one direction , london , everything

in the summer of 2013 , Samantha was on a plane to London to live there for three years. She has to go to the store for some milk and ends up bumping into someone who is it


2. getting ready to leave

Samantha's P.O.V

Why do I have to leave why can't I stay here with my best friend I hate my life I said crying so hard I felt like I was beaten to death outside, but I guess I had to. Come on hun you will be late getting to sleep so come on pack my best friend said coming in to my room, OK fine but I don't want to leave you . Come here its ok I will always call you everyday until you come back  now come on I will help you ok. Ok I need sleep though ok why don't you stay over tonight and have a sleepover ok I said  to Mikki .


I woke up the next morning and saw that my suitcase wasn't there neither was Mikki , where is she ?? Mikki I yelled from my room no answer I went down to the kitchen and there she was cooking breakfast there was cake on the counter too

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