For You, I'll Be Superhuman

Liam, Louis, Harry, Niall, and Zayn all had traumatic childhood experiences. What happens when they are all connected? They join together to form a crime fighting group, and save many lives and defeat many enemies. But how can they defeat their greatest enemy yet? Will the pressure of love or the need to protect others break them? For these boys, they just want normal lives. But For You, They'll Be Superhuman.

WARNING: Foul Language


19. Chapter 17

Marie and Raquel stare at each other. Tyler just looks at them both, mainly Marie, wondering what will happen. Ashleigh senses some tension and walks over to Marie. “Are you here for Tyler?” She asks, jutting her thumb behind her, towards Tyler in the cell. Marie gulps and nods. Raquel just watches from her desk as Ashleigh lets Tyler out of the cell. He runs to Marie and hugs her. His eyes meet with Raquel's and they show fear. Marie and Tyler separate and Marie grabs his hand and tells him something, but Raquel can't hear what. Tyler slowly nods, shoots one more look of fear at Raquel, then walks out of the station. Marie makes her way over to Raquel. “Hey, so, I guess you know.” Marie says, her voice shaky. “Could we talk out back?” Raquel asks. Marie nods. Raquel leads her out the back door. The morning sun has just risen, shining light on the conversion. Raquel stands closest to the door, facing Marie. The hustle and bustle of London morning traffic fills the air. “Yeah, I know.” Raquel says. “But why? Why would you stay in a relationship with someone so toxic?” “I love him.” Marie says, but both she and Raquel know that statement isn't enough. Raquel sighs and just looks at Marie. Through her thin white collared shirt, Raquel spots a purple mark on Marie's arm. “Roll you sleeve up.” Raquel says, her voice demanding. Marie stammers, knowing that Raquel will get it out of her, one way or another. She hesitantly rolls up her sleeve, revealing the black, blue, and purple bruises on her arm. Raquel puts her hand up to them, laying a finger gently on each one. “Tyler. He grabbed you.” She says, her heart beating hard. She removes her hand. “He didn't mean to hurt me.” Marie says, rolling her sleeve back down. “Has he done it before?” Raquel asks. Marie quickly shakes her head. “What about last night? How could you stay with him after getting drunk and into fights twice before?” Raquel asks, her voice getting louder. “I guess love makes a person ignore crazy things.” Marie muttered, her eyes suddenly intrigued with the crack in the pavement. “LOVE?! That isn't love! You can't possibly love him, and he certainly doesn't love you! If he did, you wouldn't have those bruises on your arms! Or even be here!” Raquel's voice has risen to a yell. “The only person that loves you is Louis! Whether it's friendly love or romantic love, I haven't decided. But how could you do that to your best friend?! He must be so concerned that you are in such an unhealthy relationship!” Marie starts shuffling her feet. “Wait,” Raquel's voice lowers to a questioning whisper. “Does he know?” Marie shakes her head no. “What?! How could you do that to your best friend?!” Raquel's voice is louder than ever. “How could you let such a horrible person come between you and the person that cares the most about you? The one that has always been there for you? He has gone and done everything he possibly could have to keep you from getting hurt by the man in black, and you throw yourself to a person who will put you back in danger!” By now, Raquel's throat is hurting. “Raquel, you can't tell him. He will hate me, and probably murder Tyler.” Marie's voice is feeble and soft, and her dark brown eyes are pleading. They tear at Raquel's soul. “Fine, but one more time, and I swear I won't have to tell him, I'll just kill him myself.” Raquel states, establishing an end to the conversation. Marie's eyes slowly meet with Raquel's, and one thought goes through Raquel's mind, how could someone so soft love someone so hard? Marie heads back through the police station, Raquel shortly following after. Marie walks out the door and into her car. Raquel watches as Tyler drives, and as they pull out of the parking spot, Marie's find Raquel's one last time this morning, and Raquel sees a small tear slip out of one. And then she's gone. As Raquel walks back to her desk, her eyes meet with Tommy's. His green eyes show all sorts of emotion and questions, but Raquel is in no mood for any of them. She just sits and wonders what she could possibly do. 





Being the third wheel really sucks guys. Ok, so, I haven't got anything new to share, but I hope you like this chapter! I'm sorry about not updating. BUT MY BIRTHDAY IS NEXT SATURDAY, THE 29TH!! I'm gonna be 15!! Ok, that's all. BYE!! xxBo<3

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