one direction , london , everything

in the summer of 2013 , Samantha was on a plane to London to live there for three years. She has to go to the store for some milk and ends up bumping into someone who is it


5. hurt (sexual chapter)

Until he pushes me on the bed and rips my shirt and unclipped my bra he takes his shirt off and then he rips off my leggings and takes his pants off then his underwear and takes off my thong he opens my legs and starts thrusting hard and I feel liquid down my leg either it was my period or shit my virginity was just taken away by my own fucking dad just fucking great. I tried pushing him off me but he slapped me and started thrusting even harder and I could feel warm stuff inside me and it was semin ( otherwise known as cum lol ) uh I hope he doesn't get me pregnant well I'm 18 so it could happen.

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