For You, I'll Be Superhuman

Liam, Louis, Harry, Niall, and Zayn all had traumatic childhood experiences. What happens when they are all connected? They join together to form a crime fighting group, and save many lives and defeat many enemies. But how can they defeat their greatest enemy yet? Will the pressure of love or the need to protect others break them? For these boys, they just want normal lives. But For You, They'll Be Superhuman.

WARNING: Foul Language


8. Chapter 6

“Hey, Ashleigh, you're stupid!” Raquel says to her best friend, throwing her hand of cards at her. It's 7:00 on a Friday night and they are both sitting at the police station with two of their co-workers, playing Go Fish. Ashleigh grins Raquel, who is pouting at her coworker, who has beaten her once again. “Oh, c'mon, Rockie, you are such a sore loser!!” Thomas, another police officer, says. Jackson, the intern, nods. “Well, you guys are right, but I kinda have a right to be when I have lost against each of you more than 5 times. It's Go Fish, how hard could it possibly be?!” Raquel says, getting flustered. “Aww, Rockie, losing at a children's game!” Jackson says. Raquel narrows her eyes, puts her mouth into a scowl and stares at Jackson. “Oh, Jack, you got her famous glare! Stone cold, rock hard, the leading factor of her nickname, the Rock! Raquel Allen! Little bitty Rockie!” Ashleigh says in a sing song voice. Rock turns her attention to Ashleigh. “ASH! MY NAME IS NOT ROCKIE!!” She says, grabbing the deck of cards and chucking them as hard as she can at Ashleigh. She jumps off of the desk she was sitting on, straightens her pants, and smirks at Ash, who is now picking Aces and Jacks out of her hair. “Rock is more like me. Rock hard, hard to move, no feelings, plus, who could forget my rock-hard abs! Rockie is a little girl's name and I am not a little girl.” She says, her hands on her hips. “You look like one.” Thomas mutters. “So, just because I am 5 feet tall means I'm a little girl?” “No, it's 'cause you have a tiny button nose and adorable little freckles and a round face.” Thomas says. “Fuck you, man!” Raquel says, tackling him. As they lay, play fighting on the floor, the phone rings. “Shut up!” Jackson says as he answers it. Raquel punches Thomas and gets up off of him. She faces Jackson as he hangs the phone up. “Fire, 18th and Luther.” He says, his serious tone drastically changed from the playful one he had moments ago. Ash and Rock grab their gear and head out the door. Rock gets behind the steering wheel and starts the car up whilst Ashleigh flips on the lights and siren. They pull up to an apartment building and quickly find the head firefighter. “Cause of the fire?” Ashleigh says, pulling out a notepad. “A little girl says she saw a man set the building on fire with his hand. I think she was shaken up. But the fire started in the hallway of the 4th floor. Mapping shows no outlets or even lights remotely near it. So, cause unknown.” The head firefighter looks back at the fire. “We cannot seem to put it out. 2 trucks, and it blazes on.” “Where is the little girl?” Raquel says, her voice harsh and serious. “Over there.” He points his thumb behind him. Rock walks over to a little girl, not older than 6, and a teenage boy, obviously her brother. She bends down to the little girl's height. The little girl has her face buried in the boy's jeans. “Hi, there. My name is Raquel.” She says to the little girl. “I work for the police. Can you tell me what you saw?” She places a gentle hand on the girl's arm. The girl remains silent, and she appears to be sobbing. Raquel sighs, and stands back up and starts talking to the teenage boy. “Did you see it?” She asks him. “No, but she told me. She said she heard a knock on the door while I was making her dinner in the kitchen, and opened. There was no one in front of the door so she stuck her head out. She said there was a man covered with black clothes. He started a fire with his hands and she said he dropped the flame and it caught fire. The next thing I know, the fire alarm went off and I'm trying to get us out of there.” The boy's voice is hoarse, like he took in too much smoke. “Thank you. Have your parents been called?” The boy nods. “Ok, me and my partner will be over here if you need anything.” She walks back over to the police car, where Ash has just finished calling the fire in. “Apparently, it was a man in black who sprouted fire from his hand.” She says, and Ashleigh lets out a snort. They stare at the burning building in silence, watching as two more fire trucks pull up. Suddenly, a scream pierces the air, very audible over the crackling of the fire. “Wait, Ash, did you hear that?” “Hear what?” Ashleigh says, staring at her best friend and co-worker with confused eyes. “There is a scream! A girl's scream, coming from the building!!!” Raquel looks at Ash with frantic eyes. “Help!! There is a girl in the building!!” Raquel runs to the chief firefighter and tries to tell him to listen for the scream. But all that can be heard is the roaring of the fire. “NO!” Raquel screams, losing her calm nature. “No, there is someone in there!! Please!!” She pleads and begs with the chief, but no one can hear the mysterious scream. PLEASE, SOMEONE HELP ME, It screams. The scream sounds faintly familiar to Raquel. Then it hits. “NO!!” She runs back to Ash. “Why won't anyone go in?!” Ash stares at her in shock. “If no one will go in there, I will.” She says, grabbing a flashlight off the firetruck. “Rockie, wait!” Raquel runs into the burning building, coughing as the smoke enters her lungs. She makes her way up to the second, then third, then top floor, where the screams of agony came from. “HELLO?!” Rock screams, her voice raspy and hoarse. She enters a doorway, to what used to be an office, where a chair is facing the outside window with a tall, dark figure sitting in it. “Where is she?” She asks the figure. The chair slowly turns round and the figure smiles. It is a man, skin sickly pale, bald, black eyes. He is very thin, but tall, but his aura perceives him to be much larger. It's the man the little girl saw, she thinks. “Your sister, right?” Raquel's voice catches in her throat. She nods, a tear slipping out of her eye. “She's dead. But, of course, you knew that.” The man smiles. Rock looks at him with her ice cold, stone hard glare, the one she gave Jackson earlier for calling her a loser. “What do you want?” Raquel says, her breathing staggered. “Your death, of course.” The man says, coming around the half burnt desk. Raquel chokes on the polluted air and her words.. “Why, you ask? Because it seems that you have caught a certain someone's eye, and that certain someone must be eliminated as soon as possible, due to my impending death if he stays alive. You are a distraction.” “So, you'd kill me to kill someone else?” Raquel says, pulling her sleeve down and covering it with her mouth. She thinks the man nods, but she can't tell because of all the tears from the smoke in her eyes. “Why not just kill him?” She says. “Because,” The man approaches her, crossing through flames, unscathed, “You are his only weakness, or will be, I should say.” “So, kill me.” She says as her knees give out. She falls to the burning floor. “All in due time.” The man in black says. He turns back around, walks to the window, and falls from it. Raquel should care about what happens, but her only thoughts are on her imminent death. She feels the fire engulf her hand, but cannot move it. A weak cry of help leaves her lips. So, this is how I die, she thinks. Suddenly, a slam comes from behind her. “Liam! She's in here!” A voice calls out. Liam? Her mind traces back 2 weeks, to when she was part of an attempted rape, before she kicked ass. “Harry, help me move this piece of wood!” An Irish voice calls. Something is lifted off of her leg. Liam was the witness. The handsome boy, the one with the chocolate eyes, I never got to talk to him. “Oh, my god.” A voice says, very familiar. It's him. Raquel is lifted up, and pulled into the arms of a man. She tries to move her head to see her rescuer but fails. She slumps her head against his chest. Her breathing is very faint, and she is scared that she isn't breathing at all. The talking of the boys is mumbled. She rests her eyes for a moment, but only a moment, because Raquel is shifted into the arms of another boy. Her head is off to the side, and sees Liam, stand in front of a roaring part of the fire, and take it into his arm. Raquel shifts in the boy's arm, but then is given back to Liam, who she could now tell was carrying her first. There is more mumbled talking, but she is content with her head on Liam's chest, listening to the vibrations of his voice. “Zayn, can you tell her not to say a word about us?” A hand is placed on her arm, and more talking. This time, she can actually understand. “Raquel, you can't mention us. We know what you saw, and we know it's true. Tell everyone you swore you heard the little girl's voice, ok? We weren't here. Now, close your eyes.” His hand is removed. Raquel's eyelids feel heavy. She tilts her head up and the last thing she sees is a single tear, rolling off Liam's cheek and unto her own, cutting through all the ashes and grime on his face, his eyes threatening to spill more. And it all goes black. 

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