I still can’t believe that she’s our daughter” I say smiling

“Well believe it” he says, kissing me lightly on the lips

“Ew! Mummy!” Rue exclaimed

I looked at her in shock as I recalled how I was never lovey-dovey

“Oh, you’re right… she really is our daughter” Peeta Laughed

When we reached our room in the victors village, I set her down and she ran straight for our room and I hear a crash and she’s on the floor looking through the box I marked ‘ the 74th hunger games’.  She looks at me, confused…

“Mummy… what’s all this?”

Peeta then came rushing in and realised what she got into, he looked at me and I looked at him our faces set in stone, I start to cry and I collapse to the floor, Peeta drops down next to me and holds me as my tears turn into sobs, Rue comes over and touches my tears…

“Its okay mummy, don’t cry. I’m sorry; you don’t need to tell me. I’ll find out later”

I laughed at her words

“Daddy? Has mummy lost it?” she asked

“I’m afraid so Rue, come on its time to get you into bed.” They walked out and there was a knock at the door, I get up to get it but the person already let themselves in

“Ah, Miss Everdeen, nice to see you alive and well” the voice said

I whirled around eyes wide... it was President Snow

“What do you want?” I ask viciously

“I saw you’re little moment with Gale your “cousin”. You played a hard game in the arena didn’t you?” he said

“What do you want?” I repeat

“To tell your husband the truth of course” he snarled

“What do I need to do for you not to do that?” I snarl

“What I want. You can’t give me” he said

“Get out of my house now! GET OUT!” I scream, and fall to the ground crying yet again

Peeta comes rushing in and looks from me to President Snow

“Get out of here now, President Snow... Before you make things worse” Peeta snarls

“Fine… have it your way” he said icily

He walked out and I wipe my tears away, Peeta picks me up and puts me in bed

“I let him get to me… I’m weak” I say

“No! Don’t be stupid Katniss, he uses everyone... please don’t let him use you too” Peeta says, tilting my head up

He kisses me gently and our door opens revealing someone I never thought would come here…. My jaw drops in shock as I remember who it is

“Haymitch” my face turns a pale shade of white “get out! Now!” I scream

“You can’t hide from me forever, Katniss; you need to face your past” he voice says

“Like you drink yours away?” Peeta says coldly

“I drink, because it’s too painful, Lover Boy”

“Did you ever consider the fact that you being here is too painful for me?” I wail

“I just came to deliver a message from the Capitol… you guys are being brought back into the arena, I’m sorry” and with that he left

I started to hyperventilate “No! Peeta, I can’t I can’t go through that again! NO!”

“We’ll do it again, we’ll be fine.” He cradles my face in his hands “They shouldn’t be doing this, but they will because we up showed them, this is payback”

There was knock on the door “Mr and Mrs Mellark! It’s time to go! Now!”

“What about Rue? What do we do?” I say

“We leave… Katniss we have to, it’s the right thing”

“But what about our daughter, Peeta?”

They came in and pulled me off the bed screaming and they grabbed Peeta, forcing us out the door abandoning our daughter…

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