Holding Your Hand

All little girls dream of being a popstar and dating Justin Bieber, right? Being famous, having millions of dollars, a huge 7 story mansion, tons of fans, having a hot boo named JB, having everybody love you and want to be your friend, that's what everybody wants right? Fame? Fortune? Well Aly learns what comes with all of that.


21. Pre-Wedding Jitters

* 6 months Later *

Aly's POV

I woke up to Justin staring at me with dagger eyes.

A: Well, what's your problem?

He rolled his eyes and threw a magazine at me.

J: 28

I flipped to page 28 and I saw a picture of me giving Harry Styles a lap dance.

A: Oh gosh photoshopped much? You don't believe this do you?

J: I don't know what I believe.

A: Honey, look.

He came over to me closer.

A: She has a thigh gap and abs, I do not.

I giggled.

j: Babe, Im sorry, just the wedding is tomorrow and this shows up and Im stressed.

A: Its okay.

He grabs my waist and pulls me on top of him. he starts to pull off my shirt and you know what happens next...
















*hey Lovelies. Im sorry I haven't updated, I know its short but I just wanted to talk to you guys. I've been going through a lot. Ive been dealing with Body image issues, drama, and my grandma who I was really, really, really close to died on Tuesday. She was a big, big part of my everyday life and most importantly she was my best friend. So its been very hard. I hope you understand. Bye Boos :*


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