one direction , london , everything

in the summer of 2013 , Samantha was on a plane to London to live there for three years. She has to go to the store for some milk and ends up bumping into someone who is it


11. omg

The person who's joining us is almost here and I wonder who it is , im getting worried this morning I had morning sickness and I have a huge craving for chocolate and nando's ( thnx nialler ) I might be you know preggsters idk I will go to the store tonight and see if there is a baby inside me

Anyways , there was a knock at the door I went to go answer it and there was a boy he looked 16 but apparently he was 19 his name was Harry Styles !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



wow now what is niall gonna do when he finds out harry had rapped Samantha

what does he do ?

find out in the next chapter

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