For You, I'll Be Superhuman

Liam, Louis, Harry, Niall, and Zayn all had traumatic childhood experiences. What happens when they are all connected? They join together to form a crime fighting group, and save many lives and defeat many enemies. But how can they defeat their greatest enemy yet? Will the pressure of love or the need to protect others break them? For these boys, they just want normal lives. But For You, They'll Be Superhuman.

WARNING: Foul Language


17. Chapter 15

Liam looks in the mirror at his black eye. He pokes it, but immediately regrets that decision, because a sharp pain occurs. He winces. He thinks back to earlier that day, when Raquel punched him, and he has to think whether or not he deserved it. Ok, that was a dumb question. Of course, I deserved it. He thinks, shaking his head. He grips the bathroom sink. I got her into this mess. She could have died! She should have never seen the man in black, she should have never become a target. Liam looks at the sink, now burning red with the fire from his hands. He removes his hands and looks at them. I could hurt her. I could kill her. Liam stares at his hands. She got herself into this more, though. She shouldn't have been trying to find out more about the man in black. She should have just done... nothing. But Liam knows that she couldn't have done nothing. She was a go get 'em, all or nothing kind of girl. Which is why he likes her. He doesn't know it yet, but he does. She is strong, witty, independent, and simply intoxicating. And he would curse himself for not getting to know her. But what about Harry and Natalie? They actually went out on a date, and he seems to be handling it pretty well. Maybe it was because she was never in the line of danger. Raquel went into the burning building, not Natalie. What if Natalie was never meant to see the man in black? What if it was just a coincidence that Natalie saw the man in black, and was also acquainted with Harry? “LIAM!” yells Louis, banging on the bathroom door. Liam opens it. “Mate, what are you doing?” Louis says, attitude in his voice. “I went to look at my eye and got distracted by thought. Sorry.” Liam says, his voice falling. “By Raquel?” Louis says, his voice becoming more compassionate. Liam nods. “Mate, you just have to let her be. I know you don't want to, but she is a strong person and she can fend for herself. Don't get involved, don't think about getting involved. For hers and your sake.” Louis says, placing a hand on Liam's shoulder. “Lou, I just can't help but think it's all my fault. She could have died in the building and it-” “But she didn't. You know why? Because YOU saved her. You carried her out of that building. Only you.” “But she doesn't care about that. She was about to shoot me earlier! She is the reason I have this!” Liam says, gesturing to his eye. Louis sighs in defeat. Raquel was ready to kill Liam earlier, and she would have if Louis hadn't shocked her first. But it makes no difference to Liam. Does I like her? Yes. Maybe. No. No. Even if I did, it wouldn't even have mattered. She would never have a boyfriend. And that may also be true. Liam flops down on the couch after making his way from the bathroom. Zayn and Harry are out, Louis went back to the kitchen, but Niall was sitting in the living room, in a chair across from Liam. But, Niall is completely enticed by his phone. Liam sighs. What was he supposed to do?

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