For You, I'll Be Superhuman

Liam, Louis, Harry, Niall, and Zayn all had traumatic childhood experiences. What happens when they are all connected? They join together to form a crime fighting group, and save many lives and defeat many enemies. But how can they defeat their greatest enemy yet? Will the pressure of love or the need to protect others break them? For these boys, they just want normal lives. But For You, They'll Be Superhuman.

WARNING: Foul Language


13. Chapter 11

Natalie closes another text document on her computer at work, very frustrated. She is determined to find SOMETHING on this man in black. It's Friday night, a week since the fire and her date with Harry. She didn't know which was more eventful. With the fire, she had her facts published. She gave the notes she took at the fire to a senior reporter, who got the article published. Since she is only a junior repporter, she does the dirty work and gets none of the credit. But, at least it's something. With Harry, she has been texting him since the fire, but with school, the paper, and trying to find an article about the man in black, she hasn't had much time. Which is ok, because it seems that Harry is just as busy. As she goes through all the news articles that have EVER been published, her hope grows less and less as her frustration grows more and more. She is currently going through a series of publications from the summer of 2003. Come on! She thinks. I was 7 in 2003! This is too much work for a freshman in college to handle. As she types in the search terms “Black” and “Man”, she thinks of what she'd rather be doing on a Friday night. The gym. Date with Harry. The first search is brought up. A Man Is Shot and Killed..., she reads the title of the article. This is hopeless! I'll never find anything so specific. She closes that article and look at more. Black Friday Sales Through the Roof, Man in Dover arrested for Murder, Natalie's brain skims over the titles, not really paying attention. Best Dressed in Black for the Summer, Tween-age Girl going “crazy” over Man in Black, Why Paul McCartney Should Win Man of Year Award, WAIT. Natalie scrolls back up to the Girl article and opens it. The article states as its summary: 9 year old Marie Andrews claims that a “Man in Black” told her friend to stick a fork in an electrical outlet. She and Louis Tomlinson (9) were having a playdate when they saw the man. Tomlinson stuck a fork in the outlet and electrocuted himself, leaving him comatose for 3 days. Andrews is being tested for mental health sicknesses. “I'VE GOT IT!” Natalie screams, earning a look from the only other person in the office. “Sorry.” She mumbles, gathering her bags and printing off the article. In the elevator of the office building, she calls Raquel. “Hello?” Raquel says, her voice a lot better than the last time Natalie talked to her. “Hey, it's Natalie, I just wanted to tell you that I found an article with a witness for the man in black!” Natalie's voice is very chipper, very ecstatic that all her hard work might finally pay off. “Ok, I'm working at the station until 9, so we might have a problem. You know what, just come to the station, we can research the girl here.” “Alright, I'll be there in 10.” Natalie hangs up as she reaches the ground floor and head to her car. The London streets are busy, consider that it's rush hour. She pulls into the police station parking lot, grabs the paper and heads inside. Immediately, she feels uncomfortable. The station is white, everything is neat and organized, and there is this feeling of... aggressiveness. Natalie's eyes search over the desks and soon finds Raquel's, with Raquel sitting at it. The girl is a lot different than Natalie saw before. Here, her blond hair is pulled into a perfect ponytail, her police suit crisp and clean, her gun and badge clearly shown laying on the surface of the desk. Raquel also gives off the aura of confidence. At the hospital, where Natalie met her, she was a girl, her hair down, sick, in a hospital gown, and thinking she was going crazy. As Raquel waves at Natalie to come over to her desk, Natalie is nervous, scared even. “Hey!” Raquel says, offering Natalie a chair. “Hello.” Natalie says. “So, it took you almost a week? Can I see the article?” Natalie nods, handing the paper to Raquel. Natalie sits in her chair, stiff and awkward, staring at the pistol laying less than 3 feet in front of her. “Ok, so this Marie Andrews, that's our girl, right?” Natalie continues staring wide-eyed at the pistol. Raquel's hand grabs it and places the gun in a drawer. “I'm sorry, it was very, um, threatening.” Raquel laughs. “Dude, relax a little. I know you probably feel really uncomfortable, this isn't exactly a very homey place. But you really need to chill.” Raquel says, a hint of laughter in her voice. “Ok, thanks, Raquel.” Natalie says, finally letting go of her bag and putting on the floor. “You can call me Rock, everyone around here does.” Raquel says, typing her password into her computer. “THAT'S A LIE!” A voice rings out from two desks behind them. The sound of a chair squeaking backwards fills the air and a man stands in front of Rock's desk. He is midtwenties, short black hair, brown eyes, tan skin. His police suit is kind of wrinkled and he wears a smirk on his face. “Everyone around here calls “Rock” over here, Rockie. So, you should, too.” He extends a hand to Natalie. “I'm Tommy.” She shakes it. “Natalie.” “So,” He says, leaning over the top of the desk to try and glance at the computer screen. “Fuck off, Tommy.” “Mhmm.” Tommy says, staring intently at the computer screen. “TOMMY!” Raquel screams. “Fine, fine, I'm going!” He says, laughter hinted in his voice. As Tommy walks off, Natalie leans over to Raquel. “Rock, are you sure you won't get in trouble for using your job to find this girl?” She whispers. Rock laughs. “No, they couldn't fire me if they wanted to. I'm the best of the best.” “Unfortunately, that's true!” Tommy yells from the back. “Tommy!” Rock yells. “Stop eavesdropping!” “Sorry, babe, not going to happen.” Tommy smirks again as Raquel turns and gives him her evil glare. “Fine, fine! I just remembered there were somethings, or other, I need to do.” He says, giving a sarcastic smile and a wink. He walks to a back room. “Alright, let's get to work.”


After an hour of collecting information about Marie Andrews, they have found her I.D. picture, name, age, place of residence, and place of occupation. “Alright, Natalie, how 'bout we pick this up tomorrow. I have off, so we can go and talk to Marie, and, hopefully, she will talk to us.” Raquel says as her computer makes the “Windows” shutting down noise. “And if she doesn't?” Natalie says, grabbing her bags and standing up. “Well, we'll have to make her. And if not then, well, I am a cop.” Rock says, humor hinting at the last part. Natalie smiles. “Meet me at the Starbucks on 20th and Luther. Marie lives near there.” Raquel says. “Ok, see you tomorrow! Bye, Rock.” “Bye, Natalie.” Natalie walks out the door of the police station and into the cold air outside. It's happening. We will figure this out. She thinks, starting up her car and driving back to her dorm. 

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