For You, I'll Be Superhuman

Liam, Louis, Harry, Niall, and Zayn all had traumatic childhood experiences. What happens when they are all connected? They join together to form a crime fighting group, and save many lives and defeat many enemies. But how can they defeat their greatest enemy yet? Will the pressure of love or the need to protect others break them? For these boys, they just want normal lives. But For You, They'll Be Superhuman.

WARNING: Foul Language


16. Chapter 14

“NATALIE?!” Harry's voice rises as his eyes stare at her. Natalie stands there with her mouth agape. Her heart pounds at a mile a minute as she tries to conjure up something to say. “What are you doing here?” Harry says. “I could ask you the same!” She responds, clenching her fists. Harry stands there, stammering over his words, unable to find a good answer. “Since you're not going to answer me, can I just assume that you have some special power that you neglect to tell me?!” Natalie's voice is completely filling Marie's flat, and Raquel is pretty sure that the neighbors can hear her. Harry swallows, his adam's apple bulging, his head slowly bobbing. Natalie turns to Raquel. “Punch him for me.” Her voice is demanding. Louis, Marie, and Liam laugh. Niall, Harry, and Zayn stand confused, for they weren't there when Raquel punched Liam. Raquel is emotionless, trying not to smile but she realizes how pissed she was when she saw Liam, so, she understands Natalie's frustration. “Hey, Natalie,” She says, grabbing her arm, “These boys, all of them, are useful for finding the man in black. We have to work with them, and if you want to leave, that's fine, but if you want to find out...” Raquel says, her voice soothing and calming. Natalie's fists unclench and she sighs. Of course she wanted find out what is going on and why she was part of it, and she was willing to talk to Harry to do so. “Fine.” Her voice was calm, but definitive. “Where do we start?”


“So, we've decided on a physical description, 6'1, dresses in all black, minus his hands and face. Skin color is white, black eyes, bald, and thin.” Natalie says, looking at her notes. She is sprawled out on the floor, back against the couch, her head near Raquel's arm. On the couch, Marie is wedged between Raquel and Louis. Liam and Harry are sitting on the 2 chairs and chairs from the dinning room were drug in for Niall and Zayn. They form a circle, going clockwise, Natalie at 12. Natalie, Raquel, Marie, Louis, Liam, Harry, Niall, Zayn, then back around to Natalie. “And everyone in this room has seen him, sometime in their life. The boys because, we don't know, basically to give you your abilities, Marie as a witness to said event, and me and Raquel because, um...” Natalie can't say it out loud. She knows the reason, and so does everyone else. Because of Harry. Raquel pulled her aside earlier and explained why they, or at least herself, had gotten into this situation. Because Raquel and Natalie were Liam and Harry's weaknesses. Natalie blushed and didn't really know what to think of this. Sure, she had had a boyfriend before, but that was a high school thing, completely different. But, apparently, Harry liked her enough to risk her life to meet her. Which only added to the tension between the two as they stared each other down. Every time Natalie looks up, there he is. With his dimples and green eyes and mop of brown hair. She stammers, looking back at her notes, flustered. Silence hangs in the air for everyone. “So, that kinda concludes the end of our meeting.” Louis says, with a comedic tone. Everyone nods, the real world slowly coming back into focus. Marie, the flat being hers and her boyfriend's, stands up and offers drinks. Everyone politely refuses, but it doesn't matter because there is a knock at the door. Marie rushes to answer it, but a lump in her throat arises and she wishes she never had. In front of her stands Tyler, her boyfriend, already looking pissed off. He storms into the flat, but stops in his tracks at the sight of all these unknown people in his living room. “Who the fuck are you people?!” He says. “Tyler, I'm so sorry, it's a long story, I can't really explain, but everyone was about to leave, so it doesn't really matter, just give me ten minutes to clean up, please.” Everyone but Louis and Raquel is taken aback by Tyler's unnecessary roughness. Louis just glares at him. Raquel stares at him, because she knows him. She can't recall when, but SOMEWHERE. And apparently, Tyler knows her too, because as he scans the room, his eyes land on her and he acts... afraid. “Fine, just get them out.” He says, anxiously, walking off to the bedroom. Marie clasps her hands together. “Ok, guys, I'm really sorry, but...” She looks longingly at the bedroom, where Tyler just entered. “Ok, we have to stay in contact. I have Natalie's phone number, she has Harry's, Harry has all you boys, and Louis has Marie's. If something, ANYTHING, happens, we all need to know.” Raquel states. Everyone nods their heads in agreement. Marie ushers them out the door and as the door closes, Raquel swears she can hear Tyler screaming, and a thud. 



HEY GUYS!!! I'm so sorry I haven't updated, but I've been really busy lately! I will update FOR SURE this weekend, so be on the lookout! Please comment, they make me want to update faster!! Ok, Bye!! xxBo<3

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