For You, I'll Be Superhuman

Liam, Louis, Harry, Niall, and Zayn all had traumatic childhood experiences. What happens when they are all connected? They join together to form a crime fighting group, and save many lives and defeat many enemies. But how can they defeat their greatest enemy yet? Will the pressure of love or the need to protect others break them? For these boys, they just want normal lives. But For You, They'll Be Superhuman.

WARNING: Foul Language


23. Chapter 19


"Hey, guys, nice to finally get to see you!" Raquel says, greeting Natalie, Marie, Lynne, and the 5 boys. "Yeah, you've basically been missing!" Natalie says. “Who's this?” Raquel asks, gesturing to Lynne. “Haha, I'm Lynne, Niall's girlfriend!” She says, her voice chipper. “I'm Raquel!” Raquel says, extending her hand. Lynne shakes it and says, “Oh, I know.” Raquel makes a confused face. Lynne blushes and corrects herself. “For Niall, of course.” Oh, ok, haha.” Raquel says. Raquel makes her way over to the chair where Liam is sitting and sits on the arm of it. "So, did you hear about the wax museum?" Niall asks Raquel. She nods. "It was on my dispatch radio, I was off duty, though, so I won't have access to the files to figure out what happened." Raquel responds. As a cop, she has found it so easy to lie, even straight to some of her closest friends' faces."How about you guys? Were you able to get there in time?" Raquel asks. Liam shakes his head. "We didn't hear about it until this morning." He responds, looking at Raquel, his voice sober. "59 people dead, and over 200 injured,." Louis adds, his voice matching Liam's. "Do you think it was the man in black ?" Natalie asks. "It has to be, the police couldn't even figure out where the bomb was located." Zayn says. "Only a mastermind like him could plan something like that." Harry says. "We will get him, I swear." Liam says, looking at Raquel. Lynne gathers her things, and gives Niall a peck on the cheek. "I gotta go, babe." She rushes out the door, leaving 8 confused people in her wake. Raquel flops down on the couch, where Lynne was sitting. "I wish we knew when he will strike next." Niall says. Raquel swallows hard. She knows how he will strike next, but it could be sooner if she tells the boys. She knows she will die in a week and so will the guys. Her heart beats hard and she can feel as all the blood drains out of the face . She breaks into a cold sweat and feels as if she will throw up. "Raquel , are you ok?" Liam asks, concerned about his almost-hopefully-soon-to-be girlfriend. "Yeah, I'm fine." Raquel says. Now everyone's eyes are on her and she feels so uncomfortable. "Guys! I'm fine, stop staring!" She half-jokes. Liam comes and sits beside Raquel on the couch as everyone changes the topic off Raquel and back to the man in black. "We need to find him soon!" Zayn says. "He could could have more bombs planted elsewhere." Louis says. Marie and Natalie sit the with their hands in their laps, their eyes focused on their hands. "Guys, no. You're right Louis, he could have more bombs planted somewhere else, but we have no idea where or how many. We could find one and he could let 3 more off and kill more people! We shouldn't do anything until we get a definite lead on where he is." Raquel says, her voice getting stronger, she knows she has to protect these boys as much as she can. "But If you think I'm sitting around here, Raquel, you are sorely mistaken, I'm not-" Harry starts. But he is interrupted by none other than his girlfriend . "NO, Harry, you won't do anything! Like Raquel said, until we get a definite lead, you guys aren't doing jack shit!" Natalie says, her emotions getting the best of her. Harry hugs his girlfriend. “I'm sorry babe, I know it's hard to have to put up with all of this, especially since you didn't ask for it." Harry responds, kissing her on the cheek. Everyone sits in silence. Raquel stares at Marie, the faint traces of bruises on her arms from yesterday with Tyler. But the way she and Louis are sitting so far apart, she will assume that Marie hasn't told him. She makes eye contact with Marie. She quickly moves her eyes to the bruises then back to eye contact. Marie makes a miniscule shrug . Raquel sends her a glance chosen to show disappointment. Marie looks down, her face showing guilt. Raquel just shakes her head and glances away. Her eyes then meet with Liam's. She swallows when he returns her glance. She feels her cheeks redden and thinks 'Raquel, he is just a boy', yesterday, she handcuffed and shoved one in a jail cell. But in Liam's mind, he's thinking the exact opposite. 'This girl is so amazingly perfect. Why can't I just ask her out?' Raquel looks at her lap and smiles. Liam looks at her and smiles. She lets out a small chuckle. "Oh my god, can you two just get a room!" Louis says, causing the silence to completely shatter and the two "lovebirds" to get completely red. "So, what now?" Raquel asks. "Now, I guess we just wait." But waiting's not fine. All the people in the living room of the boys' shared house is terrified. Raquel fears for her life and the boys' lives, Liam fears for Raquel's life, Louis for Marie, Harry for Natalie, Niall for Lynne, especially being away from him right now, Zayn for everyone, Marie for her relationship and her best friend, and Natalie is terrified for Harry. Every member in the room is on the verge of tears. Raquel notices, so she tries to start a conversation, "So, Zayn, have you found a lovely lady yet?" Raquel says, trying to clear the sadness from her voice. "Haha, no, not yet, but there is this super hot new reporter on the news, and I keep thinking, 'What if she reports something having to do with the man in black and calls me a hero?'” Everyone laughs at Zayn's statement, and Raquel feels proud that she has cleared the tension, "Raquel, um, could I talk to you in my room?" Liam asks, his voice slightly shaking. "Um, sure." Raquel says, standing up and following him. "Ha, get some, Lima!" Louis says, and Liam gives him a punch as he walks past. Liam shuts the door, and Raquel and he sit on the bed. "Why does the mattress feel weird and stiff?" She asks, running her hand over it. "Oh, I, uh, I lit it on fire, a nightmare." Liam responds, thinking back to the night he met her, the night he had the nightmare about losing her. "So, Raquel," He starts, grabbing one of Raquel's hands," I know you know I like you, and after today, I think you like me a little, so, I was, uh, wondering if you wanted to go out sometime?" He asks her. "I'd love to Liam." Raquel responds. "Is Saturday good?" He asks, surprised at her response. "Uh, no, I have to work." Lie. “But Friday night would be great. 7?" She asks. Liam swallows and nods. "7." He says, a smile on his face. She leans over and gives him a small peck on the cheek, before heading back to the living room. "Ok, I have to go. Liam, I'll see you in 5 days. Bye, guys." Raquel leaves with a smile in her heart but nothing but guilt enters her brain. 'How could I lead him on, only to leave him on the next day?' She deals with her dilemma, by saying it's closure, but she knows it's not.




Hey, guys. So, I felt some motivation to write, so, yeah. The next chapter will be up sometime soon, but could you still comment and stuff? Ok, bye! xxBo<3







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